Short Film: "Wait, Mister!"

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Old 04 April 2006   #1
Short Film: "Wait, Mister!"

Let's add another student project to the list shall we?
I've embarked on the pre-production phase of my masters project at Bournemouth University. As part of the process, I've decided to create an online production log (as if I don't have enough on my plate right?) to keep track of my progress. And I'm also starting a thread here to basically get more critiques on my work. You can never get enough feedback.

The story is about a snobbish gentleman who encounters a little homeless kid while waiting at the bus stop. It is admittedly a simple story, and the focus of it, aside from the minor life lesson, is in the interaction between the 2 characters.

Here are some samples from the thumbnails cum storyboards:

I've completed the first version of my storyboards and am presently working on the character designs:

I'll probably continue working on the characters and set designs. Also with the storyboards that I have right now, I'll attempt to piece together a very basic animatic to hopefully get a sense of timing and duration of the film. More ramblings over on my site if you're interested.

Again, feedback is greatly appreaciated!
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Old 05 May 2006   #2
sounds cool, i like the full body side on design of the man best the one with the big nose. and the kid looks really cute. as and when you get to the animatic stage i'll check it out again.

keep it up man.
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Old 05 May 2006   #3
Hey thanx for the encouragement dan!
I'll try to post an update later today or tomorrow.
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Old 05 May 2006   #4
Week 02:
- Came up with 1st draft of animatic (after some feedback I'm going to be shuffling some shots, changing some camera angles and adjust pacing).

- I've more or less settled on the design of the 2 characters - Mr. Knox and Kid. Time to decide on the colours :

- Started brushing up my organic 3d modelling skills (i's been ages since I've done some decent modelling) by working on Mr. Kno'x head:
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Old 05 May 2006   #5
Week 04:
- Adjusted the original animatic and after approval completed the 3d block test.

- Finished modelling Mr. Knox for this week. He's not properly textured yet though:

I'll start work on the kid next. I'm planning to get the textures done only after rigging and developing some animation tests for my characters.
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Old 05 May 2006   #6
Here's my progress with Kid so far:

Not too happy with the hair to be honest. And is the model a bit 'average' looking? If anyone has a better way of getting a simple but convincing head of hair please point me in the right direction. I'm trying to aim for simple and kinda stylized but Kid keeps veering into normalcy. Help anyone?
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Old 05 May 2006   #7
ok I have a few questions for you:

first is it a boy or a girl (kinda matters kinda doesn't) honestly it really doesn't matter but if it were a boy maybe something to signify that he plays around, gets into trouble and stuff like that maybe a tear in his pants, or maybe a scrape on his elbow or a scar on his face, (small and insignificant).

Or you could give him/her something on his/her shirt, like a logo, (not too complex) or something to steer the character away from a normalcy.

Ok for the hair: in your first post on your production log, you say that the kid is supposed to be homeless correct?

Well the hair seems a little too neat and organized for a kid who is sleeping out on the street.

A way you could approach this is from two different angles one you could approach this from an angle that the hair is all one object, or two you could approach this by taking alot of elongated nurbs spheres and use that for hair(just a possibility)

Honestly the approach you are using is working rather well but the hair seems too neat and tidy, not like a homeless person at all. One word kind of describe a homeless persons hair, or what I view homeless persons hair, CHAOS. It may help that for a reference you should (depending on how long your hair is) maybe take a picture of your hair in the morning, or if you have a friend who has medium length hair, ask them if you could mess it up and take a picture. look up some references and maybe you would figure out an idea of how it is going to be.

I hope this helps (sorry for making it so long)

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Old 05 May 2006   #8
To answer your questions morphius_ms:
- Kid is a boy. He doesn't have a name in the short and is just referred to as 'Kid'. I prefer the anonymity of it.
- I do plan on putting some scratches, stains and maybe light bruises on him as textures. As for tears maybe I'll do it using alpha maps. I'm also considering mapping some sewn patches on the clothes. That's all in the texturing stage most likely as I'm trying to keep the meshes as simple as I can afford to.
- I'll have a think about the logo/picture on his shirt. Never considered it before.
- I know what you mean about the hair. I have 2 little boys of my own so I know how messy it can look. I'm trying to keep it stylized (read simple) so I don't want to put in too much detail nor do I want to just balance a hemisphere on his head. I also want it to be somewhat consistent with the style I have of Mr. Knox. It's tricky. I came up with another version that's a decidedly simpler mesh using the same method - I'll post a picture soon.

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated!
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Old 05 May 2006   #9
I did some reworking on Kid's model. Tell me if it's a better result!

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Old 05 May 2006   #10
yes I like that model alot better, the hair (even though it is more stylized) fits the character much better. I think it looks alot better (comparing the two) because in the old one all the detail was in the front and in the back it looked like it was a blob. In this new one it looks as though the detail is even throughout.

Though the eyes look the same (except for the specular), I think they look good ( I noticed them more now than in the last one (not sure why, again probably the specular). I really like them, good job.

Keep up the good work.
Old 06 June 2006   #11
Hello again! It's been a long while since my last update - mostly because I've been busy with presentations and other assignments - but I'm finally back on track now and completely focused on finishing this project.

Over the past few weeks I've created basic rigs for both Mr. Knox and Kid and did some basic poses just to check for any major problems. So far I haven't noticed anything that would require an overhaul. I'll be tweaking for specific shots if need be. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get decent walk cycles and character tests done. Here's what I did:

Mr.Knox and Kid Pose Test

I also played around with Final Gathering to get an idea of how the characters might look in their environment:

And I managed to create Mr. Knox's basic face shapes. Here's a sample set of expressions:

I'm working on Kid's face shapes now and over the next couple of weeks I'm hoping to finish all environment models and textures so I can finally start animating shots. More hectic days ahead!

Comments welcome as usual!
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Old 06 June 2006   #12
Thumbs up

I love the gentleman! His upturned nose enhances how snobbish he really is supposed to look like. I really like the character designs and look foward to seeing this animated.

I like the reworked little boy model alot better two. the first one needed some work on the nose and the eyes were a bit scary.

Great job keep it up!
Old 06 June 2006   #13
Glad you like what you see so far Chiko.
I'll put up a set of face expressions for Kid next. Maybe over the weekend.
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Old 06 June 2006   #14
That's strange! I put up Kid's facial expressions yesterday and the entire post has disappeared! Anyway, here's a re-post:

What do you think of the brown eyes + red shirt now vs. green eyes + orange shirt before?
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Old 07 July 2006   #15
I'm back with another set of renders! This time they're focused on the environment that's almost complete. I don't think I'll be doing any more textures for the buildings - I kinda like intentionally giving them that sparse look especially as they go off into the distance. Do you think the basic, clean and very simple style of the enviroment fit around the characters? Of course there's still a few more objects and textures that needs doing (one of the most obvious ones is the set of road markings) but hopefully they won't take up the whole of next week to finish. Then at last I can start focusing on animating!

Of course any comments/suggestions you want to offer will be much appreciated
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