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  12 December 2002
Music Video : Project - M

OK, well the original thread died out some time ago, but i though now that I've got a little free time i would try to rejuvenate this idea and see if i could get some interest.

Basic concept : We start out by creating the actual music for teh video. One person lays down the seed track. Others add their parts. The file is hosted on tripod and on my website in the project m section. The file is ket in mp3 format, everyone uploads their various parts seperately, (i.e the track they added to the mix) and in the end we edit it together to create one track (somehow).

Part 2, is where the video is started. Characters for the video are sketched up, storyboard, concept sketches.. lots fo stuff for all you 2d peepls out there.

Part 3 is the modelling/texturing of the bits for the video, before part 4 where we animate and put the whole thing together.

It's good fun, everyone should be able to join in in some manner. I hope that poeple will pick this up a little more this time.

The original seed files are still on my server, and i'll try to find the old thread which contains the passwords and the like for teh tripod page.

original seed file as follows (i'm going to be updating this soon with better guitars probably as this is very very rough around the edges, having been put down in the minimum ammount of time inbetween "real" work. oh and you can completely replace the original file if you want, just write on here that's what you're doing so that no-one else comes and adds to something redundant, i don't expect any of the original seed file to be in the final mix).
or (same file just not zipped)

OK i guess I'll dissapear from this area for a few days and hopefully some of you guys will want to pitch in
  12 December 2002
So, it's my understanding, that the music will inspire the characters, the plot, everything?

Hmmm..........this ought to be interesting......

I'll download the music and listen anyways..

Also, if you would like more music made, I'll see if I can find a fellow music maker for you........
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  12 December 2002
Thumbs down The Music

So if we take the seed track and use it as a template, you would want a MP3, high quality track right back on your tripod site, I'm guessing...

How do you plan on going about creating a musical composition? I assume that will be your call when enough submissions come in? Also, how do I go about submitting the files and sketches (musical and otherwise)?

This is a great idea, I hope it can come together!
  12 December 2002
yup, that's how it would work... i think that the original thread may be lost in the archives... :/ anyhow i have to now go back and try to remember what teh password was on teh tripod account so everyone can gain access! (my own webspace is on a much faster and better provider who gives me plenty of bandwidth... good for this kinda thing).

yup the idea is pretty much peopel tak the seed track... darn i think i need to find the original thread badly, so that i can then take the chords that i posted in there. hmm... lemme see

ah here is the thread

i'm going to repost what was written there, so that we don't have tow threads running against each other (aso the other thread may get binned due ot age).

i think on the second or thrid page there is the chord progression, also everything is kinda explained there.

i hope people will join in, if it comes off, then at least it will be something to add to your demo reels

as for teh final composition... well... i'm not entierly sure, maybe we have some mixing talent on teh board, if not then i'll mix it all together the best i can
  12 December 2002
Chords etc

this riff should be played as if it's 2/4 timing, it's picking up the speed and fairly funky.

h h h h h h . . . . (.=staccato h=hammer on)
i generally play this part pretty sloppily, give it a little bit of swing, and allow the open A string to play as a drone this is pretty messy.

the second half of the second bar is there for whatever improvised riff you want. this whole sequence is repeated twice, before coming to the verse section which is just repeated A chord, or silence with a few ringing out chords and there's no-need to worry about

the verse chord is just A all the way through for 8 bars, it should sound quieter for the vocals, in fact sparse could be the worst, and a feeling of back to 4/4 timing. straight a chords with a slight downwards trend...(this underlying feeling of tonal drop 4xE,4xD#,4xD,2xC,1xA,1xspace that i originally had thought some vocals might follow, but of course it doesn't have to be that way).

then we come to the chorus, which has the following chord sequence.

| 5 | 5 | 3 |
| 5 | 4 | 5 |
| 7 | 5 | 3 |
| 0 | 0 | 0 |
| - | - | - |

followed by a stabbing turnaround chord

which is\
\ \ \ \ (\=beat)
. . |--- (last chord is crotchet length)

then second time round

| 5 | 4 | 3 |
| 5 | 5 | 5 |
| 7 | 4 | 3 |
| 0 | 0 | 0 |
| - | - | - |

again followed by the same stabbing riff. then loop back to the driving riff for four bars.

once we do two verse chorus sequences we get to the middle 8... here things change, from being bright funk... we get into more of a groove and smoething a little darker and more indie... the chords for the middle 8 are as follows... guitar should be clean to pick out arpegios on the chords at quaver length (or there abouts) for the first two loops of the new chord sequence i had thought nothing but the chords played simply like this on one instrument... a sudden break.



repeat once

these chords then underline the new rest of the song till we get back to the chorus which rounds the song up. bass lines could probably be quite simple here... even just root notes to give something a little more ominous going on maybe... anyhow on top of this now is the intro guiar riff... only played sharper, less mess, and more on the beat, no more hammering the notes on and off, each note picked, the idea here is to really make a driving wall of noise, but not messy.

then it comes back to the chorus once more (whenever you've had anough of that section, probably around the 24th bar of it i should imagine). the last set of stabs repeat only going up instead of down (i.e. reversed in chord sequence) then repeat the stabs back down... i guess that's where it officially ends, but maybe it can continue with that driving riff fading off into the distance.

hope this makes sense... i will try and post little versions of the riff if i can so you can tell what kinda sound it's like if peopel are having difficulty with this.

i promise to write out the chords properly for thoes non guitarist out there too... but basically it all revolves around a

verse = 12 bars of A minor
chorus - 1x Amin, 1xA/Emin, 1x A/Dmin5(i think), then stabs at D7, G7 and A7 followed by 1xAmin,1xA/CDim(i think), 1xA/Dmin5, then the same stabs
verse again
chorus again
then midle 8, with chords that stay throughout. all retain the infered root A and a drone in high B (for that open expansive sound)
1xG, 1xF,2xAmin.
loops twice quietly, then picks up again (mebbe no drums for quiet bit?) picks up and continue to loop underneath main riff and growing wall of sound for possible 24, maybe 32 bars, then hits the chorus again for one last go around, before coming to a reverse of the stabs, and then back again ot teh right stabs... ends suddenly/fades out whatever you want.

anyhow once again sorry i cant record at first due to time constraints (this has already take =n far too long for me) but i'll join in laters (with any luck) please get going, and if you hate this, then feel free to completely re-write.
  12 December 2002
i've set up a bit of free space on tripod for us

the account is

log : projekt-m
pass : sadie

you don't need any website address for the moment, but i'm sure it's something like

anyhow, i have an area on my own personal website devoted to this, but i have to upload some scripts that allow me to set an upload/download page for you guys, and i guess i'll have to put in a database with logins etc, so it's not abused. but that's to come laters.

anyhow i thought we can rename this whole thing PROJEKT-M seeing as project m was taken everywhere hem hem, anyhow, this has that ruskie chic going on. so if anyone feels like designing a band logo, something with that russian millitary, or rather russian constructivist empowering the people style that would be cool... a good typeface, mebbe somewhere between that and japanese kitsch. hmmmm anyhow, you all have the tools you need, everything is there for you.
  12 December 2002
anyhow, take what you want, i'll try to keep all the tracks available for everyone, and a version of the whole song there composited so that peeps can download, and add/take away what they want. if someone else has already played drums, and that's what you play, you can add to their part, or you can completely do your own thing, we may all end up voting on which parts to keep, or how to put everything together, so just cos someone else has done an instrument, doesn't mean it oculdnt be done better/differently or whatever by yourself. (this also means you gotta be philosophical about it if your part gets dropped) and you can always have more than one go.

i guess i'll just wait and see if poeple start to go at this, if they do then do write here that you've uploaded to tripod, then i can keep master files on my website for everyone to download (tripod may say we've used all our bandwidth up unless we're careful... you know how they can be :/, also you'll be able to rewrite over stuff on tripod once i've got it uploaded for everyone).

anyhow the most important thing is for us to have fun i guess

make the track your own, do what you want, have fun, and when we've al had enough i guess it'll be time to mixdown and invent a band a video to go with the music

oh yes and if you go through that other thread, then somewhere a page or two form teh end someone uploads the first response.

i hope that people might be interested and take the time to join in... i can see it being fun anyhow
  01 January 2003
wow this sounds like a realy cool idea...almost creative and new..hmmm ill see what i can do to add to this project...just from listening to the seed you supplied i think of some one being chased
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  01 January 2003

The musical notation you are using is kind of confusing. Or maybe I'm a dummie!
But who and how is you going to animate the 2D characters.
  01 January 2003
well we don't even have any concept storyboards or character designs yet so i don't know about the animation being 2d! but that would be cool. so far all there is is the seed track (for people to take away and modify as needs be), and we need concept artwork of a video to go with the music... then once we've got that i guess it'll be clearer if it's going to be 2d or 3d or cel shaded or whatever, the overall style and theme will all become clear. right now i'm coming here with a blank slate and a seed tune that i'm hoping will evolve into something nice

the notation is written in tablature for guitar btw which is probably why it's not so simple to understand. but i think i wrote down the chords in a more standard way further down (theory isn't my strongest area) for non guitarists.

hope you'll join in!
  01 January 2003
i think the hardest part is actualy finding some thing that needs to be added to the track...the seed you supplied use is already pretty well complete....if you added a vocal track it woud be done
The views expressed in this post are by no means the opinion of those making the post or of any one person in particular.
  01 January 2003
This sounds very interesting... if this is going to work, count me in.
Actually I am working on music video right now and there is quite a lot 3D in it.

Very good idea indeed.

  01 January 2003
Quote: Originally posted by ChickenPixel
... if this is going to work, count me in...

I mean : Count me in This wont work if people are not joining

  01 January 2003
ok that's cool... i'm going ot try to re-record the base track, maybe someone else might want to sequence up some drums or something, and some keyboard stuff, or add some more guitar or bass i'll probably keep adding to teh track if no-one else does, but i think it would be great if others took part in the creation of the track
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  01 January 2003
song proposal for the project - m

I made a little song prososal for this project...

You can download it from :

It may be a bit heavy, but I think it would be perfect for "heavy action mecha monster video" ..hehe or something like that...

...ok let me know what you guys think...

I like the "seed" too.. I'll try to mix it now...

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