Sketchbook Thread of Bhairava

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  03 March 2006
Sketchbook Thread of Bhairava

Hey everyone

I currently feel like I'm running on the spot with my figure drawing, I'm working through burne hogarths "Dynamic Figure drawing" and sketch 1 hour/day. I'm not sure what it is, I'm guessing it's the figure unity that I have to work on but something looks awfully wrong with the way I draw the muscle interconnection, especially connecting the ribcage area and the stomach muscles....Maybe it's just not enought practice?....I'd really appreciate any feedback

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  03 March 2006


These are looking good ~ what I would suggest is to do a more concentrated, focused single drawing to try to work through the drawing problems you feel you are encountering.

Draw fairly large, and use either pencil or pen ~ map out the forms in a linear fashion, then I would recommend shading. Post your WIP here too if you like.

The best way to work through these things is to do more exploratory drawings, just as you are doing. Keep up the good work!



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  03 March 2006
Oh, snap. Nice figures so far. You're off to a great start, and as you've guessed, practise will lead to better understanding. Keep doing those studies, because these are showing a lot of promise, I think. Watch out for those eyes on the female head in your third pic; they're a little too far apart. The human head typically has about one eye-width between the eyes (and another eye-width on either side of them; the head is typically about 5 eyes wide).

If it helps any, I can definitely see Hogarth's influence in a lot of your studies.
  03 March 2006
Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Rebecca - Always there for us newbs, thx XD. I'll give it a shot. I won't be able to post too much (Got my A Levels coming up) but once improvement shows I'll post it up and hope to hear your from you

LoTekK - Thanks for the motivational post, it helps, I need a little of that every now and then. Since you're also practicing figure drawing, if you don't mind my asking, how often do you practice or what do you do exactly?

I'd like to know how much I should be drawing/day to improve step by step. I currently do 1 hour analog and the other digital (coloring) 5 days/week and have 2 folders stuffed with nothing but figure drawing sketches (back and front) How many folders to go untill I'm happy with my work? Or does it depend on HOW I work? I mean, how much did people practice that really are at the top? Any ideas?

Bhairava = )
  03 March 2006
Hi....Bhairava 7...

I like your drawings....was wondering if you also have DYNAMIC ANATOMY by Burne Hogarth
That one needs to be mastered first before you can really get the full benifit of DYNAMIC FIGURE DRAWING....just thought I would mention it, in case you did not have will help
you with proportions ect...
Keep up the nice drawings, and for sure...POST MORE...

Glenn Gallegos

  03 March 2006
hi there, it's nice to see another dedicated learner. i agree with spirit dreamer that studying hogarth's dynamic anatomy along with dynamic figure drawing will help you a lot.

you're off to a great start, your figures have bulk already and i like your torso studies, but i noticed that you have a tendency to make arms a bit short and studying about proportion some more will help. do you have Loomis' books? those are also great to study. hogarth breaks the body down into simpler parts (isn't he a genius?) but it's important that you don't focus too much on the parts first. think of the whole figure first and check if the size of each part in relation to the others is right, only then start to break it down into the parts.

it's great that you started your anatomy thread, this will help a lot and it's a lot more fun than studying on your own! the important thing is to practice continuously and keep up your enthusiasm. for sure you'll get better and better!
  03 March 2006
Hello Bhairava, welcome aboard. nice start , i dont know if you are a beginner or not, but either way dont hesitate to join us in the beginners lounge thread and do some gesture drawing practice from rebecca, i personally find it really useful. good luck & see you there
  03 March 2006
Wow what a community

Spirit Dreamer - Strange that you say that I just ordered it 3 days ago But shipping is gonna take about a month. The world's different when you live in Austria....

Lyneran - Hey thx. Yeah I've also got Loomis' 'Figure drawing for all it's worth' but I honestly said haven't used that much, till now I found Hogarths book very enlightning, as you said "genius" It's true I mainly draw the parts seperately, I'll try with your advice.

Dreamy Kid - I'll have a look thx

I'm gonna continue practicing like always but I just don't know how often I'll be able to post (once a week?) Cause I'm focusing on my A Levels currently, and our scanner is all the way in my dads office. But I'd really appreciate if you could all drop by every now and then to give C&C

Thx again

Bhairava = )
  03 March 2006
I'd like to ask what you guys think of my short comic


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  03 March 2006
Hi ....Bhairava 7...

Glad to hear that you just ordered that book...
I had him for a teacher years ago....was a really amazeing teacher AND MAN...
In his teaching, he uses exageration to make the principles he's teaching clearer.
The idea when learning from him, is to come away totally understanding the principles
he teaches, but at the same time to develope your own style or voice, so you don't
become just an imatation, with someone elses voice or style.
In other words, apply his principles to your own studies from models and life ect, but in
the end develope your own style or voice, that is unique to YOU...
When you can , get his other books ...LIGHT and SHADE, WRINKLES and DRAPERY,
and DRAWING the HUMAN HEAD.....GREAT books, and will always be there,with their principles when you run into problems in the future...I still find myself searching their
pages for the corect answers to problem figures, even after all these years.

Looking forward to seeing your progress..

Glenn Gallegos

  04 April 2006

Hi all
I just recieved "Dynamic Anatomy" book yesterday
Here are some updates. It'd be cool to get feedback

Bhairava = )

  04 April 2006
All of your previous feedback was extremely helpful, I started drawing figures as a whole and realised I had no clue about weight and gesture so I tackled that with the help of the mannikin frame approach (loomis)
So again, thanks a lot for the C&C!

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  04 April 2006
Holy crap, you've obviously been busy! I can definitely recognise some of the studies from the book, so good job on that. The figure studies are really solid overall, though on a handful of pages the legs are looking a mite short (on some, the lower legs in particular). That said, it's fantastic that you're showing such dedication, and you're certainly off to a great start. Great variety of poses, too. Sweet stuff.
  04 April 2006
Hi....Bhairava 7......FANTASTIC....going from stick figures done in outline, to figures with
volume and depth.
KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR HEAD SIZES....CHILDREN have big heads, but not muscular bodies,
you want to be able to fit three heads across the length of the shoulders.
use that butterfly shape for the hip area always...very important, for different angles ect.
When you creat these figures at first, ...try starting out with the butterfly hip section, then
add the upper torso, with the elastic mid section in between the hips, and the ribcage, then
add the legs, ankles and add the shoulders and arms, wrist, hands and fingers.
LAST, BUT NOT LEAST....add the neck head and face.Try creating your figures in that order at will allow you to see your proportions easier.
Also try starting out with a simple peanut shape the shell shape...small part of peanut will be the hip
area, and the longer part of peanut will be the ribcage area....apply forms in the same
sequence as mentioned a bag of peanuts, and study them....master the PEANUT...LOL.....THAT'S WHAT BURNE HOARTH USED TO SAY....SERIOUSLY... TRY drawing it from all the different angles that you can creat, and watch how how much easier it becomes to creat your figures.
You might also do studies of the different parts of the figure seperatly, so that when you creat a whole
figure, it will come out that much better, because you will have a deeper understanding
of each component, and will have a better sense of how it relates and ties into the rest
of the figure.
LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR PROGRESS....the last couple of pages that you
just posted, look a lot better than the first two...that is a great sign for sure, and means that they will just keep getting better with time and a whole lot of PRACTICE...

Glenn Gallegos

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