New LightWave v9 Information

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Old 02 February 2006   #1
New LightWave v9 Information

We promised some new product information and demo videos this week, and here they are! We've posted a large amount of new information about LightWave v9 to the NewTek site. Please use the links below to learn more.

LightWave v9 statement by Jay Roth
LightWave v9 feature list
LightWave v9 feature demo videos
LightWave v9 Open Beta FAQ
Kurtis Harris - NewTek

All statements to the effect of this parrot is still a going concern are from now on inoperative. This is an ex-parrot.
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cool beans

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Everything looks great!
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I love the node editor and many many other things but there are few things still bugging me:

1) You say that OpenGL in Layout has been redone, how about Modeller? Do we still have this same really slow OpenGL performance as before?

2) I'm still waiting to hear news about instancing coming into LW9...

If LW9 really delivers on all the things that has been promised and Newtek can promise us that those two things will be in LW9 or in free upgrades (LW9.x) then I think you've just sold another LW9 upgrade...
Old 02 February 2006   #5
Just had a quick read and one or two things stood out that sound interesting and offer up new possibilities, amongst other things.

The new hypervoxels do sound like they have the potential to create pretty decent liquids.

Proximity - I don't know if anybody thought about this one, but it does sound like reflections on a surface can be made to be dependant on how close they are to an object. Strong/weak, blurry/clear.....Now that sounds good.

The stress setting. Now bump maps are not static and a nightmare to change dynamically, and can now fade, vanish, and re-appear and be stronger depending on the deformations of a mesh. Think of the wrinkles on the skin of a hand that would have been a nightmare to attempt before due to all the varying wrinkling going on.

Not to mention something that is pretty much useable as sub-pixel displacement. So workflow with ZBrush 2 looks to be a big asset.

And of course I'm very interested to know if the new SSS shader is as good as we hope it's going to be. Not a lot said about that yet....I'm hoping to see some screenshots soon.

And a sketch shader sounds interesting. Maybe this is a step closer to a shader to rival or better the 'Sketch and Toon' shader that I've seen a lot of people wishing for.

There seems to be a lot here to look forward to. On the surface of things, this looks to be the best and biggest update I've ever seen for Lightwave.

I'm really looking forward to seeing some work that has been rendered with some of these features soon.
I'm very much looking forward to this release.


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As you may have noticed from the links on the pages I referenced earlier, we are working on a second FAQ that will have to do with the shipping version of LightWave v9. This second FAQ will be posted soon, and I think you'll find that it will address a number of your questions.
Kurtis Harris - NewTek

All statements to the effect of this parrot is still a going concern are from now on inoperative. This is an ex-parrot.
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We are working in more videos that will be posted over the coming weeks. Most of the details will be provided in the course of releasing these.
Kurtis Harris - NewTek

All statements to the effect of this parrot is still a going concern are from now on inoperative. This is an ex-parrot.
Old 02 February 2006   #9
(quote removed)...cause someone is drinking the kool-aid

Honestly, this is the best update I've read since LW9 was announced. The tone of this update was personal and I like that. For once Newtek removed the layer of Corporate entity and it felt like they were speaking to us as friends and not just customers.

What sucks is that I think we have one of the harshes communities sometimes when it comes to nitpicking NT. Althought we could argue rightfully so for somethings I still think we need to cut them some slack. There are some great things hard is it get motivated to work if your targeted audience bitched 90% of the time?

I'm a software developer by trade and from what I read it sounds like these guy's havent had a holiday yet. Someone is defintely burning the midnight oil out there and it's appreciated for sure.

Newtek is headed in the right direction and thats good news...hell any news these days is great but this was awesome. Thanks Jay.

Keep it going guys already have my money

"I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it."

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Kid Mesh said it.

Old 02 February 2006   #11
Anything done to the render buffer saver, extended rpf and rla?

Will we get G buffers for layering?

Jose Burgos
Old 02 February 2006   #12
i have a question... with the current plug-ins i have, now that all of this has been updated in lw[9], will they work if i update? for ex. projectmessiah, fprime, sasquatch and all the other lovely lscripts that are already available.


Old 02 February 2006   #13
i'd also like to tell newtek that i'm behind them 100%. i was a 3d max guy until i saw lw[6.5] and blown away ever since. i know i haven't been around as long as others have, but i'm in it for the long haul.

Old 02 February 2006   #14
Well I replaced with a something that I believe is very clear at beeing a 100% supportive, because I am. I just meant that the gist of that list was already revealed, at least I without seeing the all new stuff not mentioned before marked out didn't see any big things that I didn't already know about. Maybe some things a little more precisely laid out, but it is trying these things out or reading the manual that will be the time when I can say something more than "that looks really sweet". Well I didn't get to see the downloads as well, so I couldn't comment on those.

Like there was a discussion about the spelling of Oren-Nayars name like all of the last week... It is really nothing negative at all, I have an idea what closing on this release must be like and it seems they are even having a rather good time at it ... I meant I just am very eager to get to try this for real. I agree with you premise though, I sometimes see reactions here that are uncalled for or not exactly hitting the right note and that can easily have been the case for that one. It was an honest reaction though, I personally think the valentine idea is a little bit over-the-top but funny. Just really on the border of mixing two different things and coming out with something better than the separates altough inside it. Its an opinion.

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New Rendering Core, awesome!!
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