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Old 01 January 2006   #1
Talking Sleeper

HI Guys,

DAAAAAMMMMNNNNNN its been sometime since I have posted a WIP here, well I hope ya guys can help me out on everythiing ya think ya can help out on :P

well basicly my idea is I wanted to paint something that looked painful but calm,

kinda like when you were a kid and ya saw the doctor getting ready to take out blood, and ya started to freak out but then when the needle was already in ya realized that it didnt hurt, kinda the same idea except it does hurt but he doesnt show it.... sooooooooooo I call the drawing "Sleeper" heres the sketch and ill post up the color sketch too right now

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Old 01 January 2006   #2
This is soooo promising
Old 01 January 2006   #3

heres a quick lay down of color

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Old 01 January 2006   #4

more shots please
Old 01 January 2006   #5

here we go,

and this is the one that I did last night

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Old 01 January 2006   #6
Oooooooh very nice veins there. Love the colors you're using! It's looking very pro. I must say though that when I received shots as a kid, I remember it DID hurt. It's why to this day the smell of rubbing alcohol makes me nervous.

Are you sure you don't want to even hint at the fact that it hurts? I mean to show he's human? Like a very faint trace of a crease between his brows? In looking at his expression and all those tubes I'm more apt to think he's an android than a very self-controlled human. Maybe even just some sweat will help. Another of those lovely veins popping at his temple? I'm talking about the involuntary reactions to the when you start to tremble when you're trying to hold something too long.

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Old 01 January 2006   #7

ill make him look human, maybe a lil twinch but nothing too abviouse, and to point out that he is human im gonna open his eyes and give him those red eyes like he justy woke up

maybe that will help some
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Old 01 January 2006   #8
He just woke up or he just stopped crying because that didn't help the pain at all.
Old 01 January 2006   #9

hi guys,

added some details on the vains, made the cables "feelable" and added some hair, oh yea and opened the eyes tell me what ya think

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Old 01 January 2006   #10

I really like the coloring and the shading, nice concept too.

However, there are several things that sort of throw me off, and i dont' really know much about anatomy, however:

The base of the neck seems sort of too straight, as if the skull was flat at the back. His right shoulder also seems sort of small, or misplaced - from looking at the overall direction of his collar bone.

I really don't know about human anatomy...

Anyway, keep it up! ^__^

Old 01 January 2006   #11
The veins on his left arm (the one closer to us) are too thick, other than that it seems really nice.

Having those plugs on the nipples are pretty disturbing, nice work!
Old 02 February 2006   #12
Love it! but I think he looked a lot better with the eyes closed, now it seems more like HE is in control of wverything, whilst before (eyes closed) he looked like a prisoner. Maybe if you could give him a scared look instead of the sure look he has now.

And yeah, I agree on about the veins on the left arm, too big, even if it is supposed to look as if he is being unnaturally pumped/sucked bu those things I think you should try and tone down the size a bit.

Keep it up, gonna subscribe to this one.
Old 02 February 2006   #13

thanks guys for the crits

about the vein thingy - when I first drew them I wasnt really trying to show that they were "veins" per say, I drew them thinking them to be smaller cables running inside of him, maybe i'll draw some of the cables coming out to show that they are cables instead of veins.

Thanks for the comments guys, oh btw any tips on what I should do on the background would REALLY help since I am UBBER blank on that section :P
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Old 02 February 2006   #14

oh btw, about the eye being open, ill keep it open until im done alltogether, then I will save a diffrent version him with eyes closed, and then as a group we will all vote see whitch looks better
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Old 02 February 2006   #15

wait a ticker, ya know what would loooooookk soooo awsomely disturbing if I were to draw his head tilted back without the "mozzle" and have cable coming out of his eyes and ears,

if anyone would be kind enough to take a picture of themself or someone the know with there head tilted almost all the way back, I would be MORE that happy to actually add the facial features into the pic, kinda sorta like a free portrait
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