CG Industry In Vancouver

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  01 January 2006
CG Industry In Vancouver

Hiya There,

I am still relatively new to the forum;what is the industry like in Vancouver?(games and film)...

  01 January 2006
not that bad. EA's in Burnaby and of course there's the famous VFS ...
  01 January 2006
Vancouver is always doing very well. Right now in particular there are lots of new projects coming up at many of the studios. Animation studios are all ramping up for different things, Games studios are doing well, especially now that EA is expanding well beyond its Burnaby local.

Vancouver has a severe over-abundance of entry level artists however. VFS, AI, VanArts, Cap College, as well as many other small schools are pumping students into the workforce monthly. This pretty much means that work is plentiful if you have a couple of years under your belt, and is more difficult for the less senior artists.

Overall though... I feel that Vancouver is one of the great locals for animation and VFX.

Mike R
Mike Rhone
-VFX Artist-

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  01 January 2006
I second Mike's post. I think Vancouver is doing very well right now. Many companies are trying to get into the feature film work so that's pretty exciting. We opened "Rainmaker Animation & Visual Effects" last year for that exact purpose with Warren Franklin (!!!) as the head. Awesome.
Bartek Kujbida
  01 January 2006
Vancouver is a secondary industry to LA. Tax credits and exchange rate can be taken advantage of by producers to save money. A lot of TV is shot here. A percentage of films as well. VFX tend to be lower budget film effects. Animation is non existent unless you want to do TV series animation such as mainframe or bardel quality stuff. Some VFX in TV that are done here - Stargate, Atlantis, Battlestar, Dead Like Me. Some film stuff that is done here Slither, Garfield secondary animals, Dr Doolittle 3, Goodboy, small shots in IRobot. You get the picture. The major blockbuster film vfx and animation are done by the huge guys in LA like Sony, ILM, R&H etc etc. Rainmaker seems to be the one company that has a constant feature film pipeline going. If anyone knows of any more, please list.
Games - yes EA is the giant. Radical, Relic (have they been bought up yet?).
So the work is not nearly as inspiring as LA or London but the quality of life is very good. It's a rainforest, coastal mountain climate - very pretty. Outdoor activities are apparent everywhere. Laid back city for sure. If life quality overrides work quality, I'd recommend it here for sure.
  01 January 2006
Agreed that there is an over-abundance of entry level artists, new grads fresh from schools like VFS with not enough studios looking for entry level. If you're a New Grad it'll be hard to get a gig. Though EA is a good place to get a start. If your timing is right.
Albert Art

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  01 January 2006

We opened "Rainmaker Animation & Visual Effects" last year for that exact purpose

Any green lights on that yet Bartek? Script? Rnk better hop on quick before this bomb hits the industry and caves in on itself.
  01 January 2006
Hehe, yeah looks like everyone's trying to get in on it eh?
I have no power there unfortunately, but it looks like we're got our head around things. So it looks very promising!

Originally Posted by rcronin: Any green lights on that yet Bartek? Script? Rnk better hop on quick before this bomb hits the industry and caves in on itself.
Bartek Kujbida
  01 January 2006
List of studios

Anybody have a list of studios,small and large in Vancouver/Burnaby?


  01 January 2006
This is a great thread for me. I am currently living in Nova Scotia and learning 3d modeling and texturing, I also practice concept art aswell as starting to try out matte painting. And I am dying to move to vancouver to look for work. Any advice would be great!
How is the field for people looking for cg jobs other than animation??
  01 January 2006
IN VANCOUVER there is about 10 schools that produce* more than 500 new grad every year. I am pretty sure there is no 500 new job opening every year in vancouver. there are more and more people going for this industry these days and there are alot and alot of competition; it is very hard for the juniors these days to get a job [and no companys seems to take internship these days either]. A lot of people like myself are having serious trouble getting a job. I felt extremely lucky to get a 3 months contract from EA but it was only 3 months and I know I was extremely very lucky. there are alot and alot extremely talented artist in vancouver that is working on a temporary job and trying to get into the industry. anyways correct me if i am wrong, to get a job in vancouver these days requires alot and alot of luck and some connection; and that is only for people with the skills.
  01 January 2006

Yeah... lots of new grads in Vancouver each year but its unfortunate so many are going into the field because of the hype and not because they are necessarily meant for the career.

I feel the true creative side of the industry has been floundering some... too many schools just seem to focus on learning the tools and do not develop the artistic (traditional more than digital) skills needed to advance the art of the industry.

I would focus beyond entry level... too many out there at that level..... and make sure to be multifaceted in your mediums you can develop your art in.
  01 January 2006
Seconding others, work's good here in Vancouver right now, but hard to get if you don't have experience. It is a real tough market for new grads. Studios can hold out for experienced people, and usually have no problem finding those they need. Reels that would easily get people hired when I got my first job get ejected after five seconds now. I guess they call that a mature industry. That's not to say new people can't find work, many do, it's just that they need to be good.

The positive is that the level of talent is the highest it's ever been here. That's allowing the local studios to compete for bigger projects, recruiters from the major studios are coming here looking for people, and it's attracting studios from elsewhere to set up shop.
  01 January 2006
I second all of the above, especially Mike's.

For a list, I'm not sur eoff the top of my head...IGDA has one for some game companies but it's by far a complete list.

It is almost becoming over saturated with "no name" schools promising you the moon and not delivering. It's sad to see commercials on tv that go "Do you like video games? Do you have a collection of sketchbooks? You're well on your way to becoming a 3d animator!" It's kind of like a puppy mill, just pumping out artists.

As far a sI can tell though, the industry is healthy.

I'm still searching for a job and am working on a reel currently, I hav ehigh hopes that I'll land a decent gig. I'm thinking of trying Montreal though as well, just to fufill my nomadic tendencies :P

Matellis: Beware man, the food here is nothing like Nova Scotia and when someone says "the beautiful weather of Vancouver..." slap them in the mouth.
Gavin Goulden

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  01 January 2006

vancouver has become so inundated with schools lately, seems like theres a good chunk of change to be made so i guess everyone just wants a piece of that.
I disagree about connections being everything in vancouver, sure they help you get one gid to another but the truth is if you have a solid portfolio then it will more than speak for itself. Before anyone thinks the only place to work here is ea then think again , theres always new studios popping up so van. is becoming a big hub for the industry . There is plenty of work to go around but like i said its still competitive enough that just being able to open maya and make a cube wont suffice the job requirements.

Originally Posted by Bartek|3D: Hehe, yeah looks like everyone's trying to get in on it eh?
I have no power there unfortunately, but it looks like we're got our head around things. So it looks very promising!

no power? fired anyone lately hehe
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