New Feature Request: Spoiler Tag

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View Poll Results: Should a spoiler tag type be added to CGTalk?
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Huh? 5 5.62%
Mibus, I can't believe you didn't come up with this. 16 17.98%
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Old 12 December 2005   #1
New Feature Request: Spoiler Tag

UPDATE -- The code warriors behind CGTalk have granted our wish, and an impressive version of it at that. If you wish to test it out with non-spoiler info... please do so in this thread...

-- Please don't abuse this tag with non-spoiler stuff throughout the forums (this thread only).

-- Please make a concious effort when discussing creative works such as books, films and television to use this tag on info that could spoil someone elses enjoyment of it.

Super big thanks to everyone who contributed to getting this accomplished... the voters, the admins and especially the coders!


Original post.

We have the <quote></quote> tags... we have the <code></code> tags... in a forum that spends so much time discussing films and games, and the stories they tell... shouldn't we have the <spoiler></spoiler> tags.

Now I know they are not built-in to vbulletin... but these would be very easy to add.

My suggestion is to add a new vbtag class for people to easily add spoiler info to their postings... additionally, if someone forgot, or didn't know to use them, the mods (who already edit such posts) could quickly wrap the sensitive data with the tags.

Format suggestion:

Automatically adds the text: :::SPOILERS:::

Colors the text in the background color of the post (which is #373737) so that it appears like this:

use your mouse cursor to select the text between these two lines

This is a spoiler.


There are actually many cooler things that "could" be done, such as using hidden layers and such, but this seems to be the quickest, no fuss method.

So CGTalk... what say you?
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Old 12 December 2005   #2
Heh... I quite like that idea!
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Martin Brennand - mocha Product Manager - Imagineer Systems
Old 12 December 2005   #3
That's a good one! I clicked on a Discussion Thread about Nightmare before Christmas, boy was I bummed on that one when I read the ending...

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Old 12 December 2005   #4
Bump 1
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Old 12 December 2005   #5
That sounds awesome to me as well!
Chris White
Old 12 December 2005   #6

JDex, best christmas avatar ever.
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Old 12 December 2005   #7
Originally Posted by pencil_head: BRILLIANT!!!

JDex, best christmas avatar ever.

Glad someone likes it!

Shame I couldn't get it on here at full size... looks much cooler in it's all-powerful, HDavatar* glory.

*The HD term is a proprietary term, patented and trademarked by Yeah Right Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this term may be reproduced by any means without the written permission of Yeah Right Inc. No avatars or silly putty factory workers were harmed during the creation of this document. Epileptic Seizure alert: may contain bright shiny objects, but we're not sure. Return for refund where applicable (Jake's Sex Toys Unlimited is the only place offering refunds). Not recommended for persons with low self-esteem. Batteries are included -- best of luck finding them (they're hidden in Eriliaz's tea cup). Proud sponsor of the Anal Retentive Technical Director Bobsled Team, who won first place in the June 2000 Hawaii Bobsled and Ping-Pong Invitational. May cause hemmroids, drowsyness or loss of imagination after the first use. Contents under pressure. DEET added to preserve bug-free status. Caution: this product has caused some laboratory primates to grow to colossal proportions and fall in love with blond struggling actresses, eventually leading to their demise. Shake well before using. No user-serviceable parts inside, however the parts inside have been rumored to service users of the female persuasion. Not to be combined with other avatars or suppositories except under the advice of a professional bowler. Avoid prolonged exposure to loud, obnoxious OS zealots. The truth is out there, but you won't know it until you die. Use no spell checkers in the vicinity of an HDavatar. Not intended for use by warez-boyz or professional webpage developers under the age of five. Printed on recycled paper** from a siberian labor camp and we're proud of it.

** Okay, it's not recycled paper, we lied, so sue us.

PS: Now vote dammit!
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Old 12 December 2005   #8
Good idea you crazy SOB!!! Heh heh, I dig that avatar too.
Patrick Noland
Old 12 December 2005   #9
Hee heh heh

Crazy is such a harsh term... more like sanity-challenged.

ps. Vote Dammit!
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Old 12 December 2005   #10
Im for it!
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Old 12 December 2005   #11
I've got to say i like that one.

As long as its easy to add I'm all for it
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Old 12 December 2005   #12
Christmassy Bump.
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Old 01 January 2006   #13
i wonder if the suggested spoiler tag could just make the text be collapsible inside its own section? then the user would have to expand it to see it. highlighting between those lines or using ctrl+a would get annoying.

spoiler minded people would browse with a "collapse all spoilers" option in their user control panel..
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Old 01 January 2006   #14
Definately a cool idea. But two comments...

-Will people use it?
-When you reply, the 'spoiler' font color becomes slightly more visible because the background of the preview posts are different.

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Old 01 January 2006   #15
Originally Posted by SirRon: -When you reply, the 'spoiler' font color becomes slightly more visible because the background of the preview posts are different.

which is why i suggested have everything between the tags collapse. then have to be expanded in order to be seen. with javascript and html it should be relatively easy, a collapsible div if you will...
doer of things somewhat technical

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