FF7AC:Cloud's sword(s)

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  10 October 2005
FF7AC:Cloud's sword(s)

Hello, here's my Cloud's sword(s) model form FF7:AC movie.
I use reference from the movie only so they may not all correct. I think in the movie they use a few models for the same sword which a little bit difference to each other to make them look good in all scene. I'm going to tell you guys that. When they pack together, my sword(s) model look a bit 'odd' -_-'.
Model & render in Rhino v.3. I plan to texture & render them again in Blender if i have time.
C&C is welcome

The core sword, Apocalypse.

The blade, Organics. The most odd sword in the pack. It look much thicker than in the movie -_-'

The back, Buttefly Edge.

The side, Rune.

Pack together.

  10 October 2005
Whoa! that's really good, i mean the detail is impressive good job and i hope you make a kickass photorealistic rendering of this one when it's finished.

Keep up the good work!

/ Max
  10 October 2005
nice work now lets see somr texturing :-)
  10 October 2005
I bet you're want to remodel the swords based on the reference that arquebus has posted.

I did some research on the blades too and I must say it is very hard if you want to model them accurately.

Many parts are missing from the core blade, near the handle and hand-guard.

Good luck!

p.s. I am planning to model them too, but only when I am confident with the details I have. :P
  10 October 2005
Originally Posted by Snecx: I bet you're want to remodel the swords based on the reference that arquebus has posted.

Well, i'm sorry to say that i don't want to remodel them after i saw arquebus post I've been through the hard time modeling them. I accept any incorrect detail i've made bacause i can't wait for better detail due to my attention will decrease as the time goes and, if i see the better one than mine
I totally agree that it's very hard to model them accurately. I also have some images represent the different between the same blade along the movie.

diff-butterfly edge

Quote: Many parts are missing from the core blade, near the handle and hand-guard.

If you mean some nuts & hinges, i already notice that. I plan to add them in blender. If not, it'd be pleased if you point them out more specific. I'll correct them if it doesn't hurt much
Quote: I am planning to model them too, but only when I am confident with the details I have. :P

I'll looking forward for that. I think what we're heavily lack for correctly model them is their thinkness, which make my Organics sword turned out so fat -_-'
  10 October 2005

First of all, in your first pic, it is not different but actually the smaller pic (blueish one) shows the second stage after Organics is being attached to the core sword. If that is what you mean. If not then ignore me. I still need to study the swords more. :P

The rest of the pictures you've showed, yeah they're different in some way. I remember reading a page where they have discussed the 5 phases of the sword, how the main blade looked like in each phase. There are a bunch of details in the hand guard of the core sword.

A search in my browser history reveals: http://www.ff7acmovie.com/articles/ff7ac_reviews_and_analyses/cloud's_6_piece_sword_in_ff7ac.html

Perhaps that might help you a bit (if you ever plan to remodel it).

Good luck!
  10 October 2005

May be you guys interest, here's another website about cloud's swords. I got name of the swords from there.

According to the first diff image you mention, i mean this part

Your ref. website is very informative. I also have to change my words about my main sword's handgaurd part. It's very different from the movie. Because i can't find the way to put those 5 swords inside that size of handguard (do you see? how can he put rune swords(the side) inside the handguard? ) -_-' So i decided to expand the handguard a little wider like this.

For the blade's shape when they pack together.

this image

Wow.. i wonder how you model the butterfly edge swords(the back) to have that shape when they combine together, unless they're asymmetric like this.

Kinda wierd though :/
I might add that i have negative feeling with that blade in the image above. It looks like a quick mock up one. It doesn't even has the plate near the handguard.

  10 October 2005
that is a wicked blade, you did a fine job on recreating it. sweet really!
I wish I was as good as you...
  10 October 2005
I guess you're right about the differences. I actually thought that this is how it is supposed to be.. But according to your model, it doesn't seem so. That gap. Hmm..

Great efforts on replicating these imperfect models. :P It's hard when everything seems to be so different.
  11 November 2005
I joined JUST to discuss this. This is VERY cool. I can definately see some things I didn't see before, but as for swords 3 and 4 or the "butterfly edges" as you labeled them, are you sure they coms together like that? the way you put them certainly makes sense, but if you pause it at the point where Cloud is standing over Kadaj on the ledge just before he turns into Sephiroth, you can sort of see the gap, much like you had it in the first couple of pictures.

Just wondering. I plan on actually making this sword, so it would be a good thing to know.
  11 November 2005
*drool* this is amazing!! aside from the wrong measurements, id say this is pretty accurate. Im trying to make a 3D model of this too (and then hopefully a model one for cosplay heh), so im doing alot of research on the sword.

to those saying that the butterfly edges dont come together, it looks like in this picture that they do. *squints* yea

ehheh i actually learned alot for you thanks!! I cant wait to see the finished textured product XD

but just incase youd like to know, i read somewhere that his swords are up to 6 ft in length (buster and 6-piece swords) and 8-10 inches in width

Last edited by nassersays : 11 November 2005 at 05:14 AM.
  12 December 2005
hi, me agian

to Seig Warheit :
ah.. what's an honor that my work cause you to do that Sorry for didn't reply right after your post. I just want to reply with something, so it is this I hope you come back here to see this.
About the Butterfly edge's shape. as you see my work, i was always think like you at the first place. But i have to change it after Snecx comments. It's quite obvious that it come together in final state.

to nassersays :
Don't forget to post your cosplay swords pix when it finished I think it's harder to do it in real word than in 3d app. May be you find some tricks for it's combination then

And here's my final texturing and render for my FF7AC swords.
I exported them to Blender, fix/replace some meshes, create texture with Paint shop pro 5 (one tga image done in Photoshop, tga done in PSP5 crashed yafray -_-'), quick & dirty scene & light setting. Then render with yafray.
I don't like doing texturing and light setting, so my skill on that things just very soso -_-'.

hi-res image

hi-res image

hi-res image

That's all guys, Thx you all for visiting & discuss on my thread. Merry Xmas and happy new year

Last edited by hellvy : 12 December 2005 at 01:26 PM.
  12 December 2005
I also would like to make the dword for cosplay. But the movie never shows exactly how the dwords attach together. Maybe it has hooks or something...
  12 December 2005

It looks amazing! great job on it.
haha you are right, it would be a bit more dificult making a real life one, gotta figure out how they attach and stay stationary

ahh i like staring at your renders lol
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