Hahaha! Autodesk buys Alias!

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Old 10 October 2005   #1
Hahaha! Autodesk buys Alias!

Max bought Maya! Right off Alias' site.
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Old 10 October 2005   #2
As user user of autodesk products I think this is a bad day for the industry... good for the companies but for users?? Max and Maya are direct competitors so one must go or both will be merged into a killer app. That might be the best outcome but bad for competition as this will give Autodesk almost a monopoly.
Old 10 October 2005   #3
I welcome our Autodesk overlords. Now max can lawfully copy right off maya, haha.

Edit: ah, looks like i was 30min behind Leo on this one. I didnt see the post.
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Old 10 October 2005   #4
I would say it's good news for Max users and not as good news for Maya users. I'm happy cause I'm a Max user
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Old 10 October 2005   #5
Mayax ??

Max or Maya to dissapear ? ... ok another joke please.

Maybe in a long term ... but I think both will pursue different markets ...

and it's not good news ... for nobody ... less competition ... more lazy developers ...

rejoyce 3d freaks ... XSI 5 is coming to show you the real world ... is air what you are breathing ? ^_^
Old 10 October 2005   #6
3D studio maya
Sam Bust

Old 10 October 2005   #7
I don't think it's bad news, there was to much competition right now, which led to a to saturated market and this is why this has happened. There is still Lightwave, there is still XSI, and both are competitive, not to mention Truespace, Rhino, etc which are more focused on certain types of projects.

I only think it might be bad for Maya users in the long run, but for the short-term, it should be good news with integration of features from both to each other maybe.
"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai
Old 10 October 2005   #8
Monopoly anyone?
Old 10 October 2005   #9
The 3d software market is starting to remind me of the mobile phone industry. little people buying little people, medium-sized people buying little people, big people buying everyone...

Just when I get used to "Discreet", "Kaydara" or "Alias Wavefront", I already have to get used to another name.

I'm curious as to why Autodesk would need Max AND Maya... That's like drinking a coke and pepsi at the same time.

As a Maya user, my only wish is that they don't dissolve Maya as it's own entity although this may be inevitable. I do agree that it's a saturated market but the rigging tools and easy mel scripting of Maya have always been the backbone of my choice in the product.

AutoDesk is shaping up to be the next "borg" entity.

Old 10 October 2005   #10
Then there's a good chance it'll end up like all other monopoly products. Inferior but popular.

I'll stick to modo
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Old 10 October 2005   #11
BWAHAHAHAH - schwweeeetttt...

heh, Okay ok, I know that most maya users are cringing and I'm all giddy cuz I hate maya with a passion, but honestly, I doubt that much is gonna change right away. Plus they've stated that they intend to continue to produce all of Alias's software packages and all planned upcoming versions etc. is still gonna happen. As far as I've heard so far, there is no plan to combine the two packages into one, or drop one of them all together.

The studio I work for is currently using max, but we're switching to maya for our next gen project that'll start production next year (laaaammmeeee.....) and us max loyalists are all wishing that maya get's dropped so we don't have to suffer the switch, but like I said - I doubt anything's gonna change. Not right away.

If anything, they'll probably support the whole file compatablility thing better - which will be appriciated.

Old 10 October 2005   #12
Athey, I'm interested in your post. I'm curious as to why your company would make the modelers switch over to Maya. Wouldn't that slow Max users down having to get used to a new interface? As far as "modeling" goes though, I don't see too much of a problem using different apps. For modeling, I've used a little Silo, Wings, Max, and Maya, and I pretty much think they are pretty similar(I guess I don't stray away from the basic tools too much).
.obj or .fbx have tremedous flexibility with integration between packages.

Most of the major differences between Max and Maya are in the rigging/animation department imho. That's where max and maya really start speaking different languages.
I mean, most of the major modeling packages have got your basic edge tools and such. No? The only thing I can think of that's really different is some modeling packages don't allow for illegal polys or 5 sided polys which would mess up people that use the "create poly" tool/extrude profile way of modeling.

Old 10 October 2005   #13
They're making us switch cuz all of Sony's other studios use Maya and all of their tools and exporters are made for Maya. Ours is the only Sony studio still using max. Sony Corperate is giving us a bunch of pre-made tools and an engine for our next-gen project, and all of it's stuff is setup to work with Maya, so we're switching. *le sigh*

I actually learned Maya before I learned Max. When I started learning Max it was like a breath of fresh air ^__^ heh... I just fit with it so much better.
But I agree that as far as modeling goes, you can do the same stuff with either package. It's all a matter of personal preference and adjusting to different interfaces.

I just personally prefer max over maya ^__^

Old 10 October 2005   #14
I'll be truly scared when/if they buy softimage. I see prices skyrocketing! It will be very interesting to see what will come of it though. I'll wait till modo and silo merge, for one very customisable and featureful modelling app! Perhaps called "silodo" or "molo"
Old 10 October 2005   #15
I see. Thanks, Athey.

I wonder if Pixologic is next on "the list".
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