Spectacular 3D Entry: Donovan Kretsman

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  09 September 2005
Spectacular 3D Entry: Donovan Kretsman

Donovan Kretsman is entered in the "Spectacular Challenge" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Modeling: THE MAKING OF - GRASS

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  09 September 2005


I'd just like to introduce myself first...

My name is Donovan Kretsman and Iím from South Africa, Iíve been into CG for just a tad over a year now and I really enjoy this exceptionally powerful and very fun way of artistic and creative expression.

I Sincerely wish all my fellow participants the best of luck, I look forward to sharing as much of what I know with you guys and to help wherever I can, cause i sure am going to need the help of you guys too during this.

Furthermore Iíd like to thank all the people that made this possible, from the organizers to the sponsors, topic choosers and just everybody that helped out somewhere.

I would like to firstly apologize if I seem quiet during the week, this is not because I want to separate myself from the whole experience, but I have limited (mostly weekend ONLY) access to the Internet. On weekends I will definitely make up for my lack of contribution and updates during the week - if I do get the opportunity to log on during the week, i sure will be here FIRST THING.

Its really late here so Iím looking forward to some sleep, when Iím up Iíll start on the visualization and concept sketches - still trying to think of something that can truly capture the feel of this Theme.

Yes and that about wraps it up, just once again thanks and good luck to all, may the best artist win!

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  09 September 2005
Okay, 4 days in and I still donít have anything Visual to submit, but seeing as how this is supposed to be DETAILED WIP I suppose a few ideas i have had should show what i have been doing - this week has been quite hectic, a lot of things have hampered my progress including trying to build up a new Rig - selling old parts, waiting for new ones :-(

I donít want to rush myself into JUST having something to show, i am still deciding which one of these (if I donít get any more flashes) will be my final Theme to commence Visualization --> Modelling --> etc.

- A few months ago we got the Most dense fog storm ever seen here where i live (Pretoria), I was driving around taking shots of some areas that looked absolute AMAZING in this dense fog (even a Filling Station looked lovely). You could only see about 3 street lamps ahead of you in the fog and then all else was misty - everything looked like it was from a fairytale, I soaked up the atmosphere like a sponge and shot my Digital Cam until the batteries went dead. I would love to capture the Lighting effects I saw and how simply stunning everyday things looked in this Mist Covered night.

- When I was a small child theme parks used to be so damn spectacular, i would have made my home in one if I could have. Itís really difficult now to still feel the same; lately these kinds of places feel cheesy to me and lack that awe that it used to. Still think it should be fun to pull this off, but to be honest I don't think Iíll choose this one :-)

- What can I say, spectacular, shocking and simply burned into the eyes and minds of all those that saw it and the footage. I do feel though that DISASTER themes like these 2 have become somewhat Worn out, or may pack too much emotion for some people to really be seen as an art (once it has been translated into CG). I will steer clear of these 2 because I donít want to ride the emotional wave of success, and I fear some people may see my attempts at capturing the feel of events such as these, as a mockery of the tragedy that was.

- Another TRAGEDY theme and besides that, it has been portrayed before in a much more spectacular way (MOVIE) than I possibly can - they captured all the emotion, rush of life and sadness that they could, I simply donít think I can add much.

- What the heck is it with tragedies and me, is that my entire mind has in it?? But really, it just shows you how powerful the influence of such events are.

- This has become a Cultural ICON in South Africa, streets are plagued by swooped up racers that go 0-60 with as much smoke and beat as possible. This draws heavily on the Suburbia style themes, and tries to capture something that is more SPECTUACULAR to one group than to another. I think this is a GREAT idea, but i fear too many people will fail to see the SPECTACULAR in it and may see it as less emotive and gripping. I am heavily leaning towards this one as this ICON, which has helped define a whole generation, captures me myself.

Well thatís it so far; nothing complete out of this world but not totally, comes to mind in 5 minutes either. I sure would like some suggestions on how to capture any of the above or which one would be the best choice - I off course reserve the final right to choose :-)

Please donít be a jerk and steal my ideas - these are not the only themes out there, cast your mind farther and you will see many ideas that are untouched.

Thanks in advance.

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  09 September 2005

If you want comments you'd do well to do either or both of these two things: 1) post milestones. I didn't read any of the text above. I'm just not interested, and I bet I'm not the only one.

2) Stick a link to your challenge thread in your signature - you can do this in the UserCP thingie.

It's that easy.
  09 September 2005
Personally I quite like the Hindenburg idea-or another great tradgedy. I would definately not go for 9/11, as its a still a little lo close to some peoples hearts to be viewed objectively, and honestly...is a little cliche'd. The Hindenburg could be 'Spectacular'-especially when you consider that there arent many hi-def images of it happening....seeing something like that in a close-up, realistic, and coloured version might just be a winning formula.

Good to see another South African in the comp and on the boards!
  09 September 2005
Hi DK3D, just read some of your work over in http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=275424

And wanted to say

I hope you can lighten up enough to join in the community here bro, the challenges are for growth and in so many ways...

Just call me fanboy
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  09 September 2005
Hello DK3D.

After reading the whole of http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=275424 and getting enthused to contribute my 'thoughts' on a lot of what you had said - to my disappointment, I found the thread closed. Anyway, I wont go in to all that here now.

You came across fairly confident in your...abilities, considering you've; "been into CG for just a tad over a year now". It was that which brought me here - I'm intrigued to see what you produce. Perhaps you underestimate the challenge of this challenge, I guess time will tell.

Originally Posted by Kargokultti: I didn't read any of the text above. I'm just not interested, and I bet I'm not the only one.

Personally, I like your 'text only' approach for a starting point. I can only assume that every other competitor, and chances are spectator, has a vibrant, creative imagination and I think starting off like this enables the viewer to see it in many different ways.

I like the first (fog over city) and second (theme park) idea of yours best.

Fog over city: I think this is an interesting idea. Most of my ideas keep wandering toward huge, horrific natural disasters or something along those lines. I feel that the eerily still, serene, fog-drenched city would be a much more original and sensitive approach to showing the beauty and true spectacularity of natural/weather conditions etc. I feel the idea also has a lot of scope to be rich in emotion, mood.

Theme Park: I really like this idea. I could imagine it to be quite a bit of hard work to create, but I can definitely see something spectacular. I can envisage a totally over-the-top, ridiculously idealistic theme park, really emphasising that excitement a child would feel.
Huge, extreme rides and attractions bursting with bright saturated colours, everything shiny, glossy - larger than life.
Perhaps a 'child's-eye-view', from low down, maybe at the park gates, looking up on to a spectacular park towering above them. Or, a view from the top of a roller coaster ride out on to the whole spectacular theme park before them - Speed, movement, motion-blur, adrenaline.
I can see the image to be spectacular in itself, packed with rides, colour, and detail everywhere. When looking you can almost here the music, the roaring roller coasters, the distant shrieks.
Emotion would be harder to convey though, as I feel that 'positive' emotions such as happiness and joy are generally a lot harder anyway. Nonetheless I think this is a strong and original idea with a great deal of scope.

Good luck
  09 September 2005

This is the final concept art sketch, i'm almost ashamed to post this and call it complete but i have never used photoshop before and i had some real difficulty getting the results i wanted. At the end of the day i decided to cut my losses and submit this poor image, because i realize now that it won't look the way i want it to using my current 2D skills and knowledge.

This tries to ROUGHLY capture what i want to do with my idea, lots of volumetric Fog and volumetric lights capturin ga haunting type scene which i experienced in real life.
  09 September 2005

Now this is where my skills start to show - this is a TEST for the grass i want to use in my final scene - before this i have never attempted to create grass in 3D, this grass took me almost 3 minutes :-) (seriously).

I am quite happy with the results so far, it's still a bit unpolished and need to be tweaked a bit more, but this looks SOOOOOO much better than my dismal attempt at a concept sketch.
  09 September 2005
OK so maybie some of you want to know what exactly i am trying to do for my submission and where i got the idea and inspiration from.

Here we go, in plain old boring text again :-)

A few months ago a massively dense fog storm hit the small town where i live, it broke the record as the biggerst and heaviest for storm we have had in pretoria in more than half a century. In all the years i have been living here (21) i have never seen anything even close to this spectacle and to somebody that hadly gets to see fog (way too hot here in south africa :-) this was truly AMAZING.

I decided i wanted to capture the feel and amazement of this wonderous scene - i witnessed it between the hours of 11PM and 3AM. I shot my HP digicam's batteries dead as i tried to cature as much of what i could see, now this spectacle has become the topic and theme for my Spectacular CG entry.

Initially i got to drive through the fog on my brothers scooter and the initial SHOCK and excitement is what i want to portray.

This scene will test my skills in some areas i have never explored before, like creating Plants and grass, Volumetric fog and lights, textures of all the things that will be in the scene - and ontop of that i am going for a photorealistic render, so i am setting my sights very high, but i think i can pull this off, no sweat, yes i must just keep believing that :-)

Anyways i am gonna freeze time as i was purring forth on the scooter through the fog (which was so thick i could only see 3 street lamps and the forth was consumed in fog) so that gives you a good idea of how dense it really was - 150m visibility MAX.

I'll be using my very near and dear to the heard BLENDER 3D and CINEMA 4D to create this piece, i am also gonna "ATTEMPT" to create textures in Photoshop, but i doubt i am even gonna be able to make a simple concrete texture - so who knows, maybie i'll try and source some from the net, but i really want to make my own and i'm gonna search every tutorial i can get my hands on to learn how to use photoshop.

From that terrible concept sketch my idea looks pretty dull, boring and far from spectacular, i know, now comes the challenge to capture the FIRST TIME feel i had into the image with my current skills and hopeully i cna make it look spectacular to others as well.

Tomorrow i'll show some of my Volumetric fog and lighting tests, i would appreciate some comments on what i have so far, i know a world of bad could be said about my 2D work, but if you can help me to improve, i would really like to hear from you - even if you just know a few links to some good BEGINNER tutorials in photoshop, you have my thanks.
  09 September 2005
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