WIP-Night Elf [Nudity] Anatomical C&C

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  08 August 2005
Question WIP-Night Elf [Nudity] Anatomical C&C

Hi all, this is my first post here, although i have registered for some time.
I'm currently working on this character inspired by Blizzard's popular WarCraft 3, i intend on using this in my folio when i apply for a tertiary institution later this year. So far, i have accomplished the body and face, however, i believe they both require some tweaking. So far, my mates and teachers are unable to point out specifically what is wrong, but it just "appears" wrong for some reason.

This is my scanned concept, but it's rather an early concept

Just to let yall know where i'm heading

I'm currently working on tweaking the face and body, but i can't point out what exactly is wrong, but i think with the level of skill i observed in this forum, it shouldn't be a problem

Also, i'm looking for some sort of anatomy guides and some topology images which i can refer to.....but i am unsuccessful at doing so, so if you guys can give me some help, that will be great!!

Thanks heaps
P.S If you guys need wireframe, i'll be happy to post the original wire, the 1 iteration wire and the 2 iteration wire.

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  08 August 2005
Hi Norman !

Good work so far ! I have a few critics / suggestions to formulate though :

The ears are, for me, to high : on a human ear the bottom of the lobe should align with the nostrils, and the top with the brows (roughly). Also they are too attached to the skull, wich gives a weird look in the from view. Try rotating them outwards.

The side view is good, but I think the front view doesn't quite work. The character looks too round and smooth for a WC III chara : try to sharpen the nose, it's too wide. And also the jaw is maybe too round and smooth, I would make it more square.

Good luck for your application !
  08 August 2005
it's a nice start, i think the face just lacks defenition so far, and maybe eyes are a bit too high, mouth looks strange...
  08 August 2005

Yeah a raw wire or smoothed isoline really helps ppl analyse I think there's a good start and the ears are very Blizzard, but as WC said the face is a little undefined atm, there's a softof vague almond shaped outline that generally tends to happen if one is trying to avoid a lantern jaw (like with an elf or young woman, usually). I would try and check some of the elf and particularly dryad hero (wc3) arts by Blizzard and really take a look at the jaws, a lot of them have a surprising amount of blockiness/strength in them.

I would try and get some more certainty in the brow area too if possible.

Keep it up, getting just to this "basically there" stage is the hardest part for me T_T everyone else seems to manage somehow haha. Good luck with the tweaks.
  08 August 2005
Hey Augh, i saw your Archangel earlier and i've been following through with the progress, it's a pretty amazing piece of work.

My reference material is done on paper, and i have virtually no reference when i'm modelling her, i did what i feel is aethestically correct. That's the reason why i'm looking for a good anatomy guide or face topology study.....

What do you guys mean by "define", i understands tthe bit with the mouth and ear...and i'll fix them as soon as i have time, but i don't quite understand what is meant by "define".

Are you implying that my current model is like in a basic form? So that it does not have "character" or "individuality" if so to speak?

I'll get the wire up by tonight, but i'll just ask a silly question. How do you actually get the wireframe in render just like you do if you check "edged face" in the viewport?

Thanks for the feedback cuz i'll be felling pretty down if i have to bump my own thread
  08 August 2005
Ok, before i go off, these are the original poly without smoothing, taken directly from the view ports


And yeah, that's about all at the moment. Looking forward to more great critique!

Thanks heaps guys, i'll be feeling pretty down if i had to bump my own post. Cheers!

P.S How come i cant edit my avatar =/.........

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  08 August 2005
Okay, I have a few crits. As aforementioned, the ears and eyes are too high. They should both be brought down, so that the lobes line up with the bottom of the nostrils, and the eyes stay where they currently are in relation to the ears.

Secondly, from profile view, the head looks horizontally squished. Your ears should be moved back further away from the eyes, and the jawline should continue back further as well. I suggest getting a photo referrence, if for nothing else then a rough guide.

Finally, as far as topology is concerned, you've got some decent egde loops goin around the eyes, but you need to get some edge loops around the mouth as well. That is of course really only if you're planning on animating it. Either way, still a good practice.

Hope this helps some,

  08 August 2005
Yep the ears are too high.. and too short.. try to do them much longer
  08 August 2005
Ok.....so tweak eyes and ears....

Are the size of the features anatomically accurate? Are they in proportion?

Thanks for the feedback, but i'm a little caught up with schoolwork....i might not be able to work on her too much in the next couple of weeks...but i'll try my best

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  08 August 2005
In my opinion the head in the side view looks too flat....
It looks as if someone has hit the back of her head with a huge stave ^^
You only have to pull out the back of her head a bit

Dominance War III
  08 August 2005
SOOOOO........Like this? Blue lines marks the recommended changes. I have lowered the eyes and enlarged the ears a little bit, but do i have the lower the top of the head a little bit or is it fine as it is now?
  08 August 2005
After modification.....


Lowered the eyes and ears and tweaked the size a little bit.....that's all for tonight, waiting for some C&C. Cheers!


Last edited by CosmoHorizon : 08 August 2005 at 12:02 PM.
  08 August 2005

Mental note; recrit this, thank Cosmo for words, answer questions about definition, post isoline render info - when not half tripping from lack of sleep o_o

I'll be back man haha, very spacey at this end, but I hate to pass on questions I can actually help with. I'll return with editness. I was gonna drop that eye level crit on you till I saw it was covered, nice work tweakin so far

zzzz... =_=
  08 August 2005
hmm....I think the head should look more like this
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  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by Eonwe: hmm....I think the head should look more like this

yeah, like this... except those ears and that jaw line still needs to be pulled back futher towards the rear of the head.

My guess is you're getting too "Squinchy" over things. You see something that needs to be done with your model, but you're doing it in little tiny incruments! Go over board! Dont be affraid to move points around! If it doesnt work out, you can always reload the file, and if it does, then you've accomplished what you wanted in half the time! At least that's what works for me...

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