mud box?

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  08 August 2005
mud box?

does anyone know anything about this thing called mudbox? i heard that it was presented at one of the alias masterclass. it's supposedly pretty badass... i think it's developed by or has somethig to do with Weta. something like zbrush but more user friendly.

more info on this would be appreciated.
  08 August 2005
Never heard about that... I second you on the "more info appreciated part".
Anyone with inputs ?
  08 August 2005
wow.. i guess not a single person knows about this and the people that know about it don't wanna say a word. oh well, i'm sure we'll hear more about it soon enough.
  08 August 2005
mudbox is when you forget to change the baby's diaper...haha..jk

if it works as smooth as zbrush, minus that "unique" workflow, then i'd be happy.
  08 August 2005
all i know its like zbrush developed by Weta... aparently it is what they are using in their productions...
  08 August 2005

Its probably codename for zbrush 3
  08 August 2005
Originally Posted by skello: Its probably codename for zbrush 3

u mean like foghorn and vista!?!
  08 August 2005
Thumbs up Pixologic's ZBrush: A Key Component of Weta Digital's Modeling Pipeline

Pixologic Inc. today announced that its award-winning ZBrush software contributed significantly to Weta Digital's modeling pipeline in the creation of the Academy Award®-winning "Lord of the Rings(tm): The Return Of The King(tm)".

Providing flexibility, speed and innovations in high-resolution sculpting, ZBrush helped Weta's modeling team save money and time by building digital maquette's in place of scanned physical sculptures.

Matt Aitken, Digital Models Supervisor at WETA explains:

"Pixologic's ZBrush was trialed by Weta Digital's modeling department early in our post-production work on "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" and it quickly became one of the key software components of our modeling pipeline.

"The revolutionary nature of ZBrush leads to Weta Digital creating a new approach to modeling hero creatures, digital doubles and props for film 3 in the trilogy. Throughout our work on "Lord of the Rings" we have been extracting displacement maps from high-resolution geometry. For films 1 and 2 we were obliged to use 3D scans of physical maquette to obtain this high resolution geometry, a time consuming and expensive process, because software didn't exist that could sculpt geometric detail to the level required."

"Now with ZBrush that software is available and in many cases we are replacing the maquette scan with a "digital maquette" that is sculpted on the computer. With support for interactively updating models of up to 4 million faces, we are now able to add details such as muscle and fat definition, skin and cloth wrinkles, and surfaces such as rock, cast iron, and weathered timber."

"Without the delay and cost of sculpting and scanning a physical maquette we have more time to refine the look of our models, and the software has the necessary flexibility to work in a production environment with changes to art direction and the level of detail required."

WETA DIGITAL has been instrumental in testing ZBrush's upcoming version. Using a combination of ZBrush's currently-available modeling and texturing tools, as well as new features and enhancements, Weta Digital has developed high-quality models for animating in NEW LINE® Cinema's Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. This collaboration will help all users, as these features will become part of Pixologic's soon to be released version.

"We wish to congratulate Weta Digital, and we are thrilled that ZBrush could contribute to their outstanding success. Our product has benefited greatly from the feedback we received from them during the testing process. New features have been introduced and refined which make ZBrush an extremely powerful tool for high-end detail 3D modelers. We look forward to continuing collaborations with them." adds Ofer Alon - Pixologic CTO
  08 August 2005
old news

...that`s old news. This information is from the 2003 Lord of the Rings production.
  08 August 2005
mud box contains no poly limits, just what your computer can handle, its in beta testing right now from what iv heard, never had any actual hard evidence other than word of mouth, but seems pretty bad ass so far and looks like to have some great potential.

  08 August 2005
i tried googling for information on it

only thing i found was this thread

lol, as secret as a government conspiracy
  10 October 2005
Cool mud box

ple on the weta panelHi all
Just came back from Armageddon 2005 (, a sci-fi expo held in Auckland, New Zealand. Matt Aitken from Weta Digital was on a panel with Gino Acevedo (Weta Workshop) and Alex Funke (Miniatures) and spoke about the use of mud box on Kong (I googled it when I got home and found this thread). He told us it was a tool they developed to allow you to sculpt models like clay. Apparently they scan the maquettes made by Weta Workshop, and use mud box to add surface detail similar to sculpting in clay, it didn't sound like they used mud box to sculpt from scratch. Didnt hear much more about it because everyone else was asking questions like "How long is the movie"



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  11 November 2005
Here is an article on ZBrush at

There is one comment so far on the article by:Tibor Madjar Kong Asset Lead Modeler Weta Digital

It's quick and easy to register on awn to view the comment but to save you the trouble I'll quote him here.

Quote: Hello, I was disappointed with the article on Zbrush 2 [Digital Eye: To Z or not to Z? It’s No Longer the Question]. Zbrush 2 contains some powerful features and so I appreciate the novelty the software must have presented to the author. However, consequently, the article strikes me as lacking a requisite balance, and does nothing to uncover the software's limitations or any level of dissatisfaction experienced by many of its users. But more importantly, the article contains several factual inaccuracies. It is true that Dave Cardwell, myself, and the rest of the Models team at Weta collaborated with Pixologic in the development of Zbrush 2 in 2003, supplying much of the feature set later released in this version and providing the software with a previously lacking production perspective. However, despite this, Weta in fact no longer uses or rarely uses Zbrush -- for anything. 1. Weta no longer uses or rarely uses Zbrush 2 2. I am using MUDBOX to design and detail my models. 3. The "nasty armies" were not "created in ZBrush" 4. I am not "designing characters for ... Chronicles of Narnia" 5. I am not "designing characters for Kong ... in ZBrush 2" For future reference, I invite you to contact me directly for information or confirmation concerning my work. I am more than happy to share these things with you within the bounds of Weta's NDA. On a side note, I feel it is worth highlighting that until MUDBOX, software makers were not offering any serious competition to Zbrush and consequently users had little choice when it came to high resolution, brush-based modeling. There is and always will be a measure of frustration with existing tools as users and productions demand more from software. However, so many articles and reviews about Zbrush make it seem like it has already "arrived at the destination" and often read more like press releases than informative articles from respected industry journals. I would suggest that readers might appreciate a bit more investigation and balance in the upcoming reviews of Massive and Face Robot. I know I certainly would and look forward to the next two articles! thanks, Tibor Madjar Kong Asset Lead Modeler Weta Digital

So that confirms that they are using Mud Box.. I haven't found any actual information about the program itself though.
  11 November 2005
interesting....and so the plot thickens

i wonder if it will ever get released?

  11 November 2005
To be honest, I'm actually wondering why there aren't more ZBrush clones out there by now. I would've thought that way more devs would jump onto this bandwagon.

Maybe it's because of the Pixol-based workflow that ZBrush offers - Projection Master alone is something that I would hate to miss in any other brush-based application (although a real-time projection master would definitely be a good thing).

Theres Sensables ClayTools of course (, and there was another application whose name I forgot now, but I'd love to see some more competition, so that development gets really hot in this area.

It'd be great if someone who tried Mudbox could talk about it a little, I'm sure there's a hell lot of interest here. Maybe we'll see something at next years Sig.

Having some more brush-based digital sculpting apps would definitely be a good thing, I personally really like ZBrush for how it does things, but having a little more competition's never wrong. Being able to sculpt and retopologize inside of one app within a streamlined workflow would be the next, logical step forward.
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