Noooooo,,,,, what's wrong?

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  07 July 2005
Noooooo,,,,, what's wrong?

Now for some reason, everytime I start up Vue, it automatically loads
up the last scene I had used, which was that Bali scene.
And yes, I have the options set to start with a blank work space.
I've even reset the options to default and everything,
but every time I go to start up, it loads up that last scene.
And it isn't just happening at start up, but also happens if I
close out the scene and then when I go to create a new scene,
I click on whatever Apmousphere I want, and the next thing you know,
it loads up that same old scene again.

What am I missing?
What do I do!?
I've rebooted and I used Norton Clean up and like that
and rebooted several more times, and I've done a
virus check today and no viruses or anything.
I'm lost!

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  07 July 2005
Sounds weird to me. But could it be that you always simply use the "save" button instead of "save as" to give your scene a new name?

When you use "save" you simply always overwrite your default scene. The only thing i can imagine this is.

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but it is more important to be nice.

Duster Bennett
  07 July 2005
i´ve never heard of that before to be honest....

No idea realy, how about you doing a clean scene yourself and save that as clean or whatever, close down vue once finished and fire it up again and see what happens.
  07 July 2005
Yeah, you can do a clean scene as you want it and save that in the preferences as your default scene. And then whenevery you start a scene save it under an original name so to say. Then i can't imagine anything go wrong.

It is nice to be important,
but it is more important to be nice.

Duster Bennett
  07 July 2005
Save all the stuff you've created, if any, in an off program folder and re-install. Don;t give yourself a migraine. I had a few quirks at first, had to reload. Now it runs like a champ. Make sure you are running the latest update.

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  07 July 2005
Thanx all, and like I've already mentioned, I can't get a "clean" scene in,
because everytime I try and create a new scene, it automatically loads up
the same scene, and won't MAKE A CLEAN scene. So, I'm not sure how to
go about gtting this clean scene bit to work?
And as for the latest update, first off I have it set to automatically check
for latest updates and such, but not trusting that totally, I also check in
every few days, or really every day, as I know this is such a new release
and all, and yes, I have the current version installed.

But, what I will check into, since this is the only thing that sounds at all
like it might be the problem, is the Default Scene bit, but I would think
that when you click NEW that THATS what you'd get, is a NEW scene,
from SCRATCH, not from some presaved out scene?

And I'm always doing the SaveAs bit, at the first when I load up a scene,
and then during working on that same scene, I just hit the Save instead,
as this should be the normal way it should be working and I also save all
my scenes to it's own folder and NOT the folder that the
original sample scenes came from.

I'm not trying to give myself a migrain or anything, just trying to figure out
what the flip happened that caused this, as eerything WAS working just perfectly fine,
other then those memory problems all the time and the out of resources bit,
even though I still have loads and loads of memory available and loads of resources.

Thanx, and I'll let you know if I can find the culprit with the Default Scene bit.
Since I'm now certain that's where the problem muct be.
Though I have to wonder, why would they have the option in the general section in
the Options panel that says, Create (ketword here) EMPTY Scene On StartUp.
Seems to me, that Create Empty scene, means just that, an Empty Scene?

Here, maybe someone can see what I have set wrong here or something?
And as you can see, the same scene loaded up on startup and if I Close that
scene and TRY and create a NEW scene, it just loads that same scene in again.

I've tried hitting the Reset Options to Default and that didn't do anything.
I tried setting the Set Default Scene, and that doesn't do anything.

Guess I'm just lost?
If I can resolve this issue today, then I'll just uninstall it and reboot and reinstall it,
has I don't feel like spending too much time trying to figure this out,
as I'd rather be playing, then spending time with this issue.

Thanx all for your comments and

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  07 July 2005
Looks all ok to me.

What i hear through your words is that you often have clicked onto the "set default scene" button in the preferences. Maybe there is the misunderstanding.

This button defines the default scene. With all objects atmosphere, materials etc etc you have in the scene when you click this button. This scene will then always been loaded when you start Vue next time.

What you should do therefore is to delete all objects in the scene, position the camera in your prefered position (Mine is 0/-400/30 when i remember it right), define the atmosphere you most use, give the ground the material you mostly use for the ground (mine is Grass), select the render mode you want (mine is final, render to screen and a ratio of 800x500). Then hit the set default scene once and after that never ever again. As long as you don't want to change this setting.

Then whenever you start Vue this scene will beloaded first time. In opposite to "new" (ctrl-n) that will ask for a new atmosphere you want to use.

Updates. Often E-on declares updates as beta - in case there are some issues still. These the automatic check for updates does not find. But mostly they are an improvement. So i go to the e-on site and check there for the latest update manually. The actual one has the build 277255 and is ok from my pov!

I don't think you always have to check that, normally the news when an update is available goes through the forums fast!

Hope that helps a little,


It is nice to be important,
but it is more important to be nice.

Duster Bennett
  07 July 2005
Yeah, I've already thought about having to try out the clearing the whole scene
and setting up a basic blank style scene, but as I've also pointed out, the very
LAST thing I did was to hit the "Reset options to default" button, which states
right at the top there, that it will "Create an EMPTY scene on startup", not
to load up some premade and saved out scene.
And the fact that you sometimes go, oh, I don't want to look at this scene anymore,
I want to start a NEW scene, and then it takes you to the Aptmosphere panel, like
normal and you select what you like, and then it STILL loads in that same scene,
just doesn't add up.
And as I've said, yes, I DO go in aand check manually at the web site almost every
other day, if not every day, for updates, as I know that you can't always trust these automatic things, which is shown in the fact taht it's not automatically loading in an empty scene.

So, I guess I have to do the method you mention of creating a default scene to load
up at the start, though I still don't understand how that's going to change things
when I decide to create a NEW scene while I'm already running Vue?

But who knows?, maybe this is normal for Vue?
  07 July 2005
Maybe for a better understanding - Vue saves the default settings in a file called "Default Startup Scene.vue" in the environment folder inside the Infinite application folder. That is what Vue always reads and i think there is the problem in your case. That in this file there is a bunch of stuff already that always loads up. You can try to take that out of this folder (not delete first) and see what happens then. If all is fine you can delete the old version (normally a new one should be created when there is none), if not play the file back.

What i did in the beginning - after i had defined everything as i wanted it - was to do an update of this environment folder, all the settings are in there so you can go back to a defined status without installing the whole thing again.

It is nice to be important,
but it is more important to be nice.

Duster Bennett
  07 July 2005
Ahhh,,, thanx Wabe.

I'll check into that and see what I see.
This makes a bit more sense now.

Thanx and I'll let you know what happens, ok
  07 July 2005

I "found" and removed the two files that you mentioned that
were like 24megs to boot, so that kinda gave things away right
there, and then I restarted Vue and everything is back to normal again!

This will be a good tip to remember for others down the road, thats for sure.
The only thing I can think of is, I must of hit the Set Default Scene,
thinking it would set it to the Default Scene, but it instead sets
what ever scene you have loaded as the default scene.

So, thanx a zillion and I'll never pull that stunt again LOL

Last edited by mdunakin : 07 July 2005 at 12:11 AM.
  07 July 2005
Just uncheck "Create empty scene at startup". Vue opens with NO scene open - then you can use the Open function to open any scene or New to create a new one. Simplifies things.
  07 July 2005
Sorry, but you needed to read ALL of the earlier posts before this, as I've already got it
solved, but more importantly, I mention that I had "already" had my settings to that.
That wasn't what the problems was.
Go back and read the earlier parts of this thread, and you'll see what I mean,
as now I'm alreaday burned out on the topic as it had me stressed for a while
there and now I'm just glad that it's over and I'm a wiser man for it

But thanx for at least trying and stuff
P.S. Or am I miss understanding you?

Last edited by mdunakin : 07 July 2005 at 02:35 AM.
  07 July 2005
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