Network Rendering- anyone else have trouble?

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Old 07 July 2005   #1
Network Rendering- anyone else have trouble?

I'm running Vue 5i on a 2.5 Ghz G5 with 1gig ram. Network renders are crashing a lot with two nodes. Big trouble is that these little temp files that are rendered along the way cannot be saved or used- so I'm forced to render again from the start. Any thoughts for making these renders work better?

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Wow- 5th message I've posted on this board with zero replies. What's the story folks???
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I've also trouble with HyperVue in my little net. I opend a call, but there is no solution at the moment.

In the HyperVue window is in the lower left corner an option that will create from every rendered frame a BMP file.
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Hi Juergen- thanks for replying. Hmm- I have tried the render frame button but I still wind up losing over half the frames on a crash. Wish I knew what I could do to setup the machine to minimize crashing.

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you guys should check the user forum(General one) im not 100% sure but i have a vague memory of a few tips regarding issues with hypervue being posted there.

Also if you dont have the beta patches, try them out, e.on has corrected some stuff with networkrendering and they will continue to do so(mentioning it because some people dont realize that the check for updates function only looks for official patches and not beta patches and even tho they are labeled beta the current ones are realy good and stable.
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~If you encounter such crashes, please make sure that you have the latest update for Vue 5 Infinite, and that the build number of your render cows match the build number of the Vue 5 Infinite application.~

This is the only thing that is of use on their website. I currently have Vue 4.2 and Mover5. I have 12 machines and have given up on rendering on network. At the time I was using a hub, Now with a switch I still get crashes or incomplete animation. I use one computer at a time to get around this. I just order 5I with 5 extra cows. They better work.

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As I wrote, I've a open call at e-on. I use the latest patch for V5I, and I'v tried nearly everything. The good thing is, that images that are lost through a cow crash, are rerendered at the end when all other frames are done.

The problem with the tmp files ist, when HyperVue itself is crashing you can't use the rendered files. The format is'nt readable - even for e-on.
Old 07 July 2005   #8
Exactly my concern. If e-on wants this program to be useful for animation and not just stills they either need to fix network rendering or render full frames- not temps.

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I have windows boxes, so I can't really help too much, save with some generalities. Which OS are you running, 9 or 10? There are some version compatibility issues there, from what I've read.

The next issue to keep in mind is that Hypervue is sensitive to packet collision; you can easily saturate a 10/100 network if you try pushing large amounts of data out at the same time. With Vue 4 and 5, the easiest work-around is to add each node in your renderfarm one at a time. This side steps the collision issue (Infinite does this, btw). I run Cacheman on my systems; it lets me clean out any dead wood that hangs about in system memory, and a quick pass with the pointer will give me a balloon with available ram/active swapfile size.

I've also noticed 'codemonkey syndrome'; the assumption that everyone and his dog has the kinds of files that the developers do. One thing that seems to stabilize the RenderCow on Windows boxes is installing the VC++ runtime. Having a clean registry is crucial as well; many of the file types that get passed have extensions that can invoke the remains of other programs that didn't uninstall properly.

And probably the biggest bugaboo currently is the blown update. HyperVue is supposed to update any RenderCow it contacts. But as it is a background app, any foreground app can grab the cpu just long enough to corrupt the update. Sometimes it simply doesn't take and breaks the Cow. That can crash Vue. Sometimes it updates, so the version number check matches, but one or more files are corrupt. That -will- crash the application, and possibly the other Cows as well. You can determine this by the add-one-at-a-time method, starting with the one on your main system. If things go boom, that's likely where the issue is. If not, then wait until that first Cow is actively rendering frame 0, then add another, until you find the problem box. The only real solution is to uninstall the Cow on the suspect machine and reinstall, letting Vue update it.
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Thanks for the insights Dale. This happens to be running on a handful of G5s with the latest versions of Panther and Vue. I can see there is something causing a kernal panic every time. Normally this is due to buggy code more than anything. Hopefully this will be addressed with a software update from e-on someday soon.

I see my animations going over to LightWave or C4D if the situation doesn't improve. Too bad as I am blown away by the ease of use and image quality of V5I. But I need to be able to rely on it day in and day out.

Old 07 July 2005   #11
"Latest versions of Panther". Maybe that is exactly the problem.

When was Infinite out and when the latest update for the OS? Sometimes it is not a good idea to update the OS too early. Especially earlier than updates for the most used applications are available.

I had a discussion about Mac OS updates and Vue with the technical guys from E-on a (longer) while ago. Apple these days very often changes the system libraries, a pain for the developpers.

Who knows, could be that this is the case here as well!

What i know is that networking on Mac drives me crazy as well sometimes, the ease of use of the good old days of system 9 is gone, that is sure.

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Old 07 July 2005   #12

Originally Posted by Wabe: "Latest versions of Panther". Maybe that is exactly the problem.

well e-on says that 10.3.9 is not a problem, so I have to believe them.
Old 07 July 2005   #13
I just got 5I and it nothing but crash city when network rendering. This sucks.
Old 07 July 2005   #14
10.3.9 has been out for more than 3 months now and was mostly a maintenance release so I would say ball's in e-on's court regarding stability at this point.

Old 07 July 2005   #15
Originally Posted by dueyftw: I just got 5I and it nothing but crash city when network rendering. This sucks.

make sure you update to the latest beta patch for v5I and then check dale b´s post in this thread, hope it helps you, if not do a bug report over at the more complaints the more resources will be spent on solving the issue.
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