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Old 06-23-2005, 02:40 AM   #1
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Leigh van der Byl
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Meet the Artist: Nick Pugh

Nick Pugh
Lead Concept Artist
Rhythm and Hues

Concept Designer Nick Pugh has been pursuing originality in the fields of vehicle and entertainment design for over 15 years, and currently works as a lead Concept Artist for visual effects studio Rhythm and Hues, where he creates original character, vehicle, FX and production design for feature films, commercials and print.

Recent film credits include: [iThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Skeleton Key, Serenity, The Ring 2[/i] and Garfield.
He also designs and builds unique concept cars that explore the limits of what is possible as well as pursuing a myriad of other artistic endeavors. His work can often be seen in books and media publications.
Nick has received numerous awards for his work including, most recently, the master award for transportation in Expose 3.

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Post your questions or request for critique

The "Meet the Artists" forum provides a conducive environment where CGTalk members can have the opportunity to speak to some of the finest digital art talents in the world! CGTalk members can post questions and artwork, and have them answered or critiqued by these master artists. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insight from seasoned industry veterans!

Rules for Q&A/Critique:
1. Use your real name (edit your CGTalk profile in UserCP). Note: Anonymous postings may be removed at CGTalk's discretion.
2. Please be polite when asking questions or for critique.
3. Check the whole thread to see if your question has already been asked. Do not post duplicate questions.
4. When posting critique, please use the CGTalk Attachments feature so that the artwork remains accessible.
5. Note that the Artist is under no obligation to answer all questions or critique all work posted. It is at his/her sole discretion to answer questions or critique work.
6. If the Artist does not answer your question or critique your work, do not harass him/her.
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a SeVak of 3D
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Jay P
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New Zealand
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Welcome aboard Nick!

Start stretching your fingurs, I'm sure your gonna be a hit in this Q & A Thread
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nards castro
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Smile Hello'

hi mr. nick i like ur design conceptual design stuff specially the vehicles tottaly cool'
er' heres my quicky Q. sir

- hows life being a lead Concept Artist in a entertainment design industry?

- since im a fan of jim davis how about ur experienced in
Garfield the movie include Scooby Doo how is it becoming one of the instrumental of the designs concepts the animation' etc..

- i love ur cars concept wow! did u try to work for warner brothers "BATMAN" movies?

congrats to u and more power!

portfolio :
favourite links :,,
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Umer A
London, Pakistan
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your work has been really truely amazing and inspiring for everyone. ive got a just a couple of questions to ask.

1. i am really curious to know wich app u use in most of your work.

2. 15 years is a long time to spend in a industry. where do u find your self standing in the cg
world after spending such a huge period in it. do u think u have acheived what u aimed for
or not yet.

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Hi Mr. Pugh, I would like to thank you for participating and for taking the time to answer out questions.

My Questions:

The Ring 2 wasnt a digitally based film, what kind of work did you do for that movie?

What things do u think about while doing concept work?

and lastly

What inspired you to get into this field of work?

Thank You Very Much

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Conceptual Illuminati
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Chris Mcvoy
Concept Artist
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Hi nick love your work your an excellent artist !

Questions :

1: Are there projects you know your going to love to work on and projects that make you say " man not this stuff !!"

2: How much concept art are you expected to create daily say at the level of the Dino creature up there ? Or maybe you can break down how much is expected from you and how fast you typically have to work .

3: Are there R&H clients that ask for you specifically when they are in the design process ?

4: Do you work mostly digitally these days or do still do a lot of traditional media ?

5: What's your biggest motivator for staying in films as opposed to say visual development for Video Games or Animation for example.

6: Were you nerveous when you first started doing this line of work ? Did you ever have times when you thought you might fail ?
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...out of this world!
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Stephan Theunissen
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Hi Nick,

I did a fast look at your website... really impressive work you did the last 15 years
I just got one little question... did you study anything for doing this job?
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James Horn
3D Artist
Warwick, United Kingdom
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Hi Nick,

You seem happy working in a variety of media and styles - do you find it a positive or a negative thing that you don't have an instantly recognisable 'style', in the manner of say Craig Mullins or Feng Zhu? Is this helpful when working on such a wide range of projects?



My Spectacular Entry
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Adam Juhasz
character engineer
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Thumbs up

Hi Nick!

First of all: RESPECT to you man! I've had a nickpugh folder on my hard drive for ages, so this is Q&A just wonderful!

Someone before me asked what you studied to get here, well I'll double that question and upgrade it:

1. What period of your life did you learn the most? Was it from someone, or mainly by yourself?

2. Who's/what's your inspiration?

3. Not a question, but a compliment: I think that your art is so fresh in so many ways, and it doesn't matter if it's not "recognizable" at once like someone mentioned earlier. That just means you've got lot's of styles and sides as a person/designer.

4. What are your goals in life/ work?

Thank you for taking the time to do this! It means so much to our community!

Thanks for inspiring.

Cheers, Adam
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Hi Nick. Actually, i didn't know you til see this thread, but i searched about you, looked your site and very liked your works.
I wonder how improved your vision and do you have any tutorial dvd or media
Finally, do you have favorite concept artists?
Very thanks for sharing your knowledge

Last edited by APD-Jack : 06-23-2005 at 10:01 AM.
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its in the mind
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Varun Bondwal
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Rhythm and Hues
New Delhi, India
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Hello Nick, nice to see you here. I want to know if youre into animation of vehicles as well. If yes, can you give me some pointers about where to start for animating a car according to physics laws ?
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Stéphane Chasseloup
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mouais... bof...
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Nick, your art is full of imagination and inspiration!

The posibility of working as a concept artist on a C.S.Lewis film has been a goal of mine ever since I found out they were making the LWW. I see that you have had the pleasure of doing this.

I am 29, have been teaching myself concept art for just under a year and have been able to get a fair bit of freelance work... I consider my art to be just above average and I'm learning fast. My question is, do you think it's worth while me going to Uni to get formal training, or should I continue to learn from my freelance work. Would a studio such as R&H's consider someone with no degree for working on film concepts etc?

Thanks so much! keep up the great work - Jez

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Snooze and keep the dream
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Carl English
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collective consciousness

Hey Nick,

Your art is so varied and from another world. I purchased your first DVD and was really inspired from watching you work but mainly from the way you described your workflow. Just wanted to let you know that there is another realm, another layer so to speak. It is hard to reach but innocence and clarity is the only way. If you have ever looked into the world of seeing auras I think you would be very interested. My fiancee sees colours around people's heads, and she has taught me a gift of feeling colours. It is a strange sensation to feel a visual. No real question, I just wanted to confirm to you that there is a collective consciousness and it is possible to actually see it. keep up the amazing work.
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Calvin Clyke
Toronto, Canada
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Your work is awsome....
I need some help with the themes going for my modeling reel
so far i got the typical warrior girl and a camel as a wip....any suggestions on
sumthin else?

Last edited by THECLYKE : 06-23-2005 at 03:37 PM.
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