Char: Warrior

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Old 06 June 2005   #1
Char: Warrior

Zbrush (soon enough)


Hey Guys,

Well i thought i would post my current model i am working on. The updates will be slow because i dont have much free time and only get to work on this sometimes after work. Right now i am just modeling the base mesh and trying to get the major masses in and keep it all quaded so it will work with zbrush well. Also it is going to get rigged by a friend of mine, so i want to keep good topo for good deformations.

Anyways, here are the concepts i am looking at right now, i am trying to come up with some armor i am happy with, what do you guys think? Also i am not trying to perfect mimic my drawings in the model, i knwo the drawings arent perfect, but they are more for an idea not so much as the final proportins and everything, but i do want it to be somewhat close to them.

Also, I was thinking i could use the ol ball in chain as a weapon, like someone put it on him before and tried to keep him down, obviosly that didnt happen, but now he just uses it for a weapon and decided to keep it on.


I think this will be the final concept for the most part now. Crits always welcome

Well please give your crits and comments. As i said I will update as i can, but i would like to hear what you all think. Peace

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Old 06 June 2005   #2
Thumbs up

Bwahahha, cool physique The belly topology is clever, and made me giggle too

Looks like a strong start

Ed; Maybe a little more beef in the flanks of the thighs?
Old 06 June 2005   #3
i like your concept a lot and very good start on the modeling.

keep going.

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Old 06 June 2005   #4
Thanks Guys,

Augh: yeah i think i might beef up his legs a bit, i am thinking when i put armor on him as well they might look even smaller.

So do any of you guys have preference on any of the concepts, like anythign about one more than the other maybe? Peace

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Old 06 June 2005   #5
I like the middle one, but maybe without helmet , or another kind of helmet.Maybe more light so you can show his face... I like the armor of the legs of the other two :P
If you let the ball at last, make it bigger!

Keep it up!
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Old 06 June 2005   #6
I like the design in the center aside from the helmet as well. The armor just looks cooler Also, all those points meeting up at the belly button would be a nuisance when rigging, try making some of em keep going across. There are also some 5 side faces on the stomach, chest and lower shoulder blades. Cool design though, keep it up.
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Old 06 June 2005   #7
Thanks guys for the input, i think i am going to go with the middle design with some changes though from some of the sugestions you have made. I agree, i like the middle overall better.

ShiroiOokami I am definetly going to revist the bely some, i do want a inward circle into the belly button, but i think i have it going to far out in the abdoman. Yeah i have all those 5 sided points because i dont like crowding areas with unecesary points until i have to quad it up, so once i am done i will make sure it is all quads.

Thanks for the input guys, if you have anymore sugestions let me know. I should also have an update soon, i worked on it some the other night, but not enough to make a post i think. Peace

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Old 07 July 2005   #8

Alright here is an update, i havent been able ot work on it much lately, but have been finaly finding some time to get things done. I dont remeber what i changed exaclty form thet last post, other than proportoins and overallshape. I think it looks alot better now and i am pretty happy with it. I just got done quading it all up and it is now ready for zbrush, the body that is. I also started blocking in some basic armor nothin fancy yet.

I will get my final concept up soon, and get your guys opinions. If you all have any crits please let them fly. Peace


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Old 07 July 2005   #9
Wow, looks good I can't wait to see it in zBrush

Old 07 July 2005   #10
Nice modeling & topology . I prefer the 2nd(middle) Character concept, without the helmet. Looking forward to see more.
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Old 07 July 2005   #11
I prefer the second one, and for now the modling look very nice...wainting for the Z version
Old 07 July 2005   #12
Hey thanks guys,

Yeah i like the second one better also, and the final will be a modification of that one, a few small changes and what not. Anyways, i will get an update as soon as i get something done. If there are any other comments let me know. Peace

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Old 07 July 2005   #13
I just messed around with zbrush a couple hours to try and get used to some of the burshes and came up with this. I am not goign to keep this by anymeans, and i know alot of anatomy stuff is wrong, i maily just did it for fun. Now I am goign to actualy start my real version.


pics deleted
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Old 07 July 2005   #14
It looks great! Did you use Z-Brush to countour the muscles, or is it all Maya's?
Old 07 July 2005   #15
Originally Posted by WhiteShadow: It looks great! Did you use Z-Brush to countour the muscles, or is it all Maya's?

Yeah I just screwed around in Zbrush for a bit. But this is not what i am goign to use. this was more for just laerning some brushes and getting used to it some more. I am goint ot now do the real version when i get some time.

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