Lightwave imported objects = messed up textures

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Old 06 June 2005   #1
Unhappy Lightwave imported objects = messed up textures

I'm trying to import some house models into Vue Infinite from Lightwave but the textures are doing very strange things. The most noticeable is the bump channel which appears to be about twice the size of the colour channel despite being exactly the same size & using the same Cubic mapping co-ordinates. Some of the other textures have also gone weird.....any ideas folks?

I was hoping to use Vue to show some large housing developments, the houses are quite low-poly as there's going to be quite a lot of them (5 types, 60+ in total) so I could just use the colour maps & remove everything else but It's not really solving this problem. As a last resort I could try using Vue for the lansdscape (planting, trees etc) & use Lightwave for everything else but it's going to be yet another hurdle to jump & one that I'd like to avoid.
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I've had a play with the textures within Vue, simply changing from the advanced material editor to the simple one corrected the mis-aligned bump, however, now the object has lost the material . The material looks fine in the preview in the editor but it doesn't appear on the object????

haha, ok, now I've just imported the landscape object & it's about the size of a postage stamp. Is there a tutorial somewhere that covers importing Lightwave objects cos I'm getting nowhere fast.
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Old 06 June 2005   #3
*bumpedy bump*

so does nobody here use Lightwave or had any problems with importing objects?
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Old 06 June 2005   #4
... maybe Vue doesn support the mapping mode ?
Old 06 June 2005   #5
hello biliousfrog,

I did a test with a simple house and drawing some stuff on it, then exporting from Lightwave... is not working here too. But if I export the same object from Maya it work in Vue...

Old 06 June 2005   #6
...have you tried formats other than .lwo? .OBJ may work better.
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Old 06 June 2005   #7
... in lightwave I did also an Obj test... but Lightwave exported without Textures only shadet... (maybe this is my mistake, I am new to Vue and didnt know actually how to assign manually a texture in Vue)
Old 06 June 2005   #8
I tried .obj too & as <pino> said it doesn't import the textures at all. It seems very odd that I can get the textures (bump & colour) to line up in the materials editor but it then disappears from the model. I'll have a play in Deep Exploration to see what formats I can export to & what formats can import into Vue.

BTW, I was using Cubic mapping in Lightwave which is unavailable in Vue but the colour maps are fine which is why I didn't think that the mapping type was the problem.
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Old 06 June 2005   #9
hi i have been trying to something like this too.
This is what i found worked for me
1 bake your lightwave object to a uv map and export to obj
2 load exported obj into uvmapper classic availiable free at and simply resave
3 load into vue and browse for colour map (i used the colour map for the bump as well)
4 resave as a .vob

hope that helps

Old 06 June 2005   #10
Originally Posted by biliousfrog: haha, ok, now I've just imported the landscape object & it's about the size of a postage stamp. Is there a tutorial somewhere that covers importing Lightwave objects cos I'm getting nowhere fast.

I'm not sure if this will help, but there is a checkbox somewhere in the preferences that says something about centering and resizing all imported objects - uncheck that.

I've got the same problems with the resized textures - it's been a problem since Vue4Pro and they still haven't resolved it. I love Vue5I but there are still some problems that are really "irksome!"

Old 06 June 2005   #11
Thanks all, I'm glad that I'm not the only one to have these problems but feel a little let down by E-on's claims of integration between other 3d apps. Maybe Vue is still a bit of a toy after all.....I'll still keep "playing" with it & hopfully come up with a good way to add it into my workflow.

Megalodon, that sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. I couldn't find any reference to it in the docs but I've not had much chance to dig into them properly yet.

Skin, that sounds like a lot of work but might be an option. For this project I think that I'll stick with just colour maps as the models will be quite small anyway. Maybe fixing the resize issue will help with the shifting maps?
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Old 06 June 2005   #12
I just checked - it's in the Files>Options>General Preferences>Object Options = "Resize and center imported objects." You might also want to try the checkbox with "Display real size objects in world units" almost next to the other checkbox to see if that helps at all.

I didn't have great success importing LW objects - primarily those with texture maps which ALL had to be resized. E-On is great about some things and lousy with others. As soon as I get some time away from work, I'd like to try out the synchronization between LW and Vue - THAT might be the better way to go. As they say (somewhere online or in the book), use the strengths of both programs. We shall see!

I don't know if it's ready for prime time or not - but I do know that we could not get World Construction Set 4.5 or WorldBuilder to easily work with LW. I had personally bought Vue3 and found it VERY intuitive and easy to use. Got Vue4Pro and now with Vue5I and this EcoSystem - I think we're still better off than with those other apps! Hopefully E-On will get them to play better together!

Keep us posted on your progress, and.... good luck!

Old 06 June 2005   #13
Thanks, the resize issue has been resolved....I hoped that there would be a simple solution for that
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Old 06 June 2005   #14
I tried baking all of the textures into a single atlas UV map for the whole object. I figured that because the rooftiles were UV'd & seemed ok & the bricks were cubic mapped but, screwed, then UV's were the best bet.

I UV'd the object & proceded to populate the scene. After I'd placed several houses I did a quick test render & began to sob ......for some reason the objects were being textured globally by the single image map rather than being textured via each objects UV co-ordinates. I had a look through the material editor to check for a UV option. I thought that maybe the material had switched to spherical or cylindrical in the conversion to Vue, all I'd need to do is switch it back to UV. I searched the material editor with no luck, maybe it doesn't support UV's at all & the rooftile's were a fluke?......I searched the docs.

Importing Objects

Vue 5 provides a comprehensive set of import filters that can be used to import objects from other major 3D applications.

Supported file formats are:

DXF: Standard AutoCAD (raw geometry with groups, no textures),

OBJ: Standard Wavefront (raw geometry with groups, texture UV mapping information),

3DS: 3D Studio (raw geometry with groups, texture conversion),

LWO: LightWave 5 (raw geometry with groups, texture conversion),

SHD: Shade 6 geometry with textures,

COB: TrueSpace 5 (raw geometry with groups, texture conversion),

So it would appear that Vue only supports LW objects at version 5 which is pre-UV's. Hell version 5 is even before I started to use it, most apps support at least version 5.6. Anyway LWO is obviously not a very good format to use so I looked through the list of other options. OBJ is the only one to support UV's & UV's seem like the only really useful texture option. Lightwave is crap at exporting OBJ's, it never seems to keep the UV's just the basic geometry, so I had to rely on Deep Exploration. Luckily Deep Exploration is great at converting LW files & the results were perfect.

I do feel that I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. The textures are all perfectly aligned & the sizing is correct, I've just got that little bit more to do before setting up the scene.

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Old 06 June 2005   #15

if you export to obj after baking, load into uv mapper and just resave

then load into vue

it works!

I dont know why, I found that vue seems to like how uv mapper saves uv maps

go figure?

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