domino fall?

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  06 June 2005
domino fall?

hey, how can i do in LW a line of domino pieces that fall one after the other?
like the huge domino line that people from asia do?
(the one that can take hours to the final piece!)
  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by -Ender: Hard FX + Collisions.

Lol. Yeah, that's what you would think, huh?! Have you tried it?? I have, but not with good results. I'm still testing though, so I might get something. It doesn't look very promising though. So if you're having good results, please post your setup.
  06 June 2005
Going to test it out now, but just some preliminary thoughts: you might want to make sure that the dominos are made out of more than 6 polys, as it makes for better calculation of collisions, and make sure that the dominos are 3D
  06 June 2005
thanks for the reply, yes i thought doing it like that i just dont know how to set it, or how to do it, i am use to lw7 and i havent try to do it in 8

any direction that i need to take?
like i need to have each piece like diferent object or has to be all in the same layer etc...

(my dominoe peices have more than just 6polys)

thanks guys!
  06 June 2005
I tried it with all kinds of options on and off and hit the calculate button a gozillion times but I don't think LW Dynamics are up to it. And yes I'm using 8
  06 June 2005
This is the only "very" realistic version I've seen without manually handling them.


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  06 June 2005
Yeah, sorry to bring the bad news as well. Dominos were the first thing i tried when i got my 8.0 upgrade. And i tried and tried for 3 days. LW's dynamics have no precision.

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  06 June 2005
hi dennik can you upload a scene of how you try?

i am using all the pieces in one layer, as i think lw use all the point that are weld as one piece (thats why thta people need to break the obj in modeler when they whant to blow something up)

every time i hit calculete! crash!
  06 June 2005
Well i tried last night for a good two hours, and came up with pretty much nothing. I managed to get one domino to fall over by itself (kinda. The bottom slid out whilst toppling, and having to use stop by stabiliser made for some weird jerky outcomes) but as soon as you put another one in the scene it goes pretty much to pot. If i were you i'd search flay for a plug-in called Impact (version 3 i think.) I really really REALLY wish it were possible in Lightwave, but i think this is currently your best bet.

Hope this helps,

EDIT: the website for that plugin is Just realised how expensive it is.
And basically to set up the basics in lightwave, you wanna get yourself a domino and a ground plane. Go to properties for the ground plane and add a collision object. Then go to the properties for the domino and add a hard fx object. Go to the properties of this and set the gravity to -9.8.
The best place to start would be to probably keyframe the domino above the ground at frame1, and let it drop to the floor. This'l help you with weight/bounce issues. For this, in the ground planes collsion properties, play around with the bounce/bind power (i usually end up lowering it to about 105....dunno if this is actually right!) and the fix value. GOOD LUCK!!

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  06 June 2005
Is there a way to assign a "weightmap" to the dominos so they have a bigger tendancy to tip over rather than move? Just a shot in the dark here
  06 June 2005
Originally Posted by blaqDeaph: Is there a way to assign a "weightmap" to the dominos so they have a bigger tendancy to tip over rather than move? Just a shot in the dark here

I don't think there's a way to change the movement in HardFX by assigning a weightmap. The only place you are able to asign a weightmap in HardFX is "Collision node", and that won't do the trick I'm afraid.
  06 June 2005
Here are my results after days of testing falling dominos.

1. Every calculation gives different results with the same setup. This is a plain BUG. This makes the domino test pretty impossible as you can imagine. When you change settings it's impossible to tell whether the changes are due to the difference in the settings, or just because every calculation is different.

2. It's necessary to stabilize the dominos after they fall. However, StopByStabilizer is useless here (also in combination with low resistance settings). The objects stop in weird poses, and don't seem to realistically react to gravity anymore.

3. HardFX (dynamics in general?) can't seem to handle 2 (or more) collisions at the same time. When a domino hits the next one, but gets hit again by the previous domino the objects are passing though eachother. (All objects in my scene have big amounts of polys, so that's not the problem.)

I believe that "falling dominos" is a pretty straight forward test for dynamics, and it should work. I'm very disappointed that there are so many different problems that make it impossible to achieve acceptable results.

Last edited by serge1971 : 06 June 2005 at 03:23 PM.
  06 June 2005
I've been able to get the dominos to tip each other over in turn, but I still can't solve the problem of dominos falling *through* each other as they fall. Is this a bug with LW's collision or do I need to increase the number of polys in the dominos?

Last edited by blaqDeaph : 06 June 2005 at 11:16 PM.
  06 June 2005
Red face

An alternate to dynamics: Normal Displacement. Create an endomorph that has all of the dominos toppled. Then use Normal Displacement to control the domino-topple morph with a black-and-white image map.

Should work fine for long-distance shots...maybe even medium shots. Hell, maybe even for fast-moving close-ups.


After seeing the DStorm spinning top demo, I'm confident HardFX can handle dominos...with the right settings. Dunno the right settings off the top of my head, though.
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