Corearsenal leaves C4D

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Old 04 April 2005   #1
Corearsenal leaves C4D

Over at Postforum Darf gives some insight into things at Corearsenal today. It seems they decided to quit developement of C4D-tools. Not commercially viable is the main reason.
It's a real pity...

Old 04 April 2005   #2
Well, that sucks. Guess they had a good run. Glad I got Jenna while I could. Not worrying too much, as Jenna was really their major offering. Now, if you told me that Pers & Paul stopped C4D plugin development I'd probably crap myself.
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Old 04 April 2005   #3
I don't understand. The next version of Jenna was ready. Only the manual had to be written.
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Old 04 April 2005   #4
The 180 shift does seem odd, especially since they announced only a couple of months ago that they'd be going to 9.x exclusively. On the one hand, that sounds like a simple matter of streamlining support. On the other hand, why even announce that when you're eventually going to dump C4D altogether? For that matter, why even go through the motions of getting that 3D World exposure? Maybe that was the point. Maybe they got exactly the attention that they wanted with their 3D World freebie. For all we know, they could've turned that to their benefit - except on another more commercially viable platform. Who knows? I wouldn't be surprised. Business is funny that way.

It's fun to speculate, but it's a dead horse anyway. On to bigger and better things I suppose.
DISCLAIMER: The views presented herein do not necessarily represent those of my brain.
Old 04 April 2005   #5
These are the words from Darf about the situation (PostForum):

Unfortunately the tools we created were not commercially viable in the C4D community. We used the free J2 in 3DWorld to test interest in our tools. The response was far too weak to justify continuing. Development has moved to the tools we use in the studio; Maya, Shake, Motion, Logic, and our proprietary applications. We have had great success with those apps in features, stability, and support. 2005 is the path of least resistance and greatest opportunity.

Well fortunately there are still a lot of cool developers for C4D around here. And better yet, new developers too! Nevertheless a pity when one is leaving for commercial reasons. Not a good sign for C4D-community...
Old 04 April 2005   #6
Well, I guess we've heard this same tune two or three times before. It'll be a great loss if Darf manages to stay away this time. Pity, I was really looking forward to J3 and what it had to offer.

I'll also add that the 3D World giveaway doesn't seem to be a very good measuring stick, as we've seen that the magazine can be pretty hard to come by in the US and I'm sure in other countries.
Old 04 April 2005   #7
Can someone confirmed this?

Is STICK who is posting at postforum in fact darf or someone else?

Edit: It does appear from a quick search that STICK is darf. Why not a news post on the corearsenal site? Just seems a little off, but sometimes things and people go a little off.

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Old 04 April 2005   #8
It might be hard to come by, but overall the mag sells quite a lot (~15K worldwide). If Corearsenal didn't even get interest in registering a free plug-in, why would they consider carrying on with paid-for software?

It's annoying but, if I'm honest, I don't believe they did the right plug-ins: they produced very high-end stuff for dedicated, specific functions. C4D users want things like rig set-ups, hair and fur, tree and leaf modellers, procedural shaders... the sort of plug-ins that generate easy, pleasing results that C4D alone can't manage.

I've looked at coreparticletools a number of times, but can't justify the expense for something I'll use infrequently at best. The CA stuff is excellent, but just not very mass market.

Of course, if they want to offload coreparticletools at a reduced rate...
Old 04 April 2005   #9
they seem to be very oriented towards motion graphics and thats the field Cinema is realy good at and becoming the strongest application basicly in the world... So its a great shame to hear that. I know people switching from max to cinema just because of Corearsenal plugins!

Thats gonna backfire.
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Old 04 April 2005   #10
stick == darf

I can confirm we will not be continuing C4D development.

The deal is that I have always written software around my goals as an artist. I have never been a business man nor a 'developer' pers'e. This makes my work either very interesting and useful or inane to users. Core was spending a fair amount of resources in the beginning to get things running at my request. The income did not cover expenses. We gave J2 away free with a continuation tolerance of 1000 registrations. Wasn't close. With the studio moving onto MAYA anyway there is no reason to continue development for C4D. There simply is not enough time. My tools that were made available to the public were a product of what I created to work. SLA was the same. None of these tools were created with the goal of selling. That ma have been the prolem with commercial viability but is not something I would choose to do. Thus I bid C4D farewell.

Good journey to you all.

darf out
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Old 04 April 2005   #11
now that is a reeeaaal shame... really fuc*in sad.
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Old 04 April 2005   #12
nevermind.... not worth repeating myself.

I do think that Darf hit the nail on the head as for why they probably weren't selling well. Just because a plugin meets one person's needs doesn't mean that it meets the demands of the community at large. It's more than, "If you build, it they well come." It's more along the lines of, "Give people what they want." That's what sells. Jenna, while kick@$$, is hard to describe and even harder to market. OTOH, plugins like StormTracer, Final Touch, and even EMorpher can reach a broader user base because they fill more "exotic" (read: desirable) needs.
DISCLAIMER: The views presented herein do not necessarily represent those of my brain.

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Old 04 April 2005   #13
I'm sorry to hear that, Darf. I just got your wonderful Jenna2 plug and was getting excited for more. Sounds too late to try and talk you out of it, so thank you and farewell. I'll try putting a dollar bill in the Iterator; if it works out I'll send you some as a big thank you. I benefit from your work every day.

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Old 04 April 2005   #14
I can't believe that, what about Jenna 3 ?
You have told us so many good things about it !
Will you developp these tools for Maya now ?

Too sad.
Old 04 April 2005   #15
Originally Posted by pasto: I can't believe that, what about Jenna 3 ?
You have told us so many good things about it !
Will you developp these tools for Maya now ?

Too sad.

Pasto, it is users like yourself that make me very sad to leave this community. There were a few extremely talented uses that really got what I was creating. I believe you were definitely one of those users. I fear I must tell you that, yes, I am moving all of my tool cretion to MAYA. I couldn't say if they will be available to the comunity on a whole though. It takes alot of time and effort to write manuals and support even a free plugin. J3 had some incredible features. To the point, only the most serious motion designers even understood what they did. Probably less than 10% of the J2 users would even see the features in J3. Simply do not have the time to try to explain why it is good. Guess that is the end reason in a nutshell.

OUCH!!! The fork is real...
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