Master and Servant 2D Entry: Terence Koh

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Old 03 March 2005   #1
Master and Servant 2D Entry: Terence Koh

Terence Koh has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: final piece

just added some more detailing and finishing touches. here's the final piece.

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Old 03 March 2005   #2
welcome,gud luck!!
Old 03 March 2005   #3
thanks NOOB.

be waiting for the validation to post my draft sketches up.
Old 04 April 2005   #4
Concept Sketch: Concept Sketches

here's my first drafts for the concept design.

Concept 1:
I wanted to create an arena that of which a captived ancient demon that sends out spawns to create havoc in the world in sake of vengence, for locking her up in the pits of hells. the idea is to play with the irony that her slaves/spawns gets "freedom" while their master is a captive.... kinda confused myself here and there with the idea~ + the fact that its a pretty straight-forward kinda theme... so will need to think about and see if it works or to do something else entirely different....

back to old drawing board... :D
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Concept Sketch: possessed

another idea concept on a person submitting to murder, upon being possessed unwillingly. kinda like a puppet master thats sticks on you physically. no strings attached.
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Old 04 April 2005   #6
interesting idea.....i would have liked it if the head of the posesed(?) is bent down and closed eyes...kind of submitting herself.....and the arm of other woman need some work..
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Old 04 April 2005   #7
looking great...excellent drawing
Old 04 April 2005   #8
Concept Sketch: slave to the artist

sandsekh : hmmm, that sounds much better actually.... maybe it's the submission of the gal infront that i feel something's missing. thanks for the input dude. :)

NOOB! : thanks pal, glad you liked them. hope to clear up and confirm on one idea soon, cos i think i may have problems with my colouring stage. :shrug:

mixed feelings for the concept ideas atm, then hit me that we are actually the masters of all creations... so that makes the works slaves to anything we perceives them to be. thought it'll be pretty interesting to incorporate to add in the 'apparatus' that crafts out our pieces of 'slaves'. in this sketch, i added some pens and pencils that irritates the creation, who is chained up in the the constrained paper till the work is done.
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Old 04 April 2005   #9
Looking good. If you go with the "murder puppet" concept perhaps you could make the "master" slightly less dominant in the picture, almost like a shadow enveloping the "servant". Maybe take some inspiration from Correggio's "Jupiter & Io" Try to find a pose that makes the servant look like they are unsuccessfully resisting the master's push.

As for the lastest concept- definitely get some Escher inspiration in there! Maybe have the part of her thas is already finished being drawn reaching off the page trying to pull herself off. Although for me, this concept evokes more feelings of "creator" than "master".

Keep up the good work, I'll be watching this as it develops.
~ Shane Taber
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Old 04 April 2005   #10
Hmmm, sweet! It is really good drawing, i hope the colors will be exelent too

Old 04 April 2005   #11

hahaha, a funny way to see that.
ok lil story seen in my way "lil cgboy learns to use tools, use 2d 3d creates a creature, then a whole world, starts thinking he's god and finally realizes he's just pushing n pulling dots around " approached the topic the oposite way. in 3d. The artist as servant and created a godess named "inspiratia".
if you go for the murderconcept, a mistress is more impressive if she just dominates by will (hard to illustrate) and not by physical influence, except its a beast... lol.
well, nice drawings, keep it goin, lookin forward to your progress.
keep up the great work, wish you loadsa fun and best luck

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Old 04 April 2005   #12
I like the way you get your figures to fit together. The way the two heads on the girls relate to each other is well done, also in your big page of sketches the way the hanging figure is realised is impressive. Are you getting a better idea of how this thing will look? Time marches on.
Old 04 April 2005   #13
Line Art: possessed

DigitalSkunkwrx : thanks for the ideas dude. really inspiring, may be testing out the shadows bit during the colouring stage as i dunno if she should fade entirely into the background or just a darkened cast. thanks again. :)

THE Wizard : thanks! lol, i hope to do a good job on the colouring too... **crosses fingers** hehe

the1st_angel : you really added more spice to the stories. set me thinking and decided to do the murder concept with alittle more details. i prefer soft kinda domination. thanks for the suggestions dude, much appreciated. :thumbsup:

Jack Youngblood : kinda got into a block after the 1st couple of sketches, and finally decided on one. hope to get more time to do some experiments on the colouring stage. thanks for the comments dude.

Finally decided on the concept i wanted to go for. heres the lineart. added in the details from the sketch perviously as i realised that some hands were missing from the back gal, and more scars onto the slave gal. decided to just have the head tilted upwards as i tried acouple of sketches with her facing down... just can't seem to work well as i wanted to protray her unconcious state.
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Old 04 April 2005   #14
Good drawing, I really like the concept sketch page that you showed too, the top right ones in particular.
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Old 04 April 2005   #15
Coloring WIP: base colours

Jose Pardo : thanks pal, kinda got stuck on which concept to go for in the begining... lol.

base tones + experimenting colours
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masters and servants 2D


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