Master and Servant 2D Entry: Ryan Frederickson

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Old 03 March 2005   #1
Master and Servant 2D Entry: Ryan Frederickson

Ryan Frederickson has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: In Honor of the King

As a servant, the Jester (joker, clown, fool--whatever you like to call him) is supposed to be the funny entertainer, but he's often thought of as being dangerous and creepy. I decided to use that ironic psycological interpretation literally in this piece.

At first the concept was pretty straight-forward. The jester has killed the king and sits on the throne. But after more thought on the subject I decided that wasn't enough. I wanted to make the master/servant relationship deeper than simple betrayal. So I thought...what if the jester was a master as well? And I made him the instigator of this happy coup.

....Or is it happy? I wanted to make the characters seem somewhat ambiguous, as far as the nature of their intentions is concerned. Are they simply murderous underlings of a benevolent king? Or are they the opposite? Saviours of an enslaved kingdom? Good king? Evil king? I suppose it depends on the day, but I really prefer to leave the interpretation up to you.

Old 03 March 2005   #2
Concept Sketch: the Jester + the King

Two concepts surrounding a king and a jester.

Top one: The jester has just murdered the king (the king is the blob/stick figure prostrated in the foreground) and he (the jester) now sits the throne.

Second one: Similar idea but with a more whimsical twist. The jester sits the throne, looking bored as the queen waits at his side and the king plays at being the minstrel for a change. If I do this one there will probably be more figures involved than what you see here.



Old 03 March 2005   #3
I was thinking too, that it might be a cool idea to have the jester threatening the king's favorite pet (say...his dog. "fido") with a dagger, as incentive for the king to cooperate.

--referring to the second concept--

Old 03 March 2005   #4

good luck in the challenge.
Master and Servant 2D Challenge Entry
Old 03 March 2005   #5
hey! i really like your idea!!! Simple and very clear for what is a "Master and Servant" means!!! Keep going, btw... i like the second sketch better, which is the king is knocking the jester head... good good

PS: what do you think if the jester can teach the king to jump and running on a ball like a polar bear?

Good luck!!
Old 03 March 2005   #6
I think the first concept is much stronger and darker. How often do we hear or read about stories where a jester murders the king and takes rule over the kingdom? It's great how a servant defies his master. Excellent idea!
Old 03 March 2005   #7
Thanks man,

That image is a smaller concept for the right hand platform on the larger picture.

Good luck with your image. I like the second concept best.


Old 03 March 2005   #8
Thumbs up

I really like the king idea. I'm anxious to see where this one is going to go. I'll keep an eye on you!

Oh and I also love your website, and the design and work on there. Impressive!
Old 03 March 2005   #9
Concept Sketch: THE KING IS DEAD!

Ok, getting a little more ambitious here.... I'm going to make it a band of "servants" (lead by the jester, of course) and together they've basically staged a coup.

The cast:

Jester-holding dagger (with which he's killed the king) seated on the throne.

Minstrel-holding a lute (which encases a hidden blade).

The Oaf-a bit of a half-wit, but he's good with a club.

Dwarf-yet to decide if I'll make him a fantasy style dwarven warrior, or a midget who's tired of being picked on type....

The Mistress-an exotic woman previously enslaved to the king's wanton desires.

A Wizard-holding his trusty staff (wizards are always having to listen to the king's mindless yammering! It's tiresome, really!)

And to spice things up... a monkey, who will be grabbing at the king's crown or something like that.

I'll be adding a few dead soldiers under/around the king as well.

I'm also thinking about adding a dog (the king's most loyal friend and servant) nuzzling the king.

Old 03 March 2005   #10
Concept Sketch: Progress....

At this point I'm pretty well set on my concept and I'm ready to start gathering and shooting more specific reference. I'll redraw everything after I have my reference all gathered, refine the composition, add details, and make sure the perspective is correct.

Every figure in this will be in one form of master and servant relationship or another.

The minstrel will be looking at the female figure--the king's mistress--he's in love with her. I'm thinking I'll put a collar and chain on the big oaf dude, and make him subjugated to the female as well, but in a different way.

The wizard, like the Jester is a former court servant to the king.. ...former, as of a few moments ago ;-)

I've yet to fabricate a M+S relationship for the dwarf, but there will be one.... I just need to think about it more. ....any suggestions?

I'm thinking about putting a stained glass window in the wall behind the throne that depicts yet another master and servant relationship. Not sure what though....

I still need to flesh out more of the background elements as well.

So, yeah...tell me what you think.


Old 03 March 2005   #11
Concept and interesting sketch, I await duty, good luck more.
Old 03 March 2005   #12
Thanks Tranchefeux!

Old 03 March 2005   #13
oy! arse! thats a great sketch!
Old 03 March 2005   #14
This is looking like a great concept, the idea of the mutinous court jester is an idea that appeals to me greatly. I really like the ring of spectators, and the way they are doing nothing to help their king. Though I have to confess it took my eye a few seconds to actually see the king, immediately, it was drawn to the dwarf and the dominating figure stood behind the jester. But these could well be issues resolved in colour, so don't mind my ranting if they are.

I just love the body position of the king, he looks to be in much pain, not just physically, but like he's been terribly betrayed. Great work so far!
Old 03 March 2005   #15
I think I should probably do something that will indicate that the king is dead. The Jester will be holding a dagger with blood on it and there will be soldiers dead on the steps, keeping their king company.

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