Master and Servant 2D Entry: Ken Henderson

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Old 03 March 2005   #1
Master and Servant 2D Entry: Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson has entered the Master and Servant 2D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Crap-OLLA!

Hey everyone...

So, me thinks I\\\'m going to ditch this concept. Why?

a) Lack of focus
b) Lack of discernable \\\"key\\\" element
c) Scale issues (main guy vs. massive machine vs. seeing the destruction)

Etc., etc., etc....

Believe me, I played around with a tonne of different angles and none of them were working for me.

So…. back to the drawing board!

I have been doodling on some other ideas and while they may lean a bit more traditional in their subject matter, my goal is to make a kick-butt dynamic piece.

I\\\'ll post some new concepts later this week...

Thanks for looking!
Got the axe out and I'm getting my chops back...

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Old 03 March 2005   #2
Back at it!!!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say hi to all the return-ees and the newcomers. This new topic has a lot of angles to pursue and while I don't have a definite concept yet I'm really excited about the possibilities and themes the new challenge opens up!

Good luck to everyone. I'm going to look forward to chatting with you all again and seeing your wonderful work evolve as it motivates and inspires us all!

Talk to you soon... look for some preliminary concept images later this week...

Got the axe out and I'm getting my chops back...

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Old 03 March 2005   #3
Hi ken, i'm happy to see your participation
Old 03 March 2005   #4
Good luck to you.
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Old 03 March 2005   #5
Hi ken,

back again! good luck to you

Old 03 March 2005   #6
Good to see you back ya basta... I mean Ken >=]

Good luck and all. I finally entered one of these...


Old 03 March 2005   #7
aHA, knew I'd find you here! Welcome back, Ken, it'll be great seeing what you come up with this time 'round. I'm looking forward to it...!

Michael Dashow
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Old 03 March 2005   #8
good luck mate...thsi is going to be great.
Old 03 March 2005   #9
hey mate, what are you doing, i wait your first skrecht
Old 03 March 2005   #10
Hey guys! (all who have stopped by)

I know... I haven't posted anything yet, been wrapping up some nagging freelance gigs to make some room to dive in. I have been narrowing down concepts though. I hope to have a sketch up before mid next week. I don't want to make the same mistake I did in the GSO challenge and start late and rush to the finish line without adequate revisions and feedback from all of you!

So, while I'm happily looking at your work (I'll comment soon... sorry, I've been swamped) mine will be along shortly and then it'll be ON!!!

Got the axe out and I'm getting my chops back...

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Old 03 March 2005   #11
Good to see you here Ken. Can't wait to see your first scketches. Surely you'll come up with something awesome. Good luck!
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Old 03 March 2005   #12
Concept Sketch: "Gonna have to serve somebody" (working title)

Finally getting this posted...

Basically the idea is this:

A Man is driving this huge machine through these hills. This machine / robot is destroying everything in it's path (nature / people / animals) with it's massive destructive "mouth" near the bottom / front and it's many insect like grabbing arms. To the side and top of the machine are huge "spitting" pipes which spew out all the carnage from the unfortunates in front that it has chewed up... leaving a path of destruction and dismemberment in it's wake (a trail behind it, smoke billowing into the sky).

The driver sits on a wacky mechanical pulpit (Brazil-esque design of entire machine) that is attached to a large catwalk that places the driver out in front of the machine / robot. He is obviously mad with power as he controls the fate of not only the vehicle / robot but of everything he is driving over as well.


What he doesn't know is that the catwalk his pulpit is attached to is retractable and that it is also situated inside of a smaller mouth, which is beginning to open behind him, beginning to pull him in as well.

Above him, in the tangled super-structure of this massive machine / robot sits a control tower with silhouette’s looking down on the scene.

Who is really pulling the strings? Who is the Master / Servant?


There are so many levels to this master and servant challenge and I wanted to portray that in this work. It's both political and fantastic... dark and humorous. We'll see how it plays.

I'm not sure if I'll do an actual pencil sketch this time, I may just do the whole image in Photoshop. We'll see. Stay tuned for more updates to come.

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks for looking!
Got the axe out and I'm getting my chops back...

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Old 03 March 2005   #13
Sounds really cool, Ken! The description and the roughs have a very Oddworld vibe to them, as many of their games center around machines and the people who run them despoiling the environment. Their machines are always really well designed, too, always looking even with a hint of anthropomorphization, and your talk of machine mouths fits that too. (Incedentally, and an unsolicited plug for our kind sponsors: The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants book is really beautiful and nicely done, I highly reccommend it.)

Anyhow, I definately think that you could play with anthropomorphizing the machine even more, even without making it into a literal robot. And I like the direction you're moving in with the upper-right sketch where you're starting to push the dramatic camera angle a bit more, too. Good luck with it, can't wait to see more!

Michael Dashow
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Old 03 March 2005   #14
Thanks Mike!

Yah... I want this piece to feel like an overall abuse of power, people taking the reigns and running with it despite the effects of their actions and people who think they have control who don't. I think the machine / robot will be a key in this as it may be the ultimate victim in this scenario. Created and used to do evil without having the ability to stop itself. The ultimate abuse...

I don't want to make it too robotic though... still want it to feel massive and menacing... we'll see, it'll be tricky.

As far as the dramatic angles etc.... you know it will happen. I want this think to look unstoppable....

Thanks for checking in!
Got the axe out and I'm getting my chops back...

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Old 04 April 2005   #15
Solid concept there, cant wait to see some detail! best of luck - jez

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