WIP - Lilith the dark elf cover

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Old 03 March 2005   #1
WIP - Lilith the dark elf cover

Never posted my WIP stuff here, thought I'd be a little more active at CGTalk so here I am

This is the fourth cover I'm doing for a publisher in Taiwan, the books being "Dragon Master", this is Lilith the dark elf (or maybe she's a drow, I don't know), a nomad, she's a baaad lady! She doesn't wear much but she has a long red cloak so she can cover herself if need be. Description of her pose is one hand on her staff and the other stretched out as to deploy magic.

I did two pose sketches and the author chose no. 1. I *will* work on the right hand and staff asap.

Then I did two costume designs. It's harder than I thought to come up with visually pleasing designs of this type, since I don't usually draw scantily clad elf chicks. O_O

Comments are very welcome of course.
Old 03 March 2005   #2
Very nice, I like the pose.
Old 03 March 2005   #3
your clothing is flattening her form. Her pose is great and clothing design is really nice .. just applied wrong. Its very difficult because the difference between getting it right and wrong are very subtle. Also line work .. keep your outer contour lines thick and your inner lines (clothing) thin.

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Old 03 March 2005   #4
I'm not actually going to keep the lines in the final work, I just like to make them clean for reference as I paint.

I know there are lots of mistakes here, eeek.
Old 03 March 2005   #5

move her head to the right a little.
Old 03 March 2005   #6
Looks great. Like the concept so far. But i think maybe the collar bone is a bit too pronounced? At least the one to the left (her left)? Maybe her breast are a bit too high too, or it's an illusion with her pose? I'm not sure. Though i really like the skin tone (and the fact that her eyes are not red, usually people paint/draw dark elves with red eyes.. old cliché..)

Looking forward to see the next update.
Old 03 March 2005   #7
eek! can you show your work method? what prog do you use? did you use references? i didn't think too much of the sketch but the painting really brought it to life! i think her chin could be a little bigger but either way it looks really good!
Old 03 March 2005   #8
The rendering on the skin is really beautiful - did you have a ref or is it all out of imagination?
As I already pointed out - her left wrist is a bit thick and also her hips bug me a bit but I don't know why exactly..I think the line is a bit too straight even though it's the perspective the hip would still be a tiny bit more curved.

And a previous poster is right - some of the armor you painted on on the sketch flattens the figure but I am sure your amazing rendering skills will pull it off beautifully
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Old 03 March 2005   #9
Nice work so far Linda, subscribed this thread to watch the progress. Do you mind to elaborate a bit on the >baaad< lady part? Drow is just the "trademark protected?" term for dark elves in the Forgotten Realms franchisse, if I remember right.

As for the character design... in general, I wonder why did you choose to go the more human-like face approach? Personally I kinda prefer the more exotical face features like Michael Whelan created for the Sithi on the "Memory, Sorrow & Thorn" coverart, especially on the eyes. Just curious, don't bite!
Old 03 March 2005   #10
Lilie: Hmm, I see what you mean. After layering the costume sketch on top though, looks like her collar bones won't be showing anyway.

hpslashluvr: this is me showing my work method Up to this point I've only used Photoshop 7 on this picture.

Kyena, I did her body without reference, I did search my art folders for anything that has a half naked girl Aly's latest devil girl was one of them, I also realized the pose is a bit similar to something I coloured for Hoon, so maybe I had some practice with the stomach area. But like you said there's something wrong with her hips, I hope it won't be too obvious once I add the costume, hehe. Her staff hand was my left hand... well sort of. Most of the times I just put down the basic colour, sit back and try to figure out what's wrong with it, then go paint over the offending area, rinse & repeat until it looks "right" Not the best method I know, but it works for me at the moment.

Solothores, I don't know, the author and I talked on MSN, he didn't say much about her but only something like "SHE IS BAD" - in all caps, just like that. And yikes, I don't know drow is a TM term, I only rememeber seeing people paint dark-skinned elves with white hair, and they called them "drows" *shrug*

I haven't seen the Michael Whelan cover, might I have a link?

Aaand last night's progress. Some fixes to her face, hands/arms, blocked in the background--insanely blobby now.

A closeup of her face.
Old 03 March 2005   #11
Hello Linda! This is looking fabulous already! You do something I ought to do, and that is control your palette from the very start. I have a habit of running off all over the place with colour and then trying to bring it back under control later on... which isn't really very practical. Only one little observation at this point, and that is she's got quite narrow hips...
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Old 03 March 2005   #12
Looking really good so far, but, I can’t help thinking that there is something not quite right with the hips. At first I though that they are perhaps not wide enough, especially the right side. However, I think it just looks like that because they are turned. Keep it up and keep us posted.
Old 03 March 2005   #13
This is going to be a winner L - looks really fab.
I see you changed the eyebrows now. Looks dead on :nod

The color palette on this is awesome - the Background and her read cloak bring her even more to life.

Tehehe I just realized that the background you have blocked in looks almost indentical in perspective to something I had on my current piece too. However I changed it to the flat honeycomb thing.

Question: is she supposed to look at the viewer? At the moment she looks past and down a bit like being in thought or concentrating.
"Life beats down and crushes the soul, but art reminds you that you have one."

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Old 03 March 2005   #14
that's some nice sketches
like to see it more developed in the later stages. i love it how you put the details in her eyes....

what publisher is it for? does it have something to do with lineage][ ??

add oil~
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Old 03 March 2005   #15
the center of her breasts seems to go up to high, as if they are sagging too much. i think a girl like that wouldnt have such a flat empty space between her boobs.

this is a great painting otherwise, your drawing and painting skills are excellent!
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