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Old 09 September 2002   #1

This thread is for Tips and Tricks for anyone that is currently a MAX user trying to learn LightWave. If you have any tips or examples of how the 2 are different this is the place to submit them. This should help the transition between the two programs.

Thanx for the help!
William "Proton" Vaughan
Old 09 September 2002   #2
Ok. Ill go first,, Ill make the first one simple.... When you export from MAX as a .3ds file. And you bring that .3ds file into LW, and you apply a new surface to the geometry your going to notice that the normals are all flipped.you need to flip the normals right off the get go. "F" key
Old 09 September 2002   #3
OK next


Go there to get your LW2MAX,,, MAX2LW import export plugin.
Old 09 September 2002   #4
Um i think proton meant tips to help learn lightwave from Max.
not how to import files from max to lw. (even thought that's helpfull)

Tip 1: Remember how you had to bind space warps? Well to deform an object, select the object, press 'P' and click deformations.

And Now Space Warps become a distant memory.

Tip 2: To replace the Noise Space Warp, I'd recommend Flabby.

Search for it on www.flay.com

have fun!
Robert Padbury

ACM | SIGGRAPH Student Chapter of The Art Institute of California - San Francisco

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Old 09 September 2002   #5
Um I think if one was using MAX they would want to start by bringing in some of their work done in MAX to "get a feel for" Lightwave...so thatís why I pointed out some things they may find right off as they learned Lightwave.

These things on importing threw off a few people at the last studio I worked at,, and despite my assurances, it turned 3 people against LW and back to MAX because "LW was stupid" (as they put it) cause they didnít understand these things... so ALL information is important.

And another thing that turns people off that have learned other anim packages and tried LW is the selection in lw,, I always stress to people that they have to understand it and learn it, other wise they get bored and drop LW.... and I think that is the purpose of these tips that Proton is looking for.... if the goal is to document tips to make a transistion easier from MAX to LW and retain those converted users the basic tips are as important as anything else.

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Old 09 September 2002   #6
I will say for Max users some words about logical build of LW workflow...

In Modeler:

1. U ALWAYS deal with Points and Polygons - ones created your object like editable mesh or poly.
2. There is no Modifier stuck - ones modifier is applied u still deal with editable mesh. U wont changes - hit "u" and reapply last modifier with changes...
3. To select Point (Vertex) or Polygon (Face) u don't need any Mesh Select or other junk - simple hit Points (ctrl+g) or Polygons (ctrl+h)
4. For ALL tools u have Numeric panel - weary handy all what u need in one place.
5. Polygon and Point statistic window - the place of ALL necessary information for selection, placement etc.
6. U don't need to drug or apply surface (Material) via Surface material - simple hit "q" and get the name - new surface will be created. Also in Surface editor u see ONLY surfaces (materials) that u have - no more hot (applied) and not hot material, and no more there is my material?

Also if u familiar with Surface tools scripts in Max - u are in home if not - be prepared to storm of the new functions
Also know this LightWave is NOT stupid it's weary weary weary organized and logical !

This is that i have in mind now - i'll update this later...
Old 09 September 2002   #7
This is a little off topic so delete it if you want

One thing that is nice in 3DSMax, I dont know if it is new to version 5 or not, is that you can pan and rotate the circle in the material editor in real time

This comes in handy

Other than that the program is just laid out oddly
Old 09 September 2002   #8
this is not new to Max 5

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Old 09 September 2002   #9
Thanx for getting this thread started....now let's fill this baby up
William "Proton" Vaughan
Old 10 October 2002   #10
Hi, this comes in handy to me since i'm in transiton right now

Some stuff I found useful/interesting:

-To maximize a viewport in LW I use the 0 in the numpad (Num lock on) while the mouse is over any view. In Max 4 (dont know for 5) you must klick the viewport first and then press W. Lightwave beaves more like Maya
-It took me a while to figure out I had to activate smooth on the material before sending a model to Layout.
-The selection is confusing if you started learning 3d in Max or Maya... But after geting used to it it realy is faster and more natural.
-This may be stupid but I forgot about double sided materials and I thought I had a problem with Open GL
-The whay we move the Camera view in Layout is in my opinion not the best solution.

And some questions:

-Is there any kind of motion capture with the mouse/joystick/Keybord in LW?
-Can I use a pressure sensitive pen (vertex paint perhaps?)
-I still dont understand the Volume selection mode....
Old 10 October 2002   #11
Quote: Originally posted by Mazer
Hi, this comes in handy to me since i'm in transiton right now
And some questions:

-Is there any kind of motion capture with the mouse/joystick/Keybord in LW?
-Can I use a pressure sensitive pen (vertex paint perhaps?)
-I still dont understand the Volume selection mode....

- Yes (If I understand your meaning). Make sure Autokey is turned ON. Then hit the play button in the lower right hand corner, then while it's playing drag that object around, you'll see it's creating keyframes as it goes. There is also a plugin to take in joystick movements... can't remember where off the top of my head.

- As far as I'm aware the airbrush tool isn't pressure sensitive. But I haven't found it a hinderance even though I use my tablet for modelling aswell.

-I don't really use the Volume selection much and I don't know many who do. It's basically a way of limiting a certain tools influence, so rather than selecting all those vertices or polygons you can just drag that box out.
I'd be interested to hear if anyone does use Volume much though...
Old 10 October 2002   #12
Quote: -I still don't understand the Volume selection mode....

It's like in Max then u draw selection box that pass the half of object - u have two modes one - will select object and another will ignore that object ...

So volume selection in LW is the same but work with polygons, see pic.
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Old 10 October 2002   #13
Thanks alot folks

I was confused with volume selection because the selected poligons dont change color, so I though nothing was selected...

It realy would be cool to see some wacom suport.... a plugin maybe?Something like maya artisan or paint selection.. but that's out of topic.

I'll post again as soon as I find some more stuff.
Old 10 October 2002   #14
U can easy use wacoom ...
There is no Artisan and paint effect in LightWave (yet i hope).
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Old 10 October 2002   #15
Wen I said wacom suport I meant pressure sensitive Eugeny but thanks, I've tryed that mode but it feels strange i'll steek to mouse mode..

One more thing though:

- I'm using the free spline tut from Larry Shultz and I have a question:

In max wen I'm working with patches, for instance too splines, crossection and surface modifiers I can go back to the splines, move the points and the surface updates.

In lightwave here is what im doing:
I make some points, create 4 splines, make a spline patch.

The question is if I whant to modify the splines can I do it so the patch updates or I need to recreate the patch ?
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