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Old 01 January 2005   #1

Heres a project Ive been working on for a while.

Old 01 January 2005   #2
Wow, nice!

Hey man,

Great modeling and rigging!!! Good movement too! Can't wait to see it textured!

Keep it up man,

3D runs in my blood. My father is Buz Lightyear.
Old 01 January 2005   #3
Thumbs up Nice !

It's the same model as in Jurassic Park, it's my favourite.

Fantastic work, congratulations.
Old 01 January 2005   #4
i like it!

What software do you use?
CAT, CS,...?
Good walking
I love dinosaurs...
Old 01 January 2005   #5
This is looking pretty nice but I think you could show a lot more weight. The hips don't have much up and down. He is very heavy looking, but the animation doesn't really show it. He needs to have more of a down position with his hips after the front foot hits the ground. Not alot, but enough to give him some more visual weight. Right now it kindof looks like his hips are hanging from a string and the legs are touching down where they need to. All the motion is really nice though. He looks very alive.
Old 01 January 2005   #6
BEAUTIFUL model, but as was stated, the weight isn't quite there. I also feel he's a bit front heavy. Looks like he should be falling on his face alittle.

One thing that would drive home the weight a bit would be rolling the shoulders and having some signifigant secondary action on his head as he steps.

Just a thought.
Old 01 January 2005   #7
Wow, the model is super, and so is the rigging. What are all the little bumps on the surface - bump, displacement map, z-brush?

Do you have a WIP here, or can you tell us some more? Polycount, wires, etc.

I agree with the two previous posters about weight, though.

- Jonas
Old 01 January 2005   #8
Hey Thanks people.

yeah, it is actually textured just really bad lighting.

um, Same animal ,different model.

I used Maya, and MuscleTK plugin.

Thanks for you help! Ill try harder next time. This was the first animation and I am using a new plugin for muscle deformation. So I did just a sort of simple walk cycle. I also was trying to test out the rig.

Oh yeah...That a bummer, I think its front heavy too, I was trying to avoid going back and remodeling and rigging and all that....Oh shoot!

Hey there thanks! I only have a simple bumpmap, not yet completed. I thought of using displacement, but it is a killer at rendertime. I really like all the stuff done with Zbrush too, but I have never tried it.

Oh yeah, I have a WIP, Here it is...

Anyways, thanks again Joel
Old 01 January 2005   #9
Nice.I think it's really good.
Old 01 January 2005   #10
Originally Posted by Zabian: Nice.I think it's really good.

Well Thank you.

Sorry I didnt understand your Pmessage, but I have been getting a bunch of requests to work on MODs, whatever that is...Sorry I cant afford to do volunteer stuff.
Old 01 January 2005   #11
Originally Posted by joel3d: Hey Thanks people.
Oh yeah, I have a WIP, Here it is...

Great, thank you! The muscle system is beautiful.

- Jonas
Old 01 January 2005   #12
Thumbs up G R E A T!

your work is absolutely brilliant, but i think it can be made better by porperly balancing the weight of the dino when it walks, and lighting has to be taaken more care ... Hope to see a better job from you... carry on your work!
Old 01 January 2005   #13
That's some really nice motion there. You must be running a super PC to be able to handle playblasts with such heavy geo. Mine is too wimpy :( which is why I'm looking into 3rd party plugins like motion builer and messiah for my animation needs.

anyhoo, my question is, how many "contollers" are you keying? You've got some insane amount of secondary motion happening in there and I was wondering how much of it is keyed and how much is driven by dynamic simulations and softbodies, etc.

Also, any chance on seeing a shot of what the rigg looks like?(with controllers).

Old 01 January 2005   #14
Originally Posted by the_podman: Also, any chance on seeing a shot of what the rigg looks like?(with controllers).


Hi pod

I have a very wimpy computer. (about 10 years old.)

I dont look at the hi-rez geo when animating, just the joints and the muscle system...I put up a webpage showing the different layers underneath, You can see it here. As far as the rig goes, I tried to keep it simple as possible. So it is easy to mannage the animation.
Old 01 January 2005   #15
On a side-note, I notice all your renders have a thin matte line around them... looks like a premultiplied alpha issue. Are you compositing them in post using the alpha channel? If so, try telling your comp package to interpret the alpha channel as "premultiplied".

- Jonas
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