Female relaxing WIP,(nudity?)

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Old 12 December 2004   #1
Female relaxing WIP,(nudity?)

Hi there,

I 'm going to try and learn color painting! I'll use painter for it. This one started as a very impulsive rough sketch done on the train to school(2h) and colored in school during class whenever the situation permitted. I want to focus on her and only hint at the background. Dunno how much time I'll have, so more as it progresses.

By the way, the background will be parts of a veranda/porch, further back vague hints of tree's and fields with nice soft toned clouds(If I can pull it off).

Hope you like it! Any tips on achieving the effect would be most welcome!

here's a SMALLER ONE

edit: go to last post(s) for latest version.
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Old 12 December 2004   #2
it looks good, maybe bring the leg that has the foot cut off into compostion and play with perspective a bit. Make it more dynamic. But that's preference on your part. The outline looks already good. good luck painting!
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Old 12 December 2004   #3
Hmm I never even noticed that,

thanks for the pointer. I think I'll try and take you up on both, Nguyen. Bringing her leg in would give her more stature too I think, along with more balanced contrast/energy. For now it's dinner and a movie though. Thanks again, I'll be posting.
modelling practice #1
Old 12 December 2004   #4
It's a good drawing so far, but the contour line along the side of her right breast looks odd. With the angle of her torso her breast would shift so I'd suggest drawing the line along the bottom. Right now, her breasts are in parentheses.

Nice picture, though. Did you use a reference? Was she on the train?
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Old 12 December 2004   #5
Well Ilikesoup,

To be honest, I thought I'd get away with it. Without that line I'd be at a loss when starting the painting fase, that's when i'll put in the definitive shading. Well that's the official story, Truth is: It took me a gazillion tries to find the most attractive "config". And it's mine now, hahahaha! She has a big round chest now, I do mean the ribcage. That makes the breasts roll outward a bit, duh...
As for any reference, ziltsj. I did download reference jpg's of latina celebs for color reference later in the process. And the only one being "cute" in the train was a redhaired guy weirdly smiling at me and maintaining eye contact whenever he could. That's inverse psychs for ya!

Thanks for the crits, I'm thinking maybe I should try putting in wrinkles, that could clarify more I think.
See ya.
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Old 12 December 2004   #6
i like it alot, except for the skirt in the middle...it really makes her look like shes about to get it on with someone(the way her legs r spread so wide and just a tiny skirt covering up the important bits)

also the nose seems a little small
Old 12 December 2004   #7
Back again!

Thanks for the feedback guys/girls, I'm sure it helped me out. But check for yourself. I worked on the composition for a bit. Had a really bad time with her foot, but for now it'll have to do. As for background, it'll come along shortly. Doesn't look like a big change, but I also have no reference material, doh...Oh yeah, the nose was delibarate, took me a while too. Notice the weird linearlike bridge 'n stuff...no offense...

PS: I wasn't very sure of the subject Ajay1589, but you're probably right, I'll put a bottle of wine or som'in there. To sorta keep her busy with something else. Rest assured though, I wasn't trying to make a "sexist" pic, She sits like that because she's dauntless. But yeah, yeah, miss perfect hourglass and all.
modelling practice #1

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Old 12 December 2004   #8
actually i think now that you can see the rest of her leg she looks a lot less "sexy"

maybe you could put a sleeping cat there....although u should be ready for the obvious comments

PS: actually now that i think of it...if you would put a cat rubbing his chin on her knee or something...

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Old 12 December 2004   #9
Dude, this is marvelous...

Ajay1589(change ur name for cryin' out loud, no offense but I'll start copy-pastin'), ur living proof of rules for composition. In this composition she is placed more towards the right. Her leg is forming a barrage toward the left...all on screen, bare with me a little .
The classical rule for "decoupage" or framing your scenes means left=evil/submissive/weak etc. and right side=good/dominant/strong/righteous etc.
Nothing changed about her bulk or energy, you can only see more now.
Gasp......education isn't a fraud... Why didn't anybody tell me?!!

Good tip for spicing it up. I'm afraid of trying to mimic the fur on a cat though, maybe I'll simply move her back to the left, hahah...
Back to the kitchen!!!
c ya!
modelling practice #1
Old 12 December 2004   #10
And I even did move her to the left!

Could somebody please tell me if it works for the better or for the worse?
I'm trying to figure out the final composition. Thanks guys/gals.

Feel free to comment on anything else too.
edit: The empty space in the right I'll preserve for background work. Cam. angle being slightly rotated to the right leaving a perspective towards the horizon on the very distant left. To be posted soon I hope, gotta get back to school tomorrow ... So it might take a while.
modelling practice #1

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Old 12 December 2004   #11
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein:
The classical rule for "decoupage" or framing your scenes means left=evil/submissive/weak etc. and right side=good/dominant/strong/righteous etc.

Also notice that the latin word for left is sinister, in our age this means, dark/evil. It's really weird if u look at it that way... How the hell did all those things become the way they are right know.. In the book "The Da Vinci Code"the Church is blamed for this. Because they wanted to ban Pagan culture. Interesting stuff i might say..
Good luck on the picture btw, i also think that a cat might be a bit too much of trouble for starters.
Namu Amida Butsu. ;)
Old 12 December 2004   #12
i say finish the painting and then add a cat later (it will be a very nice touch)
Old 12 December 2004   #13
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein: The classical rule for "decoupage" or framing your scenes means left=evil/submissive/weak etc. and right side=good/dominant/strong/righteous etc.
I think I read someplace that this only is valid in western cultures, and that it's the opposite in other places. It may have to do with the way we read, but I'm not entirely sure right now though. But it is essentially correct, that we tend to think of right as "home" and left as "the unknown". ..."The bad guy always comes in from the left"...

For a motif such as this, I would personally prefer to see the girl to the right in the composition. Why? Because otherwise she'll be facing "out of" the picture, instead of into it. This would imply that we're not seeing the whole scene, and that the really interesting stuff is going on somewhere off screen to the left - or that the real focus of the piece is something going on in the background to the right.
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Old 12 December 2004   #14
thanks guys

Hi again!

Interesting facts indeed, I cant be sure of what I'm saying is right. Although there is the fact that the human body in its experience is not symmetrical. Most of all the brain I think. Maybe such factors actually influence the way we perceive reality. I know I used to have nightmares about being chased by a giant, bomf bomf, it was my heart. But I didn't know and got scared, soow, the giant sped up. He was reading my mind, Noohohooo.
I really don't know for sure. But it could be universal.
Here's another interesting fact though. The golden cut, 1:0.618 I believe translates to 1.618 in the maths. This number is referred to as phi I think. It is also a proportion that creatures(on our planet?) enjoy as beautiful. Perfectly round equation. A bit like with that bible code, math as a perfect language. Someone even built a base model that was attractive to anybody(subdivided I hope, doh)Argh...to many...thoughts...in...brain...must......pos t...progress.

Here are the latest updates, I worked on details. Anckle, arms, shirt and some cleaning up and what not.

Sunbane, you're right. My intention was to make her seem as if the interesting thing was partly in the background: an very nice day for her. This is the foreground element, I'm looking for a good composition but that's as far as I got.
I could always copy/paste the work so far. Now that I think of it, it might also be too much to try and make a perfectly beautiful background. But what the hey, nobody's paying me anyway. And I do have eight cats
PS:Hope this downloads oké, it's a bit bigger. Sorry.
modelling practice #1

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Old 12 December 2004   #15
Comparative for composition?

Here they are, the two I think should work. It's easier to see this way.

If you have any comments please let me know, it's well appreciated.

c ya.
modelling practice #1
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