New Updates Available!!! (2.1a & 5.1a)

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  12 December 2004
New Updates Available!!! (2.1a & 5.1a)

We're very pleased to announce that messiah:studio 2.1a and messiah:animate 5.1a are available for download. These new versions contain several fixes, several modifications (such as to the Edit Sphere), and several new features. The messiah:studio release even includes the latest rendering plug-ins from Taron, plus the "Neckling" scene that many of you have seen on CGTalk.

These are update patches that update from 2.0b or 5.0b (depending on which version of messiah you have). In order to keep the downloads easier to manage, the docs are a separated download, but don't forget to get them, because the "What's New" page is where you'll find out what's new (pure genius, isn't it?).

All of this is, naturally on the Downloads page.

By the way, an extra special THANKS! to the beta team for some really great ideas and help in tracking down some bugs.


PS: We've recently moved to a new server, so the downloads should go faster.
  12 December 2004

Thanks pmg
- Sil3 -
My Flickr
  12 December 2004
Just in time for the weekend
Thanks guys!
  12 December 2004
Today is a great day for existing and future messiah users !

Downloading ....
Christopher Lutz
3D Amateur
  12 December 2004
Originally Posted by fwtep: By the way, an extra special THANKS! to the beta team for some really great ideas and help in tracking down some bugs.

I second that! The beta team and the users in this forum have been phenomenal! Looking forward to the future

  12 December 2004
Xmas comes early. Nice job pmG team!!!

  12 December 2004
Lyle and PMG Team

Thank You!!!

Now the funny part everytime theres a release im always dongle-less.(Dongle @ home even though something told me bring it with you..dont leave home without it...)
Now I have tooo wait till the end of day then fight thru LA traffic and then finally maybe make it home to see whats new!!

OOooh cant wait!!
  12 December 2004

  12 December 2004
Thank you, thank you everyone ... I really don't deserve these accolades. It's you the users that have made it all possible. It's been a long time coming, I tell ya'. Well, first of all, I'd like to thank my parents for making it all... what ... what you mean my times up ... what ... I didn't get to finish ... <escorted of stage>.

  12 December 2004
Question Current users.

Nice and dandy but let's get a better pricing scheme in there for * current * users that DO want to update to m:a 5 or m:a Studio 2. On the upgrade page, let's hope for 50% off then you'll see a lot of us buying. I know lately, 3D vendors are all getting on the bandwagon greatly reducing prices. However in fairness to all loyal users, make adjustments to the upgrade price point. Just a thought.
  12 December 2004
The new TextureDeform node is freaking brillant. I was dealing with setting up multi-displacement maps, and it was alot of fixing UVs and a bunch of other workarounds, but this makes it so much easier to construct a model consisting of 10+ million poly detail for use with messiah, the other renderers should have something as powerful and simple as this feature.
Fantastic job on Taron's part and messiah's fast displacement.

"Make something idiot proof and they'll just build a better idiot."
  12 December 2004
So how the heck do you get the texturedeform node to work? I've been going through Taron's neckling but so far I just can not get it to work.

  12 December 2004
Good news. Thanks you
Ive tried 2.1, but all the problems I had with clearing items are still existent.
Please , I would be very, very happy if someone could confirm these problems I have(Win2000).
I need some feedback. No problems with that in Studio 1.5!
1. start messiah
2. go to setup->items->autorigII
3. Name the rig
4. create the rig with default values
5. clear the scene
6. go to setup->items->autorigII
7. Dont change the name! Otherwise it would work.
8. create the rig and crash.

The same applies to autorigI (deleting and creating a new rig with the same name)
  12 December 2004
MyFault: this is from Taron. Hope its okay to post it here.

TextureDeform has 4 different modes, whereby the first one was a
solution to use reference objects for world-coordinate textures, yet,
it turned out to be a bit more than just that, since it allows the
fixation of any number of texture inputs to reference object
controlled locations and rotations!

Strength - well, that's the most obvious one, it controls the overall
strength of the output values, multiplying anything that comes out of
it (Color, Value and Mask)

Mask Width - is mostly for the types "remap" and "bone" and refers to
the X and Y axis' dimensions of a bones influence. Z axis is
determined by the length of the bone and therefore not effected by
this paramter directly.


1. fix&relocate - pick Tool to use as reference object. Textures
will now be relative to this object and fixed to it.

2. deform - now that's the real beast in there, actually, at least as
for explaining. Well, this one allows you to locally transform
texture-space. Meaning is you can bend, stretch and rotate any texture
OTHER THAN UV by using muscle bones. Select a Skeleton tool as "Tool".
Muscle bones have two objects, the original bone and its target. The
Center tab allows you to pick the origin for the deform either around
the bone's center or the target's center. The use of this is very
universal, while it is unfortunate that it doesn't work for uv, but to
understand why it doesn't work for uv, you have to realize that
distorting a uv-map is not only very risky but in low polygon objects
even a bad idea to begin with. If you use texture of any other mapping
type as well as procdurals, you can make use of this perfectly,
because these textures don't really depend on the geometry! It's
fantastic for wrinkles, pushing of subtextures and whatever else you
can think of!

3. remap - YES, THAT'S THE ONE! Remap allows to remap texture space
along bones and therefore muscle bones as well! Again, select a
skeleton tool as TOOL. Now the two checkboxes underneath come into
play (I know, I could just ghost them for the other types...didnt' get
to it, yet!). Although the things you can achieve with it are
incredibly complex, the feature itself is ridiculously simple! Once
you've picked your skeleton tool, each bone of it will be a
representation of the same texture-space. So where ever you place a
bone, the texture will be mapped along it. The Mask Width plays a very
important role here, because it globally controls the width for every
bone's influence. At this early stage, the size of the bone also
controls the influence area (or weight) for each bone independently.
The checkbox "include Scaling" is nearly obvious, but Twisting is the
really interesting one. It allows to twist a texture from its origin
(the bone) to its target object. It does so by using the bone's
banking as original orientation and the target's heading as the
twister. Why not both banking...well...when you make a muscle bone it
automatically rotates towards the target object. But the target object
usually just stays in its standard coordinate system. I realized that
it is far more natural to organize a setup like that, then to rotate
each target the same way the muscle bone is rotated and then to use by using the heading of the target you actually save a
lot of time during setup! Makes it more comfortable!

Yikes...that's a lot of info for a little starter....I hope it sheds a
bit more light on the textureDeformer before I get to finish some demo
sessions for you!"

SpikeWorx: Hate to say this, but autorig2 isn't really functioning right now.


Last edited by dobermunk : 12 December 2004 at 11:23 AM.
  12 December 2004
AH, makes a little more sense now. Thanks for posting that, now I have the whole weekend to play with this and try to make it work

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