WIP arch vis: farmhouse

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Old 12 December 2004   #1
WIP arch vis: farmhouse

First testrender for a new project: a 19th century farm needs to be renovated, including making a big garden in the courtyard. Comments are much appreciated, but be gentle, it's still at an early stage

Old 12 December 2004   #2
hm...no comments? Okay, than don't be gentle, just say something!

An update. Please ignore the overkill Photoshop work I did. Any input is much appreciated.
Old 12 December 2004   #3
Forgot to ask: Has anyone got a nice bumpmap for me to share, I searched the whole web for rooftiles like this:

Thanks in advance!
Old 12 December 2004   #4
Looks ok for a first test render. I don't like the blur and those trees are pretty ugly.

No bump map will save you, because the roof is 40% of that image. I'd model it, low poly.
Here's a tutorial on how to do it in 3dsmax. Same principles apply to C4D, give or take a specific tool:


Keep it up!
Old 12 December 2004   #5
Thanks for the tutorial Twilight! I'll have a go at it than.
Old 12 December 2004   #6
Could you do the tiles with SPD and a well thought-out map? Half-question, half-suggestion I guess.

And the ground has some issues. Twilight posted an image in the "For Those Wishing..." thread that had some really nice grass, and he was kind enough to show how he made it (albeit, with VRay).

Regarding the DOF, there are a lot of nice techniques for generating depth maps that might look a bit more subtle and realistic.


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Old 12 December 2004   #7
*sob* whish I had release 9, SPD would be the obvious solution...Thanks for the grass tip, guess I will dig in the huge pile of posts (493) in the 'for all those...' thread, grass is one of the many things that comes up in almost every arch vis and it's damn hard to get it look good.
Depth MAPS??? waddoyamean? (I'm a photoshop illiterate)
Old 12 December 2004   #8
A depth map is a grayscale image that contains z-depth information for the scene (i.e. where objects are in the scene.) Then you use the image as a mask for applying blur in Photoshop. Here's one thread about doing it in Photoshop:


As for creating the depth map, if you have AR you can render one from multipass (I think). If not, there's a trick using an environment object and an all black material on everything. There's a tutorial on it somewhere.

Edit: Actually, in r9 without AR you can render a depth map ... I don't know about earlier versions. It's just "depth" under the multipass options. Objects in the foreground are whiter, and objects in the background are darker. If you use it directly, only objects in the foreground will be in focus, but you could tweak the image (maybe make a second layer and invert the image, then mess around until the building was white and both foreground and background were dark).


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Old 12 December 2004   #9
This is a very lonely thread people...

There's still a huge to do list to complete, in designing as well in visualising this house. Don't like the concept, but it's fun to make.
I know, the tree is way too big
Old 12 December 2004   #10
Those trees in the last image should be a quarter of the current height. They should be about 10ft tall.
Matthew O'Neill
Old 12 December 2004   #11
I'm thinkin it looks like a miniature model. Not sure how to remedy that, perhaps the lighting needs some work. I'm not buying the grass either, the house appears to be floating above it in certain areas. Anyway, keep us posted, the second pic is alot better than the first!
Old 12 December 2004   #12
You need very little depth of field blurring in exterior medium to long distance shots. Take a look at some real photos. Everything between a couple of metres from the camera and the horizon is in focus. You would only see blurring if you were looking through something (like your leaves in the first shot) at something further away. Depth of field is much more significant in close up shots.
Old 12 December 2004   #13

The above links are new updates. Lighting is getting a lot better I think. Please ignore those damn ugly hedges
There's no postwork right now, that's for the final renders, which will take al LOT more tests...
Old 12 December 2004   #14
I think the roof material is what is throwing me off. You might want to model that instead of using a map. It is such an overwhelming part of the scene, and if you want it to look more realistic you may want to model and pattern those. The arched door looks a little fishy also. Does it have a handle? Looking much better though with each revision. Keep it up
Old 12 December 2004   #15
thanks for the comments elagman. You're not the first to suggest modeling the roof. I've tried it with an outlined spline, into an extrude nurns, and made instances of it and placed each tile individually on it's place. But my scene became very slow and almost impossible to render. And there's a second building on this piece of land with the same rooftype, so my pc will go berzerk. So I bumpmapped it again...

Maybe I'll retry it for the final renders.
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