Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Joachim Segler

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Old 11 November 2004   #1
Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Joachim Segler

Joachim Segler has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Final

The final scene rendering :)

Some words:
Iīm really sorry that I havenīt had more time to work on this because it was really fun working on this idea with all of you. I hope I could give some useable advices. The advices I got from you were really helpful and taught me many things I didnīt know before.

Thanx to all of you!!!

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Old 11 November 2004   #2
Concept Sketch: Modern Firemen

The Story:

Itīs the year 3072. Man has discovered new worlds and has found ways to settle down on other planets, after making life on earth impossible. Inugaja 29, a planet with an athmosphere of extremely toxic gas and ion storms isnīt the best place to be, but the high population forces people to use every space they can get. To avoid contact with this gas they created buildings 300 meters above the ground standing on big high endurable poles. Above this big toxic cloud the athmosphere contains a little bit oxygen that is filtered by Otwo-Facilities and is used to recycle the air in the colony.

Many years after this colony was built near space bases get emergency signals from it. Workers of the colony that have to check the poles and go down to the surface by elevators didnīt return and earthquakes already made two normal buildings and 3 Otwo-Facilities fall.

You are a member of the IES the "Intergalactic Emergency Squad" and your team was called to find out what is going on down there and to save as many people as you can if the problem canīt be solved.

Right now you and your team are above the toxic athmosphere of Inugaja 29 ready to jump down from the IES dropship in your specials suits and jet packs.

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Old 11 November 2004   #3
Concept Sketch: IES-Member

Old 11 November 2004   #4
Originally Posted by CybapunC: IES-Member

Cool, but painful and wounded looking soldier. Was he outside when he/she was shot? If so don't forget to make the blood droplets floating off on their trajectories. It would tell more story to see a reflection in his/her helmet visor of what they are looking at, or even the space around them in your final work. Keep going - keep up the good work. Your story description highlights a detailed imagination.
Old 11 November 2004   #5
Thanx for your reply!

The idea with the reflection is really good and i think i will do this!
I donīt know where he got shot
was just painting around... the IES members in the ship wonīt have
any wounds.

Thanx again
Old 11 November 2004   #6
that IES member looks great, and I agree about putting reflections in the visor to tell more of the story
Old 11 November 2004   #7
Modeling: IES Member - Head

Helmet for the IES Special Suit.
Old 11 November 2004   #8
Hi Josh,

great to see u in
Hey mate, your sketches come along great and your storyline is quite creative ( I like the idea
of the O2 Towers a lot!)!... ,
...your start of modelling looks really promising.... but maybe one little hint: for my taste there's a little bit to less "epic" feeling in your concept ...Hmm.perhaps a bigger view from the platform the soldiers stay with quite a big spacestation in sight...(?)
Keep on flowin,dude!! Lookin' forward to see more of the I.E.S. Troops

Old 11 November 2004   #9

Hi Sascha,

thanx for your reply.
Yes you are right... the epic style doesnīt come out
in my concept sketch...
In the background will be much more stuff. There will
be a big evac ship and you will see more and bigger
buildings so i hope it will get more epic.
Old 11 November 2004   #10
Sorry guys, had to do some other work today...

Model of the complete IES Member will be online soon!
Old 11 November 2004   #11
Concept Sketch: IES Evacuation Ship

This will be a IES Evac Ship in the background.

It can hold up to 120.000 people.
The rotating tubes on each side generate artificial gravitation for itīs passengers. The transport elevator is mounted on a ring, that can also rotate and lift up and down to reach every point on the outer side of the tube.
Old 11 November 2004   #12
I think it is epic enough for the theme.....But the idea is epic in itself......The size is not all that matters when epic is thought of.........I like your start on the modeling as well joachim.......Keep it up,you have potential with this,and I wish you the best to get there.......
Old 11 November 2004   #13
Hi Virtuoso,

thanx for your reply
itīs a great honor to me!

yes, size isnīt all that matters *g*

Greets Joachim
Old 11 November 2004   #14

Only one thing up to now. I'm curious about the horizon line of the toxic planet..

Nice helmet! Keep going!
My Grand Space Opera 3D:
Old 11 November 2004   #15
Hi Andrey,

youīre right...
this horizon line should show, that itīs a sea of clouds,
but the clouds that make this line are so far away, that
they wonīt make such waves...

Thank U and
Greetings from Joachim
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