question about DPI, printing....

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  10 October 2004
question about DPI, printing....

guys i'm having some problems here...

i had to make this litl design for a organization, what they are going to do is print the design out .

this was actually the first thime that i'm makiung sommething to later print it out ,now i understand that when you make sommething and you want to print it need a certain DPI level....etc

i just starting making the darn cards the organization where the cards are for whent to a print shop and they told her to bring in the card design ...with the including font type or the PDF file

it should be atleast 800dpi and it must be delivered without compression whatever that means....

problem is when i finnished making this i didn't saved it as psd ...

i just made it in the exact same size the original card was going to be...incl font ...etc here's the card

is there a way for me to turn it into 800dpi or sommething now its 72 the thing is when i turn up the resolution the image becomes huge and totally unsharp/ugly

here's the card

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  10 October 2004
Should have started designing at 800dpi from the beginning.
  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by wolver1ne: Should have started designing at 800dpi from the beginning.

i figured that one out myself ...
...There is a very large flock of small birds in my backyard right now. I just thought you should know that.
  10 October 2004
redo the whole thing again
  10 October 2004
there is no way to make a 72dpi into an 800dpi image and hope to get the same look of quality...its scrap.

its more common to do design like that in illustrator, freehand, quark or indesign etc. in the first place.
  10 October 2004
I'm not sure that this can help you. Try to get a software to make the picture bigger, like Altamira. If you're using photoshop CS, you can do this: Image->image size, check the resample image and use bicubic smoother, switch the unit of measurement (in document size group) to percent and type 110%. It'll increase your image in 10%. Do it repeatedly don't make the percentage more than 110%.

After that open a new file with size that you'll print and change the resolution to 800dpi. Copy from the increase size image file to the 800dpi file. The image will be smaller.

I'm not sure that this can help you because it'll increase about 10 times from the original size and i'm not sure that program like altamira can help you too. Just try it first.
  10 October 2004
it makes little difference between doing it in 10% jumps or 100%...72 dpi to 800 will always look like crap.

Techniques to blow up artwork outside of PS's own interpolation methods often offer very little advantage (sometimes none) over just uprezing them in PS. Mostly people think that there is some holy grail solution out there, but in reality its often those who dont know or understand the pros and cons of other methods that often attempt to use them, the lack of understanding of the original problem being the biggest hurdle in the first place. :|
  10 October 2004
I agree with you halo, it's imposible to increase 72 dpi into 800 dpi.
  10 October 2004
Resolution Problem

It appears that you created ar piece that does not have enough pixels to support the higher resolution capabilities of the printer. You should always make sure that you have a proper scan before you create the graphic. Increasing the resolution will not help you because Photoshop will just keep adding pixels until the file gets to the size that you specify and since it's not a true scan it will visually look blur and degraded.

If it's possible rescan the material. I you no longer have the original content then use Genuine Fractal to increae the file size.

Good luck
  10 October 2004
actually its not impossible but im not sure u get the best qual ..if u go inot imags size and change the DPI to 700 the image get HUGE ...but then REZIZE the images in IMAGE size back to the the size it was before u changed the DPI ..then u have the same size but 700 DPI im not sure if this will look good or not but its worh tryin
  10 October 2004
There's a few eye-brow raisers in this post...

First - understand that you can NOT change the DPI of an image, you have no control over it what-so-ever. DPI is a characteristic of the device an image is being printed on.

You CAN resample the 'PPI' of an image thru several different alogrithms included with Photoshop (nearest neighbor, bilinear, bicubic), but the fact is - you can never get a 'true' 800ppi image from a 72ppi image.

The simple answer is to re-do this graphic in a vector format - because it would then be resolution independent - whereas a raster image (from photoshop) 'is' resolution dependent.

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  10 October 2004
Originally Posted by omar C:
it should be atleast 800dpi and it must be delivered without compression whatever that means....

800 Dpi´s for a business card

Someone must be drunk or are those cards going to become huge posters?

A quick rule of Dpi´s is:

300 Dpis (Dots per Inch) are the norm for print work because things are printed at 150 Lpis (Lines per Inch). Dpi´s should always be the double of Lpis.

The vast majority of stuff is still printed in 133 Lpi´s, so 266 Dpis is more than enough, newspapers are printed at 75 Lpis (images are sent at 150 Dpis) because the paper is so poor that it cant absorb all the ink quantity without becoming a bloody mess.

Magazine covers are/should be printed at 150 Lpis (since the paper is better) probably this is why 300 Dpis image files are required for all regular printed work.

I never sent any business card at more than 150 Dpis, it´s overkill, specially some years ago when Computers where not that fast and we could take almost the entire morning off before Photoshop would do a Blur...oh boy did Computers got fast or what hehehe

I sent many times magazine pages at 150 Dpis and comparing it against 300 Dpis after printed, sometimes we couldn´t even tell the diference, of course not all cases are the same.

Redo your stuff in a vector program ( that by nature are resolution independent) and save it as a PDF, ask them why they need an 800 Dpi file, probably they misunderstood something, very common on Pre-Pres and Design clients

Best of luck
- Sil3 -
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  10 October 2004
I agree with Sil3. I think it's a bit exaggerated to ask for an 800 DPI document, I work in graphics for quite some time, and the highest quality I got to was 560 DPI for a billboard,
so you might want to talk to them again and make sure of exactly what they need.

In any case, you can't grow details where there aren't any, so I'm afraid you'll have to do the design again.
Vector apalications such as Illustrator, Free Hand, etc. seem like the best choise for that kind of design, but of course you'll have to learn one first...

If you used "paths" or "shapes" in your work then you can use them again in higher resolutions as they are Vectors and therefore resolution independent, moreover you can try and trace with paths over the different parts of your work and then use them to fill in the colors after you've set the document to the right resolution.

And one last thing - ALWAYS SAVE A LAYERD DOCUMENT!!!
  10 October 2004
thank you for the help everybody ,i'm doing the entire card all over again there's no other solution annyway so i guess i'm stuck ...annyway its a great lesson for me and i will make sure that it never hapens again

once again thnx everyone for helping out i appreciate it.

...There is a very large flock of small birds in my backyard right now. I just thought you should know that.
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