Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Russell Drake

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  10 October 2004
Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Russell Drake

Russell Drake has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.
  10 October 2004
hi mustard! good luck for the challenge. looking forward to see your ideas...

  10 October 2004
yAy! i'll be watching for updates!
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  10 October 2004

I'll put your avatar in my submission if little alice can stay in yours... lol
good luck!
  10 October 2004
good luck!
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  10 October 2004
Good Luck buddy!
  10 October 2004
This is becoming a daily sketch gathering. Cool!
Good luck mr Drake!
Nonsense info: Drake means Dragon in Swedish.
Start rolling the dice!
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  10 October 2004
I don't want to miss any of your art. Good luck!
  10 October 2004
Best of British to you Mustardwash!

See you on the other side!!

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  11 November 2004
Wow, thanks for the replys and support guys (and gal )!
I wish I checked back here earlier, I probably would have gotten started on this much sooner.

Well since work is constantly interfering with its annoying deadlines, and I have no time to sketch at all, I figure I will write out what little storyline I have figured out for my Grand Space Opera and maybe I can get some input on where to start or how to layout my composition.

  11 November 2004
Storyline in a Nutshell

In a galaxy far far away etc..... technology has advanced in unimaginable ways. The most ground breaking invention was coupled with the discovery of a universal energy called " 'elan ". This energy is something that is given off by every lifeform, from the tinest cell to the largest organism. With enough training and concentration an individual can shape and use these energies to his will. It is thought that the mystery of telekenisis, ESP, magic, etc... has been solved with the discovery of this universal energy and the ability to manipulate it. Many world and religious leaders have become experts in the manipulation of 'elan, but the abuse of it can come with disasterous results. One individual by the name of Cruor discovered the secret of immortality, only to be twisted by his power to the point of insanity. Cruor has been dubbed the Litch Lord and has become a tyrant bent on the destruction of the United Planetary Council (UPC) and the universe as a whole.
The ground breaking invention I mentioned earlier was a energy conductor that drew off of 'elan and produced a clean efficient energy source that nearly any machine could run off of. As much of a miracle this power source could be, the drawbacks were much greater. As this machine pulled power out of 'elan it would create an imbalance. The 'elan would compensate by drawing more energy out of living organisms nearby. Too much would cause minor sickness and pains, and eventually, death. Experiments only came with greater failures until there was an eventual ban on technology.
The Litch Lord knows of this Energy Conductor and especially of its results. He plans on building one large enough to consume 'elan as a whole, thus killing all living things. Once started the machine will run off of its exponentially growing power, eventually becoming unstoppable.
To make a long story short.... (maybe too late for that already ) the cliche' unlikely hero saves the day by killing the Litch Lord in some unlikely way, which I havent considered yet.

Well, it may not be the most original idea but its all I can come up with for now. Comments, Critz, Ideas, & Input are most graciously accepted!
  11 November 2004
Hey Mustardwash! It looks like you're in a similar pickle as me -- all story, no drawing. As for your story. . .

Insane or not, the Litch Lord probably wouldn't want to snuff out all existence. It's like killing the goose that lays golden eggs -- I think he'd need a steady supply of elan, which means he couldn't be the only creature left. What if he rounded up three of the most powerful beings and created a machine to harvest the elan from THEM. Then the UPC could burst into his hideout attempting to rescue the three, and a huge man-to man battle ensues. Focus would be on Litchie, hooked to a giant machine and brimming with power and he's surrounded by this huge army trying to stop him.

Ultimately, I have a feeling that people will either draw a space dogfight, ground forces fighting man to man, or some combination of the two. Think about what the Litch Lord would look lie, then decide if you'd rather draw space guys or space ships. The rest should start to fall into place. Hope that helps.
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  11 November 2004
Hi MustardWash,
No concepts yet? I'm curious of what you'll come up with
  11 November 2004
Ilikesoup: Yes!! That is exactly the kind of feed back I needed. I liked the premise of my story but it just lacked something. I am going to go with what you suggested. Killing off the universe was just a little too "blah" and stupid. I like your suggestion of the UPC storming the Litchs stronghold to defeat his plan, with him hooked up to some gigantic machine syphoning off elan and feeding it to the Litch. I will start sketching.

P.S. Also thanks for reading that blob of words I call a story.
  11 November 2004
Concept Sketch: Character Concept Sketch

Here is a concept sketch of the Litch Lord. A few colors thrown on top just to define the pic more. Nothing final.
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