Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Yaroslav Kravchenko

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Old 10 October 2004   #1
Grand Space Opera 2D Entry: Yaroslav Kravchenko

Yaroslav has entered the Grand Space Opera 2D.

Challenge Page

Latest Update: Coloring WIP: Setting sun 3

added space elements in the background and continued to refine the city.

statue in the forground on the way and then for the finishing touches :)

comments opinions and constructive crits are incouraged

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Old 10 October 2004   #2
Concept Sketch: Concept01

hello to everyone.

my name is yaroslav kravchenko and i participated in the last challenge and i am back again for this one. Most of you probably have no idea who i am, i shall try to make this part of the image simple and brief... there are a few ideas forming most of which have to do with the whole galactic planet god

devil or god?... no one knows but one thing is certain the future... is not.
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Old 10 October 2004   #3
Concept Sketch: Concept01

another page of ideas based on the same subject

i would love to hear what everyone thinks so i encourage everyone to speak up... whether it be comments crits or opinions, would love to hear everything everyone has to say about these ideas thus far.

thanks again. Yaroslav Kravchenko
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Old 10 October 2004   #4
Hi Yaroslav,

I like your organic creatures a lot, something quite darwinian going on here I suspect! I think you need to elaborate a bit on where you're going with the idea though, I'd be interested to find out more. From the sketches you've done so far, it reminds me a bit of Rodney Matthews' artwork, quite a surreal and beautiful style, you should check him out ... I believe.

Keep it up, I like it so far.
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Old 10 October 2004   #5
Concept Sketch: Concept03

another idea just a 2 hour sketch

speaky :: thanks for the link i actully idolised him for a really long time. he is an awsome artist and his art was a very big influence on me when i was 16 17 ... 4-5 years ago now.. but since i started really concentrating on my skills as an artist i tried to stay away from other poeples styles and develop my own... ill try to write a few paragraphs on what the story is behind my idea but its going to be a little later during the week for now i am going to work a bit more on the design of the creatures and ships ... they seems a bit ... no i lie ... they seem VERY sloppy to me @ this point in time.

but the jist of the idea is as follows

:: the devil created hell in 8 days in contrast to god creating the earth. and his most prized creation was this planet sized creature which raoms the relms of deeps space consuming the energy of stars so that it can one day quench its thirst for life and light...

but yea its a work in progress... so there you are folks that's all for today... good night.
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Old 10 October 2004   #6
This looks like it should be a nice piece, though it's a little hard to read at the moment. Is that a ship circling the creature?
Old 10 October 2004   #7
Hi yaroslav, I also find your pic hard to read right now, however, it did remind me the old dune movie, the monster with the world going in or out of his mouth remind me of the navigators space folding....
I guess I've been reading/watching too much dune
Old 10 October 2004   #8
Creations are good I waits to see the continuation....

Good Luck!!!
Old 10 October 2004   #9
Really like your free flowing creature sketches, nice and organic and have a great ominous sense of mass (if you know what i mean). Its looking good so far bud, keep it up. I look forward to more. subscription added, goodluck.
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Old 10 October 2004   #10
A creature that consumes stars. What a cool idea. I can't wait to see howe this one develops. Nice one slav!


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Old 10 October 2004   #11
Concept Sketch: Concept04

ChrisThatGuy : yes that's a ship of some kind ... since i didnt complete my designs yet there is no point in rendering out the ships as of right now... thanks muchly for the imput

Graphicnovel : perhaps your right but i must say that dune is a great flick.. and on top of that has a great story to back it up.. unless your talking about the books which where awsome as well. as for my pictures reading or lacking there of.. i am jotting down some ideas as of right now your going to have to bare with me and use your imagination :)
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Old 10 October 2004   #12
Tranchefeux : thanks for stopping buy ... i hope my work is satisfactory thus far... ill try to not disappoint anyone :P

sketchfiend : hey mate thanks for your support, i was experimenting with more ideas perspectives and such ... but if you can explain a bit more what you mean by your post it would help me a great deal.. you see ill probably use this piture in my collage portfolio and and it would rock hard if i can get a few minor issues out of the way before i start attending. i admire the work you did on the machineflesh challenge and for sure will check with you on this one.

unitstudio : still my primery idea but i am exploring the whole "civilization" thing with a bunch of new sketches... confilict i have a great feeling is going tobe over done... well in a sence everything is already so ... i just hope i can create something unique enough for it to stand out. anywho thanks greatly hope you come back soon
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Old 10 October 2004   #13
Concept Sketch: concept05

warming up with some sketches. and design ideas.
Yaroslav Kravchenko - Link
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Old 10 October 2004   #14
Man that 3rd concept is insane... awesome
Old 10 October 2004   #15
Oh, I like the funky design in the last concept. Keep up the good work
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