maya or 3dsmax?

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  08 August 2002
maya or 3dsmax?

I've been working with 3dsmax for the past week and have some slight knowledge of how to model and texture etc..
Now my question is:
Is it worth it to switch to maya and start over?

  08 August 2002
You could learn Maya. Or learn how to adjust Brazil settings for antialiasing. If you could build a head like that after one week working in max - what the hell, learn both.

Maya is currently considered more high-end than max. Discreet is working hard to catch up. Ultimately they are just tools. Maybe somewhat expensive tools.

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  08 August 2002
thx for the compliment.

Ohh what the hell im gonna learn both ;]
  08 August 2002
Still, fix that Brazil rendering. It will make it look much better. Make "Min Samples" 2 or something.
  08 August 2002
kay thx

for your viewing pleasure

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  08 August 2002
hi guys .

i tried to learn maya but i found it not easy to learn, so i staid with max.

i think max is older than maya is that right ,,:annoyed:
  08 August 2002
Max is quite a bit older. It was originally based on 3DStudioViz, if I remember correctly...
  08 August 2002
Max is older by about 18 months, But if you want to count the applications that spawned them, they are about the same age. Both Alias and Autodesk were founded in the early 80's. Autodesk's main focus through the 80's was more on CAD software while Alias was developing animation tools. In 1990, Autodesk shipped 3D Studio R1 (their first animation product) and Alias shipped Power Animator (their second). Power Animator was the evolution of Alias (the animation packge) which first shipped in the mid 80's. Maya evolved from Power Animator which was up to vesion eight before Maya replaced it after 5 years of development. Max replaced 3D Studio Dos which had 4 revisions.
  08 August 2002
I'd say if you plan on doing heavy scenes with lots of detail, learn maya, if you plan on doing lots of low poly game models learn max. Max doesn't handle large scenes or high poly models worth a crap whereas maya handles them much better and maya is also being used in LOTS more games these days. Between the 2 apps i'd say maya is the way to go at the moment and 3dsmax is falling further and further behind.
  08 August 2002
im not sure why there is such a huge bandwagon of people who prefer maya over max. i personally am more familiar with max and have been using it for about 2 years. it rarely ever had crashes and even on the large scenes it handles just fine. ive started learning maya because i need to take classes in it, but i personally find it frustrating. maybe its because im new to it but i cant get myself to want to learn maya when i know i can do everything 3 times as fast and in less steps in max.i would love to get a clearer explanation of why swampthing thinks max is falling behind, not because im trying to be a smartass, but because i truley want to know what makes people prefer maya.
  08 August 2002
well i must say up front that ive never touched max ever but ill compare to XSI which ive been taught both at the same time. Ive used both for about a year

the reason i prefer maya is because it seems i can stumble my way through something that ive never done before and get a decent result without getting frustrated.

err let me put it another way. if theres something i want to do that ive never thought of i can figure it out pretty easily.

tools and menus have names that make sense and i can tell what they do. things are generally organized

hypershader is great for seeing whats happening without doing a render. IPR is great too

I can get some decent results playing with some advanced features such as cloth, particles, paint effects, fur. everythings been done before by someone else and can show me the basics. XSI is still kinda iffy. Not a lot of people have used the advanced features of xsi (such as cloth) because... well.. they are new and are kinda buggy and nobody wants to touch that stuff
  08 August 2002
max vs. maya

Hey I've ben tutoring around maya for the past 9 months and yes drop max like a bad habit.... Maya is a lot more difficult to learn (10 ways to do anything). Give it a try and see what you get. The maya interface is different from max although you can learn it... Watch for tutorials....
  08 August 2002
I absolutely resent the fact that you have to press that many keys and buttons to do anything in Maya. As if I don't have a corpal tunnel syndrom already on both hands. Maybe I'll get used to it. In max I just point with a wacom to a tool, do what a have to do and that's it.
  08 August 2002
Re: Max or Maya

I think when it comes down to it, its a matter of perference. I have learned maya and have currently being using max for over 4 years. They are both great applications and with the release of 5 you see a much needed upgrade to max. as far as detailed scenes, I personally have dealt with high-res models and scenes consisting of over 2 million+ polys and found max to handle it just fine. So like I said in the beginning it comes down to preference for what you want to work with and what you can afford.
  08 August 2002

Quote: Discreet is working hard to catch up

actually, it's all marketing. Maya was originally pitched to Hollywood, 3ds max was pitched to Game developers / all things to all people. Discreet is strengthening its marketing approach towards movie makers.

Maya is trying to attract more game developers and 3ds max is trying to attract more big film houses. Both in some way are trying to catch-up in to each other but max has the massive support, popularity and professional user base behind it, not to mention all the millions of crack versions people learn with.
:: thinKer3D ::

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