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Old 09 September 2004   #1

the opening sequence of saturday night fever has one of the coolest walk cycles ever. tony manero in his pimped out polyesther threads carrying two paintbuckets down the street, only stopping to check out some fresh platform heels and a hottie or two (oh, and two slices of pizza). anyways, in college i wanted to capture that strut. i just never had the time, so i put the idea on the back burner. several months ago i bought the dvd of the movie and got re-inspired. the plans for tony manero/john travolta have changed since i started modeling him - a game designer friend and i started prototyping a dance game (but the company we worked for, Acclaim, went bankrupt & that prototype is now property of the bank) & i've done some lipsync tests, but i still wanna do that walk... here's some work in progress stuff...

the head - 1330 faces

the whole body - 2906 faces

i'm still working on the suit texture. a lipsync test done with only 5 bones can be seen here...
lipsync test
requires divx 5.2
w w w . b e a u t i f u l r o b o t . c o m

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Old 09 September 2004   #2

thats frickin fantastic!

Looks just like the fella, and good choice of character - a welcome change from trolls, elves, warriors and naked chicks!
No crits whatsoever - if i HAVE to be critical, its that his suit looks too bright and white, but that kinda adds to it.
Is the head texture totally hand-painted? It looks fantastic.
Sorry to hear about acclaim - i got a few mates that lost their jobs in the manchester (uk) branch. Theres a lot of talent released into the wild now!

Great work son and i hope to see some more of this chap
Old 09 September 2004   #3
good work, did you ever see that movie where him and another guy go to russia but they think its kansas or something? classic.
Old 09 September 2004   #4
Hey!! Blame it on the boogies!!

Really nice realisation man! Sorry to hear about the company though! Wishing best luck!

I would be tempted to add some more depth to the texture (but that's just me) and make a liiitle fatter the knee area.... I wouldn't consider that as critic though, like I said it's just me!

Waiting for the walk circle!
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Old 09 September 2004   #5
andy h - yep the texture is hand painted, i had a screen cap from the movie that i sampled colors from in pshop. i'm still working on the suit and i plan on de-brightening it. yep - acclaim filing chapter 7 put a lot of people in a tough place (~500) - no last paycheck (turns out we worked 2 weeks for free - your UK buds worked a whole month with no pay), no severance, no healthcare extension, blah blah blah. just spending most of my day now, rebuilding my portfolio (we weren't allowed to touch our machines, therefore i lost most of my animation) and looking for a new gig.

anyways here's the 256X256 texture map...

i probably could've conserved space a little better, but it works OK.

Dig Doug - yep i remember that movie! the experts! - the beginning of the downfall of his career BUT it's where he met his HOT wife - kelly preston! travolta's one of those strange actors who picks great roles and really bad ones - who else could go from pulp fiction to battlefield earth?

terrarc - thanks! i was thinking about taking the texture a little further, but at this point where i'm happy enough with it - i just want to move on & do some animaton. at that point i may go back and add some fine details for hi-res shots. you're avatar is funny - whenever i go on vacation i take the same exact pic (except i use both feet)!
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Old 09 September 2004   #6
Thumbs up

Awesome dude! Love it.
Old 09 September 2004   #7

Very nice modeling, perfect texturing. = no crit = 5stars
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Old 09 September 2004   #8

Great Job, Steev!! I like the caricature of the face. Do you do any cartoony sketching of people? I just started doing that a lot lately and it's helping me get a feel of what needs to be exaggerated to keep the likeness of the person as well as giving it a more exciting, stylized look.

Can't wait to see the strut. I'm sure you can pull it off just fine.

Old 09 September 2004   #9
You rock! Keep us posted on this one!

Old 09 September 2004   #10
I know how much of a bitch it is to make a actors face look like him in 3D, so i say good job on this one. The crits for this one would be to widen out the face a bit. The hairline is too sharp. Neck is a little to thin. I think the ear texture should be redone. Love
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Old 09 September 2004   #11
Really cool model, texture is nice too. I haven't actually seen that film but it looks good anyway.

I don't mean for this to sound offensive but there is no way that model is 2906 tris. I'm assuming the model hasn't been triangulated yet. Can you please post the tri count

If that is the tri count and I've made a complete arse of myself I'm sorry.
Old 09 September 2004   #12
that looks great! nothing more to add.

Old 09 September 2004   #13
wasabi, florian, Brötje, jfalconer - muchas gracias!

rpena21 - er, i wasn't really going for a caricature, but i'll take the compliment anyway! i guess one of the inherit problems with LoPo is that there's just not enough geometry to hit the likeness perfectly & it's gonna come off slightly stylized or "close enough" no matter what. oh well, maybe with nextnextgen.

YerEvilTwin - here's one (of several) of the vidcaps from the movie that i used as reference. i did have a wider face at first, but travolta had lost a lot of wieight (like 30 lbs) for this movie and was skinny as a rail. i wanted to capture that. so maybe i did exaggerate something after all.

Oldbean - i'm not offended at all! i take that as a compliment! as far as i can tell from below, he's 2906 faces/tris!

supergracias homies!
w w w . b e a u t i f u l r o b o t . c o m
Old 09 September 2004   #14
Originally Posted by Andy H: WOW

No crits whatsoever - if i HAVE to be critical, its that his suit looks too bright and white, but that kinda adds to it.
Exactly what I was thinking Andy!

This is awesome, I absolutely love it! Fantastic job!

Keep us updated on this one. Any chance you give us the classic pose from the album cover?

"Would ya just watch the hair! Ya know, I spend a long time on my hair and he hit it, he hit my hair"
You ever dream in 3D? It's like the boogeyman is coming straight at ya! -Kramer

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Old 09 September 2004   #15
In that case it's one of the best models I've seen in a while
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