PA Challenge - character/environment - Brian and Joe

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Old 02 February 2002   #1
Cool PA Challenge - character/environment - Brian and Joe

My friend Joe Cosman and I are going to be doing a collaborative piece. He'll be modeling a character, and I'll be handling the environment. Here's what I've got after a couple hours of work this morning:

My idea is to have the bunker entrance be the only visible sign of civilization. In the distance there will be burnt forests, and further still, some snow-capped mountains. I plan on giving the bunker itself some big, imposing looking doors down where that red light is, as well as the requisite grime maps and nurnies.

We'll post more here as we get stuff roughed-in.
Brian "balistic" Prince
"tessellaters gonna tessellate"
digital art / hi-tech soul music
Old 02 February 2002   #2
very sexy... pretty healthy start.

what 3D package are you using?

how are you going to blend the edge of the ground into the concrete? Its something i was wondering how to do with my own work.
Old 02 February 2002   #3
Thanks! Its done in Animation Master .

I'll probably hide the seam with a texture map and some creative placement of rubble/debris. I'm also not opposed to doing post-render painting on any elements that aren't up to snuff . . . at times its vastly easier to do something in a 2D pass.

Thanks again for the feedback Krugar!
Old 02 February 2002   #4
Hey Brian, really looking forward to see your finished image as Ive always liked those old of yours -- just to let ya know

Im curious at what sort of angle you both will take on the final production
Johan Thorngren
Old 02 February 2002   #5
wow, I was just thinking brian should take part in this one. Post apocalyptic landscape would be right up his- and there we were.
Great start.
looking forward to seeing the character work as well.
(ps: to all non am users: Brian and Joe are both pretty famous in the hash (animation master- not the drug) community)
Old 02 February 2002   #6
brian, leav out the nurnies please...
it looks good as it is... just pull the thingies sticking out all the way into the ground. and use less bumps.

I like the way it looks clean and monumental, as though
it implies an ancient tomb. perhaps make it even bigger (shrink the doorway and lessen the slope... would make a more impressive picture, especially if the character is low tech.

Hightech built the place - lowtech inhabits it as the years and radiation "devolved" the humans.

I always think of hightech as less buttons and nurnies and
easier controls.

keep up the good work!
Old 02 February 2002   #7
what the hoodilly are "nurnies"?
Old 02 February 2002   #8
Quote: Originally posted by Krugar
what the hoodilly are "nurnies"?

nurnies are usually associated with speacship and the like, they're little electronic, pipe, or mechanical looking objects that add function/life to a space ship texture, or in this case the entry way in B. Prince's pic.

And Brian, I knew you couldn't resist this one man, I'm anxiously looking forward to your entry and your competitions entry
Old 02 February 2002   #9
Nice start.
So the nurnies are those heatdispersation-like beams-thingys on the side? me confused...
I thought they were meant to fit concrete blocks for extra protection from the radiation
Old 02 February 2002   #10
Ah, we use to call that "greebles"

Nice one Brian. Will this be the final perspective? It would be nice to see more landscape around the entrance instead of only off to the distance.

Keep it up

Old 02 February 2002   #11
Waiting for my laundry to dry I thought I'd take a stab at a character concept. I call his gun "The Cowsplitter"

Not really practical, just having fun.
Brian "balistic" Prince
"tessellaters gonna tessellate"
digital art / hi-tech soul music
Old 02 February 2002   #12
hehe. you could make the handle a little larger and he could use that gun for playing baseball, and or cricket
colour blind but observant pink eye.
Old 02 February 2002   #13
I'm liking this character concept. It's very reminiscent of Fallout Tactics. Love that game. To make it even more intersting, try exaggeratin some parts of him. Experiment. Also, would be cool to see a big ass Energy cell or gas cylinder strapped to his back. Keep it up!

Oh, and a Bio Hazard tatoo on the back of his head would look sweet too.

Old 02 February 2002   #14
funny you mention the "FALLOUT" series... seems like that is all I can get into my head when looking at this topic...

...and that is why I am doing something completely different!

Brian: a fellow UTAH dude... I am actually moving to Seattle soon, but I will miss Utah, I like the style of your character sketch...

Old 02 February 2002   #15
Just thought I'd check in. let y'all know I'm here and interested and racking my brain....

I'll post some sketches sometime soon.
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