Game Art Comp#9 - Rhinoceros - African/Roman Gladiator

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Old 08 August 2004   #1
Game Art Comp#9 - Rhinoceros - African/Roman Gladiator

Hi everybody.

I know I'm entering this late, but I should be capable of getting everything done on time.

Here's my concept:

The year is 80 AD, Emperor Titus rules with an iron fist over the vast entirety of the Roman Empire. Meanwhile on the plains of East Africa, a great warrior chief rules over his chosen people: the ancient tribe of the Kumasi.
His name is Faais, a legendary figure, revered and worshipped by his subjects - a god-like figure in the mythology of his tribe. His coming was foretold centuries ago: the elders spoke of a remarkable child: half man, half rhinocerous - a child of the gods, who would lead their people to salavation. Faais was not born of woman or beast, he simply appeared one day, on the outskirts of the Kumasi village, on the edge of a watering hole. The Kumasi found the child and raised him - training him to be a great warrior.
Emperor Titus' legions march though Africa, laying claim to the land and slaughtering entire villages. It was during a bloody skirmish with Roman legionaires that the Kumasi tribe was exterminated and Faais was captured; The Legion's Centuriate left Kumasi just barely alive - he would be given as a gift to Emperor Titus, and compete in the great gladatorial games. Now Kumasi lives only for Vengeance, the last of his kind, he has sworn revenge on the Centuriate and Titus himself...

So the basic concept is: An African White Rhino, standing on his hind legs, dressed in a mixture of African Tribal garments and Samnite Roman Gladatorial armor. He'll have extensive body paint and ritualistic tatooing, as well as significant scarring. I know the gladatorial games don't exactly qualify as a war, but they are military/battle oriented.

I'll post some shots of the model today.

Old 08 August 2004   #2
ok, here's a couple hours of work, about 2k right now, but haven't done any optimization

Old 08 August 2004   #3
Adding bits of the costume and blocking out colors.

Old 08 August 2004   #4
thats looking sweet, is that 2000 triangles or polys?
i think the shield on his left hand could have a better shape...other than that its good!
could u post some wires?
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Old 08 August 2004   #5
2000 tris. Now it's hovering around 3000 tris though with the accessories. All quads for now, till I get it into Zbrush, then I'll go back and optimize.

The shield is called a scutum, which is the kind of shield this kind of Gladiator commonly carried, a rectangular shield, I'm not so big on the shape either, I might switch it to a circular shield.

K, so for right now I'm done with the Low, tomorrow I'll unwrap and start the zbrush sculpt.



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Old 08 August 2004   #6
I likes. There are a few places that I would have not put so many polys. Example: tip of horn, round thing on the sword, crotch hanging thing. I know it will look nice after its done. I have a question for you that needs answering though. How did you do the hair on thr "arm" texture on your website?
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Old 08 August 2004   #7
Yeah, I haven't optimized it yet, will fix those things.

The hair was hand painted, I just randomly painted a flow of streaks in PS, using standard hard edged circular brush, then lowered opacity and blended.

nothing special.

Old 08 August 2004   #8
i saw it this on your sig and followed, cool to see you trying out the low poly modeling , i cant wait to see what you do with this in zb. i have a question for you now...for your characters when painting textures, did you sample photos or is it all painted from scratch i want to know because your textures look so good and im really trying to learn how to be a good tex. artist so i want to know how you go about it, anyways good stuff kol. hope to see updates soon..ill keep an eye on this one
Old 08 August 2004   #9
Originally Posted by rayfusion: i saw it this on your sig and followed, cool to see you trying out the low poly modeling , i cant wait to see what you do with this in zb.

I'm not exactly trying this stuff out, I do this at work also.
Anyway, yeah, all my textures are hand painted. On the Beast there is a bit of photo, some sort of elephant skin that i used to break up the colors a bit (using a soft light transfer).

Anyway, updates tomorrow.

Old 08 August 2004   #10
That's a nice looking mesh you've got there. Shouldn't the sword be holstered on his left hip, though?
Old 08 August 2004   #11
Thats beautiful topology. I agree with LoTekk that the sword should be on his left hip
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Old 08 August 2004   #12
I don't think Im ever going to have him sheath it, he'll just carry it around with him. I mean, how often is a gladiator going to sheath his sword when he's fighting. I was just placing it there, cause I couldn't think where else to place it.

Anyway, updates soon.

Old 08 August 2004   #13
i think it would be more rhino like if you just went straight hoofs and didn't make it look like feet. Ala Doom cyber demon style.
Old 08 August 2004   #14
Nice work kwak. That topology is real nice and sexy, just the way i like it.
Give the poor bastard a knee cap and some toes already!

Old 08 August 2004   #15
I spent the remaining 500 tris on improving the body and adding more definition. I also rigged him - I love it his shoulders work so well for once.

Dur23, done and done!


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