CGC Challenge Nr.2 - Post Apocalyptic - Guidelines

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  02 February 2002
CGC Challenge Nr.2 - Post Apocalyptic - Guidelines

Guidelines for the 2nd Challenge:

make an image of a post-apocalyptic scene.

there ya go. less then 15. period.

now for a little elaboration,

visualise how earth and it's inhabitants will look like in a nuclear aftermath. It can either be a character, vehicle or environment.
You don't have to model all three subjects, just pick ONE.
You can use whatever application you can get your hands on as long as you are being serious [so no MS Paint pixel-pics pls]

Challenge Focus : Modeling

Templates for subjects

character modeling:

The character should wear a protective mask of some sort.
The character should also wear special protective clothing.
The character has to wear eyeprotection.
The character should wear a special kind of footwear.
The character has to wear a weapon.

vehicle modeling:

The vehicle should run on an alternative fuel.
The alternative fuel tank should be visible from the outside.
The vehicle should exist of alternative materials.

Environment modeling:

The environement has to have buildings.
The buildings have to have special airlocks/entriepoints.
There has to be some sort of plantlife.
The effects of the apocalypse should be clearly visible on the landscape/buildings/natural life

as for ideas, think how the aftermath of a nuclear war will change clothing, housing, traveling and such.

this challenge can be either done in 3D or 2D
for the 2D, you have to sketch a front, back and 3/4th view of your "subject"

if one of these guidelines doesnt fit the character or vehicle etc they can be subsituted with a small description of why.

On a sidenote, the challenge will change a little each time , as it must. But thats what will make it different it will always be about the skill of modeling but focused on different challenges.

and last, the important thing about these challanges is fun.

all mods of the challenge forum have agreed that these are the official guidelines for the 2nd challange.
Well, cept for pascal, but he ain't gonna enter anyways

oh, one last comment by Jean Eric

Quote: NO Buzz Lightyear Submissions

Last edited by Equinoxx : 02 February 2002 at 04:34 AM.
  02 February 2002
i have an idea.....

first off im am bit confused about what the actual challenge is now.
if someone can clarifiy it for me i would greately appreciate it.

moving on with what i think is the challenge,

the idea i have is that we collaborate, this pa image seems to have 3 distinct parts, so im saying lets get together in 3 man teams (or two other people to work with me) to see if we can divide up the work, choose what aspect we want to work on and then set to making the scene.

this is how they do it in the big houses, and it would be a good exercise in cooperation with others and give the people that may be better at chars and not vehicles a chance to enter the contest where they might not have entered before for fear of not being able to complete the challenge.

if i am way offbase here let me know

to start this idea off, i would like to start a 3 man team, my strengths are in architecture and vehicles i am not so good at character modelling (no call for it in my current posistion)(and not a lot of time to experiment) i would like to know if there are any volunteers to work with me to create a pa scene for the current (i think that is the current) challenge

any takers?

joe (email ans msn messenger)

Last edited by joe_snow_jr : 02 February 2002 at 09:42 PM.
  02 February 2002
I really like your idea Joe. I agree that working in a team would be a good exercise.

This challenge is very different than the last, where all/most of the participants had a hand in the guidelines of the Challenge. I prefer that method, but it doesn't need to be the only way - I guess.

I would be interested in working in a team of 3. My background is also in architecture and equipment/vehicles. So maybe there's a way to team up on these two areas. ?? -let me know

  02 February 2002
working in teams is fine with me I think everyone needs to read the post it will describe about as clear as can be to what is going on . We need to try and make fit in this way enables everyone to participate character modelersetc just choose one of the three or team up as a team and do all it doesnt matter just read the guidlines

Its all aobut fun so lets start concepting and sketching and move on everything you need to know should be posted int the thread here and in the other

Hope everyone can be happy and create some good stuff and keep this challenge a positve thing rather than dwell on any flaws it has its about getting together with your peers and bettering skills and expanding your thought s


Travis Bourbeau
aka cerreto
  02 February 2002
Thanks for the clarification Travis.

I commented to the guidelines before I read the other general post for the February Challenge.
  02 February 2002
Teamwork sounds fine but lets quickly set something in the rules to stop Matt and Pascal from teaming up..... EVER

  02 February 2002
YaY!!! Seeing how I am not a character modeler..this is a contest I am going to try my hand at. I was a bit dissapointed with the last challenge being geared only towards those who deal with characters...but now i feel this is the driection all following challenges should head in.

My head is already swimming with ideas...this is I need to get my butt in gear and start getting some concept sketches done....
  02 February 2002
Even within this thread people were still making suggestions, but mine are deleted.

I made my suggestions while everyone was still making theirs, yet mine were deleted. This isn't an open forum.

My suggestion even conceded to the "PA" theme. Yet mine was the only one deleted.

Seems this is just as much a "private club" like other places. Really sad.

I will be doing an entry based on the above. I challenge lildragon's to be better than mine. There's a challenge for you.
  02 February 2002
Quote: Originally posted by vertex
Teamwork sounds fine but lets quickly set something in the rules to stop Matt and Pascal from teaming up..... EVER

For then the world would really be ours! Mwhahaha

dingo: Just for the record I've liked your suggestions (but don't start a flame war here...)
Matt Clark
The Pixel Hive

Last edited by Matt-Clark : 02 February 2002 at 12:23 AM.
  02 February 2002
Thanks Matt,

nope no flames, and this heineken I am drinking right now put out all my flames. Done with it.

I am just gonna try my best to kick arse with the guidelines that exist. And then challenge said moderator at the end of it all.
  02 February 2002

as it is a forum about challenges...

why should there be only one challenge ?!? I don't understand...

It's not something official like the 3Dluvr contest for exemple, it's a forum which name is "challenges"...

so people can propose challenges and people should be free to choose...that's the purpose of a can't force someone on a forum to speak or to do whatever you want to !!!!

I mean in the job forum for exemple, there is not only one offer !!!! (well maybe there should be !!! I'm still looking )

For the moment it's not a very official thing you could find on the cgchannel front page...with official rules and all the official thing a contest could have...
it's not even a contest...

I don't want to bother but I feel sad the way dingo is treaten !!!!

(above all because maybe he's not as famous or as good as others... (nothing personnal here )) )

sometimes good and simple things happens just once...
"When I watch myself in a mirror, I see the wireframe..." (J.Banana)
Digital Banana Studio

Last edited by baby : 02 February 2002 at 12:48 AM.
  02 February 2002
what are your suggestions again dingo? I don't want anybody to feel rejected by the challenges and challengers, but in the same time, you have to go with the flow somehow.... like in fightclub: Slliiiiiiiiide
btw I agree with Baby : there could be more than one contest, I'ts just a question of organisation.. Am I wrong?

dingo you made me thirsty: gonna have beer too.. cheers!
-- pascal blanché --
- - " If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes... " (Roy, Nexus 6). - - -

Last edited by pascal_blanche : 02 February 2002 at 12:42 AM.
  02 February 2002
I think that Jean Eric mentioned that this time around, the challenge would be more formal. From what I understand, Jean has left the nature of the challenge up to the mods on this forum, but after all that has been decided, it would then go into a more formal structure, complete with all the perks that usually go with a competitive undertaking such as this.

And as for Dingo. Stuff happens man. If you don't like the challenge, then don't participate. I mean, no one is forcing you to. I'm glad you have a fire under your arse now, and hopefully you will create some awesome work from that energy.

Hmm so what kind of timeframe are we talking about here?

p.s. Pascal, I wish you'd reconsider getting in on this competition. I was looking forward to the rivalry.
  02 February 2002
I am sliding now

Seriously I am cool. Yesterday I fought over the PA theme, I conceded victory to that, thus tryed to offer guidelines based on that, get a vote and get it going. But hey, it's already going. I might use some of my guidelines for my entry.

Really I'm cool. Just gotta do something now that kicks booty.

Beer is good.

Here was what I wrote:

The Scout Challenge - Vote Here!
One character & One form of transportation

(if you choose to enhance your entry with an environment that's cool)

Post Apocalyptic Tribal Scout (1000years from now), and the scout's transportation. Weather- extreme, either extremely cold or extremely hot in different areas no in between. You choose how your character dresses, or their transportation.


1. His/Her Job is to seek out and negotiate with other tribes
2. He/She has a breathing aparatus, a knife, a compass, walking stick, a gun, a tattoo, canteen


1. Has a light (could be a spotlight, or a candle, doesn't matter)
2. Has at least one visible wheel

Please respond to this post with only "YES" or "NO".
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