Game Art Comp #9: Bison - 9th Cavalry US Civil War

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Old 07 July 2004   #1
Game Art Comp #9: Bison - 9th Cavalry US Civil War

More often known as the "Buffalo Soldier" (a nickname given to the African-American troops of the 9th and 10th cavalry by the Cheyenne and Comanche as a sign of respect). First off, awesome topic...this one definitely got me thinking and gives all the participants a chance for an original piece as opposed to working off of someone else's concept art. I had a few ideas for this contest and I'm still not 100% on this one, but its the best I got so far. (I always tend to lean either Medieval or Samurai with my concepts so I wanted to break from that). Hopefully this won't be too cliche or obvious, but I dont remember ever seeing a character like this...let me know if you guys think its too obvious or common place because I'm trying to do something original and I have a few other directions I could go. Thanks, concept will be coming soon.
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Concept Sketch

Well, finally sat down today and hammered out a concept sketch. Colors are pretty rudimentary and I'm not too proud of it, but it gets the point across. Should get through the templates in a day or two.

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Old 07 July 2004   #3
massive.. can't wait to see him 3d..

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Old 07 July 2004   #4
Wow. Thats a nice drawing! I think the consept works exellent.
I look forward to see whats coming off it.
Old 07 July 2004   #5
Great Concept man. thats one mean a$$ bision. ya we should def through are civil war vets together. Looking forward to seeing this guy finished. great job.
Ed Brillant

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Old 07 July 2004   #6
Thanks for the comments guys, I'm hopefully going to try and keep his poly count low cause I want to give him a few different weapons - rifle, sword, pistol - and a horse if possible, since he is a cavalry member and all. Maybe get a concept up w/ the horse, I don't know yet. Will probably work on the model sheets tonight and maybe start modeling, we'll see
Old 07 July 2004   #7
i wonder are you going to make a large horse or small? small would be pretty darn funny...but a large would probably fit better. good luck man
Ed Brillant

the artist makes the art not the brush.
Old 07 July 2004   #8
Its going to be small, but thats kind of the challenge. i want it to not look out of place even though its going to be small. Its going to be modelled off a stock horse build, their shorter and stronger - so it shouldn't look too bad or out of place *hopefully*
Old 07 July 2004   #9
Lovely sketch!

One thing, Bison are recognisable mostly due to their really large heads. This one is looking a lot more like a bull right now...

Good work though, I think this should translate nicely to 3d!
Old 07 July 2004   #10
Yeah, its kind of hard to tell from the sketch, it does look more like a bull. I'm going to make the head bigger in the model and make the hump behind his back more pronounced also. I always have a habit of making my heads too small in my drawings. Thanks for the comment dargon. I'll try to fix the problem in the model sheet, i just wanted to get the concept out there...
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No prob! Just tryin to help!
Old 07 July 2004   #12
Thanks for the comments everyone - here's the template I'm going to model off from, its not perfect - half because I'm too lazy to make it perfect, half because I just want to start modelling, and half because I just like going with the flow of things anyways....I alway's figured the templates were really more whatcha call guidlines den actual rules...hopefully start modelling tommorow

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Great Concept

As soon as I saw your idea I thought, "Damn, how come I didn't think of that!" I'm of African American decent and I've known and admired the Buffalo Soldiers. Check out the movie Glory if you haven't seen it.....excellent movie and may have some good reference material. Great concept drawing.
Theo "The-O Zone" Quarles
Old 07 July 2004   #14
Looking great, I like the side sketch moreso than the front sketch... In the front sketch, the arm looks a little too flat... Make it round, he's got muscles! His arm is not only flat, BUt very thin... If you look at the side sketch, you'll see that the shoulder is pretty gigantic, but once you look at the side sketch... It doesn't look very poprotional for him to be having such a huge shoulder, and such a thin arm

EDIT: after looking at it a couple of more times, I realized that his arm was not so thin... It's just flat... Though what would make it look less out of place, if his arm was not so close to the body, That way you could see where his shoulder is, right now, without the sidesketch, I wouldn'thave been able to tell where the shoulder is

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Old 07 July 2004   #15
Proudclod - thanks for the reply, yeah, I realize the arm is flat....thats pretty much just out of lazyness. Essentailly all I want the template for is to rough in the big shapes, then I'll just sculpt it after I have the basic shapes in not basing it off the template, but more off the concept sketch.
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