Game Art Competition #7 Submissions

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Old 05 May 2004   #1
Game Art Competition #7 Submissions

Gameart Competition #7 Submissions
Submissions only.

Deadline is May 20th so make sure you enter in time!

Only Judges will post their comments along with their scores, Non-Judges can comment on work in the respective artists WIP thread. Any enquiries or comments on the competition in general can be made in the Game comp #7 thread.

No more than 5 pictures per post. I recommend you to compile what you can into collages, or have the least intresting image as a link. In the few cases where 2 characters are submitted, they MUST be entered as seperate submissions.

Please make single pose images no larger than 800x600, and collages no larger than 1024x768.

Post the following info along with your entry:

Cartoon Character
Series / Film in which it is from
Polycount (triangles, not quads)
3D Software used

1) Reference image/s of your selected character. As clear as you can get them, showing as much of the character as possible - especially if it is a little known character. This makes life easier for the judges.

2) 1 perspective view, 1 orthographic front view, and 1 orthographic side view screencaps of the model. They should be viewport captures of the solid wireframe view mode (or equivalent), with no texturing visible. Compile the 3 views into one image.
Make sure you use default viewport lighting and hide any items that may obscure these screencaps (bones, lights, cameras etc..)

3) Selection of perspective images showing off your character at different angles, or in different poses (if rigged). Images should be compiled into one picture, and it must be no bigger than 1024x768.
Cel shading / inking can be used if desired, as long as looks like it would be possible in a game engine.
If cel shading cannot be acheived, then the model should be shown with a high luminosity value (or equivalent). In other words, most or all of the light and colour coming off your model should be coming from the texture. Lights and shadows should barely affect it. All views / poses must be against a plain white background.

4) Show us the texture for the character.
One 256 image showing the texture used. If you want, you can overlay the UVs on top to show them unwrapped.

5) A single posed image - Pose your model and render it with a background. Render it as you see fit, and use whatever methods you feel will portray it well. There are no limitations other than the model must be posed. If your model is not rigged, then it must be deformed into a pose. Make the image no bigger than 800x600.

Each judge will award points to the top 3 entries they like the most.
3 points for 1st
2 points for 2nd
1 point for 3rd

Judging will be based on the following:

Likeness - Does the model look like the character as he appears in the cartoon.

Mesh construction / flexibility - How well is the mesh created, how efficient is the poly placement, and would the mesh be able to perform well in an animation using the extreme poses that can be required for cartoon animation.

UVW Mapping - Good use of texture space? Is the object unwrapped well?
Texturing - Does the painted texture emulate the look of the cartoon?

Appeal - How does the end result look? Was it executed well? Both technically and aesthetically.

If theres anything else that the judges would like to add, they can do so.

Judges are:
Andy H

Judging will take place between Thursday May 20th and Tuesday May 25th. The winner will be announced when all available judges have cast their votes.

Good luck!

Thanks to Happosai311 for some of the text from the previous comp.

Last edited by Andy H : 05 May 2004 at 11:01 PM.
Old 05 May 2004   #2
Andy H - Dogtanian - Dogtanian 7 the 3 Muskehounds

Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds
1483 Triangles
Maya 5


Wireframe views:



Beauty render:
Old 05 May 2004   #3
Steyn - Daggett - Angry Beavers

Angry Beavers
1477 Triangles
3DSMax 6


Wireframe views:



Beauty render:
Old 05 May 2004   #4
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo
1498 tris
3Dsmax 5.0




Beauty render
Online portfolio:
Old 05 May 2004   #5
Cuckoo man
Mighty Heroes
1390 triangles
3dsmax 5.1

Old 05 May 2004   #6
Rick Hunter
1499 triangles
Maya 5




Old 05 May 2004   #7
KMan - Pink Panther - The Pink Panther

Pink Panther
The Pink Panther
1500 tris
Max 6





Final Render:
The Man... The Myth... The Legend...
Character Artist - Warhammer Online
Mythic Entertainment

Last edited by KMan : 05 May 2004 at 11:58 PM.
Old 05 May 2004   #8
kungfubilly - Hong Kong Phooey - Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey
Hong Kong Phooey
1498 triangles
modeled in Maya 5, rendered in Max 6





Beauty Render:
Rory Young
Old 05 May 2004   #9
Lekku - GIR - Invader Zim

Invader Zim
1500 tris
3D Max 5



Note: The black mesh is for the outline. It gives a better effect than Max's Ink & Paint material, but sacrifices polys.


Texture Link

Beauty Render:
My Portfolio
The Guildhall at SMU

Last edited by Lekku : 06 June 2004 at 06:01 PM.
Old 05 May 2004   #10
Eclipse - Drake Mallard - Darkwing Duck

Drake Mallard
Darkwing Duck
1486 Tris
Lightwave 7.5

Referance image:




Old 05 May 2004   #11
Before the judging commends, I think Kman (pink panther) and Eclipse3d (darkwing duck) should check their links to the pics. I do not see your pics.

I think it's only fair if me and the other judges get to see your pics for the final judgement can be made.
"Although all of this remains quite questionable"
[ Strange Behaviour ][ Sketchbook] [ Little Chicken ]
Old 05 May 2004   #12
Quote: Originally posted by Supervlieg
Before the judging commends, I think Kman (pink panther) and Eclipse3d (darkwing duck) should check their links to the pics. I do not see your pics.

I think it's only fair if me and the other judges get to see your pics for the final judgement can be made.

We are both hosting them on the Gamespy network, so if it goes down for a littlw bit, neither of ours show . They should work now tho.
Old 05 May 2004   #13
Quote: Originally posted by Eclipse3D
We are both hosting them on the Gamespy network, so if it goes down for a littlw bit, neither of ours show . They should work now tho.

They dont show up on my comp, any other way to show the final results?
"Although all of this remains quite questionable"
[ Strange Behaviour ][ Sketchbook] [ Little Chicken ]
Old 05 May 2004   #14
Not sure why it's being blocked from your end. I zipped up the images and put them on my site, but if you're having problems there, I don't know if this will even work for you.
The Man... The Myth... The Legend...
Character Artist - Warhammer Online
Mythic Entertainment
Old 05 May 2004   #15
I can see everyones. No problems here... so here we go.

All rigged up and everything. Even the mouth. Very nice. Oh i noticed the eyebrows too. You always pay attention to the details, that's what impresses me. Since your textures are all flat, i question the need for so many poly in the area around the ankles for example. Wouldn't a simple single cut to fold it over work? You've added divisions to give the clothing a more realistic fit, but since you're rendering with no shadows or anything else, it's all lost in the flat cell shade. But that is what you wanted anyway... so it's a toss up i guess. I'd like to see it look a little more like a lance, and less like a sword. A little thinner and longers. Minor grip. Textures are cleanly layed out. (well as clean as you can get with solid color fills) I'd like to see some more smoother edges on the hat and a little more 'wave' to it (as in the pictures). I know polys were short to begin with.

The final render looked a little muddy from the start. Then when i looked at your texture sheet, it was evident why. It wasn't layed out as well as it could have been. Even though it's all solid colors anyway (pretty much), out of habit, you should still make the space count. I don't think it was necessary to waste polys on the hair on his chest. That could have been done on the texture map. And i think you could have cut the divisons in the fingers and toes down... becaues it's rendered solid black and it looks very linear in the end anyway. The nose looks blurry (agian, a problem with the texture map laying out)

Forearms appear a lot more linear in the reference, than they do in the model. Possibly cut out some segments there? I think that pose is very good, but it would be a bitch to rig from that. I don't watch the cartoon, but if he turns his head, can you see his glasses being seperate? In the model, you made ti part of the texture sheet. is that correct? I would have made the hair a lot bigger on the texture sheet, so that the lines don't look blurry. the neck/arms and everything else that is solid beige can just be layed over itself. Not a good habit, but would free up room for you. His build is very good and matches your reference very well. Nice job.

haha, funny character. First difference i notice is that the tail features have no texture/detail. That is missing from the refernce. The eyes could also use a highlite on them. Should his hand be skin or yellow? I think the mo-hawk on his head should come to a point more, and look less blocky. Which you would actually save polys there anyway. The H looks kinda blurry. But this is probably the most highpoly looking character so far in teh competition. Even though you kept it under teh minimum, good work.

Ok, now this one is the most highpoly looking. See i told you guys not to allow anime in this, because now this one looks better than the rest, even though you're comparing humans to dogs to beavers. I think his knees could be thinner and higher up. More of the exaggerated pose, and less realistic as you've done. I love the pose of him running. His head looks a little more masculine and squared off and less feminine and slender as the reference shows. I like the belt. and I like that all the stripes in the outfit don't look blurry. You should have mirrored his face though, and rotated the pieces so that you are painting stripes horz. or vertically. It will look better, than diagonally.

Sweet work. First off, i think the face should be longer. Atleast judging from the reference of him standign at the wall. Were alphas allowed? He bends very nicely at the elbows and knees. He carries himself like the character nicely. Looks very light of foot. Except the tail. I know it's a bitch to get something smooth off a low poly model, but it just looks rigid in comparison to his pose. and i think you have enough segments there to work with, just needs to be tweaked differently. The belly texture looks nice and i like how you did his toes. Eveything flows very well. nothing else to say. I don't care for the beauty pose, but then again, i'm not really gonna use that render to chose a winnner.

Robe looks very blurry. Look at your texture sheet, all those beige pieces could be put on top of each other with no difference to the final look. I would work the smoothing groups some more. I see it was done in maya, the harden/soften is your friend. I would have liked to see more the cartooney mouth and less of the realistic opening mouth. I noticed you animated the eyebrows too. Ear edges look very sharp though. hands look a little too big. IMO. I would have cut out bellow the belt too, as you did above the belt. Help seperate it from the mesh more.

This is 1500 tris? where? I think it could have been done in less. I would hav kept the ears as straight edged and not sliced in half. Now it just looks like it 'could have been smoother, but didn't', as appose to 'never was meant to be smooth'. Wait... did you cut out behind the eyeballs? why?

Looks like his build is too strong for teh character. Looks too muscular. Hat looks pretty good, but only have 1 render to tell. After seeing how well the others turned out with cell shading, i would have just gone that route too. the folds in the clothes didn't turn out that great. Same goes for the hat. I would have just left it more solid and less highlited. Just looks blurry now. Feet are missing some lines as in the reference. I think the hat top needs to be more rounded and less hat-top like.

In general as such low poly, they all looked very similar and i had to be picky inorder to chose a winner. So please dont' think i'm a dick and just being picky for no reason. This was a great instance where i got to see cell shading serve a good purpose. There was a rash of videogames that came out with cellshading that served no purpose to be done in that style. This did server a purpose.

KMAN = 3
ANDY = 2
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