VC++ with Maya 5

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  04 April 2004
Arrow VC++ with Maya 5

hi everyone!


i've been searching for a quite a time & i had visited a lot of web sites and downloaded a lot of things........ but still can't find what i want to know..... its really strange, what i want to find is actually such basic things that should be full of examples and references on web......

ok, this is what i'm into...............

1st: i want to develop a network (multiplayer) 3D RPG game (something like ragnarok online).....

2nd: i want to use Maya 5 (i only have this...) to program with visual c++............

  1. 1stly, i've choosen to use vc++ because i found out that a lot of graphical games or softwares are not coded from vb..... (i'm better in vb) and maya is using c++... i would like everyone's comments on choosing lang. to program such games...... AND i dont know if i need to use win32 or console... i guess console is not able to handle those 3D, right??
  2. this is the main problem...... (i'm basic with vc++ & maya) i dont know how to get started! what i mean is, i dont know what to do, and how to do, to code vc++ to load the (Maya *.mb/*.ma) scenes, characters, etc... and dont know how to control them... like controlling the character to go left/right/etc with mouse.... etc.

i know i'm asking something that sound newbie to you, but i can learn, i'm fast in learning programming... now, i just need help from everyone on the instructions of intergrating Maya with vc++ to create a mouse-oriented rpg game...

Quote: does anyone know what ragnarok (or other developers on similar 3D network rpg game) use to create their game???
  04 April 2004
Check out and go straight to the newb section ( that is beginner tutorials and such) that should be agreat help. They show you how to write your own engine among other things.
  04 April 2004
thanks for your reply... but i had already been there previously...

it is a kind of whole junk of information, and that is not very easy for me to go through, skipping topics just to get a portion of it, which is inaccessible directly by any form of effective search...

so, i want a direct guideline and instructions by experienced programmers... this way will solve my problem faster...
Quote: i dont have much time, i'm doing the game by an offer, and i'm limited to few days for "submitting him my project proposal", hope everyone can understand my difficulties

again, i thank you for your advice, i appreciate it...
  04 April 2004
To read in a maya scen you'd basically have to use the Maya libraries to parse the maya scene file for you. Maya scenes are basically MEL code to tell maya how to build the scene.

It may be better creating a Maya export plugin to export just the information you are interested in. This also means you can control the format and have some freedom to restructure it (or use a simple one such as .obj etc which would be easier to parse).

For Maya API programming Complete Maya Programming by David Gould is very good. Also has some good stuff. You may also want to look at the Maya docs

Gettting the data you want out of Maya is a pretty big project. Programming a 3D game is even bigger (never mind creating all the characters, texturing and animating them). Good luck!

Is this a college proposal? If so it might be better to get it a bit more focussed such as just creatin a Maya exporter to display a model in an OpenGL program. You can add animation, camera moves, texturing etc if you have time.

  04 April 2004
thanks for the info on maya... that should help on the mel section...

mm... but still not solution to my main problem... let me phrase it again:

i want to know what's AFTER maya exporting (no matter with format), which engine to use that will also be on c++ programming (or other lang if u suggest)...

what's on my mind is to use directx sdk with c++, please give comments on my idea... AND if you agreed, please help me started with some really basic tutor specifically on Maya -> directx -> c++

Thanks for everyone to drop by and commented!!!!!!
  04 April 2004
Also, in addition to Si's info, here's a couple of URLs that you might want to try ...

You may want to look at exporting models in the Wavefront .obj format from Maya and then finding a loader to use the ASCII file format. Try & for a loader + code.

Hope that helps?

  04 April 2004
Nice links there Dan - cheers.

For the actual graphics I would recommend using OpenGL rather than DirectX (DirectX might be OK for input). The syntax is much nicer and you can port it to other OSes if you want to.

There are some really good OpenGL tutorials here which walk you through the basics. There are also ports to several languages/systems although the main one is for Windows. You can also use different Windowing systems to contain your OpenGL window - GLUT is probably the simplest and easiest to use, but also limitted if you want anything more than a window (eg menus, 2D controls etc).

Nehe also covers basic interaction such as hndling mouse movements and 3D picking.

If you really, really want to use DirectX there is an equivilant tutorial website at I'd compare there styles and see which one you prefer.

  04 April 2004

Check out the Torque game engine. It supports many file formats such as MD2 or MD3 for models and objects. I'm sure you can also find Maya export plugins that will export your models right into MD2/3 format. Handling the world/level is more complicated, but with a game engine and some tools, it'll be less work for you.

Finally, if you're serious about making a game, sign up for a few classes at

I'm working my way through the DX9 course right now. Prices is cheaper than going to a full 4 year college, but then again the material is probably not as in depth. Each course is between $120-$150 and last several months.
  05 May 2004
Quote: For the actual graphics I would recommend using OpenGL rather than DirectX (DirectX might be OK for input). The syntax is much nicer and you can port it to other OSes if you want to.

1. why is it openGL is better in direct reason??
2. is directx lousy?? not really good at doing graphic, 3d, ani??
3. is it that directx is not recommended for network games??? why?

but i'm using directx8.1, doesnt it be a good version?? and i'm not familiar with openGL and C++... that's why...

i've currently decided to use VB and directx8.1 (dx9 is not supporting vb, only vb .net, if not i will use it... )

so, comments on my decision please.......
  05 May 2004
Not sure!! OpenGL is a hell of a lot easier to write, especially for graphics coding, although (at the moment) DirectX has a lot more features, and is more suited for games.
  05 May 2004
oh thanks... well... maybe i'll take another look at openGL before i start touching on the codes...

where can i get a good (real good) source of info & tutor on openGL for 3D game dev??
  05 May 2004
Quote: Originally posted by godtrix
where can i get a good (real good) source of info & tutor on openGL for 3D game dev??

NeHe is the best place for beginners into C++/OpenGL. Go through the lessons there and you will learn fast.
  05 May 2004
Quote: Originally posted by godtrix
oh thanks... well... maybe i'll take another look at openGL before i start touching on the codes...

where can i get a good (real good) source of info & tutor on openGL for 3D game dev??

Man you really need to learn to help yourself a little more. Look on Amazon. Tons (literally) of books on programming. Search on Google for OpenGL, DirectX, programming. Lots of links.

It sounds like you are trying to move to the head of the class without having to learn anything. It takes a long time to learn all the details of programming C++, DirectX, OpenGL and games.
You can't expect to learn it overnight.

  05 May 2004
i've done my hard work surfing whole world for info... i'm always getting something not quite useful... that's why i asked if anyone would know any source that is directly to my needs...

well, of cos i'll listen... so, i'll try do my searching again... thanks for your advice...

cod3gen: great, but erm... what is nehe? what url?
  05 May 2004
Beginning OpenGL Game Programming
by Dave Astle, Kevin Hawkins

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