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  03 March 2004
Question Painter Drips

Ok, I'm a bit new to painter, i've only used it for a few months. I was just wondering if anyone knew a way to make dripping paint without actually having to draw it. I was hoping to find a brush or brush setting that would allow drips of paint where ever.

Any help would be appreciated.
  03 March 2004

Liquid Ink

One easy way to create drips or splatters using Painter is to paint them with the Painter 7 or Painter 8 Liquid Ink variants.

To paint a drip, I'd suggest using the Liquid's Smooth Round Nib variant though you may find other Liquid Ink variants you like better. That's the one I like for this purpose.

To paint splatters, use the Liquid's Graphic Bristle variant and tap on the Liquid Ink Layer. You'll need to experiment to get the splatter effect the way you want it, by tapping several times in various areas of the Liquid Ink Layer, and adjusting Brush Size as needed.

To add thickness to your Liquid Ink brushstrokes, in the Layers list, double click the Liquid Ink Layer and adjust the Amount slider. This can be done as many times as you want as long as the Liquid Ink Layer is not converted by you to a Default Layer.

To adjust density of the brushstroke, move the Threshold slider.

Again, experiment with the Threshold and Amount sliders to get the desired effect.

Rowen Dodds' Dodds Ink Splatter Brush and Nozzle

For another kind of splatter, take a look at Rowen Dodds' Ink Splatter Brush. It's a Painter 6 and earlier version brush library (.BRS file) and there's also a Nozzle library (.NZL file). These are available to download in a ZIP file, for either Mac or PC.

Dodds Ink Splatter

After the ZIP file is extracted, place the .BRS and .NZL files in the main Painter application folder.

If you're using Painter 7 or Painter 8, the .BRS file will need to be converted (by Painter) to .XML files and folders so it can be used in these Painter versions:

Inside Painter, to load the brush library (.BRS file), use the Load Library command. When the Brush Libraries dialog box opens, click the Import button and locate the .BRS file, click the Open button, wait while Painter converts the .BRS file to .XML brush variant files and folders, and when the brush library name appears in the Brush Libraries dialog box list, highlight it and hit the Load button.

When you paint with this brush, it will use the Secondary Color (rear color square at the lower left corner of the Painter 7 Art Materials palette's Colors section or Painter 8 Colors palette).

In the Painter 7 Art Materials palette's Nozzles section, scroll to the bottom of the Nozzles list and click Load Library. In Painter 8, click the Nozzle Selector icon located at the bottom of the Painter 8 Tools palette, click the small triangle in the upper right corner of the Nozzle Selector and choose Open Library. Locate the .NZL file and click the Open button.

To paint with the Dodds Ink Splatter Nozzle, you'll first need to load the default Painter Brushes library and choose the Image Hose brush category.

This is an unusual Nozzle with unusual behavior, which can make it kind of fun if you know how to handle it:

Like the Dodds Ink Splatter brush, the Dodds Ink Splatter Nozzle paints using the Secondary Color. It also paints in various ways depending on where the Grain slider is set. In its default state, it will paint only a grey outline of the splatters. Move the Grain slider all the way to the left and it will paint solid color. Move it to the middle, and it will paint grey splatters with a slightly darker grey outline.

If you paint using either the Dodds Ink Splatter brush or the Dodds Ink Splatter Nozzle on a Layer, you can easily change the splatters' color:

In the Painter 7 Art Materials palette's Layers section or the Painter 8 Layers palette, check the Preserve Transparency box, choose a color, then use Ctrl/Command+F to Fill, Using: Current Color.

Since both the Dodds Ink Splatter brush and the Dodds Ink Splatter Nozzle paint flat color, if you want to add a slight thickness to the splatters, use Effects > Surface Control > Apply Surface Texture, Using: Image Luminance, and adjust the Softness (just a little to the right) and the Amount sliders until you get the desired result (check in the Preview window to see how it looks), then click the OK button.

Happy Dripping and Splattering!
  03 March 2004
Talking Thanks!

Thanks a lot. That helped so much.
  03 March 2004

Happy to hear it helped.

I tried to edit my message to include five small demo images but apparently that's too many so I guess we'll have to do without all of them.

Here are three (the others were Dodds Ink Splatters which you can see on his site anyway):

Liquid Ink Drip

Liquid Ink Splatters

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  03 March 2004
Thanks again Jinny. I allways go to threads where I see you've answered. I think you have so much usefull painter knowledge stored in your head(makes me wonder how you are in the kitchen and other parts of life since something's gotta give). I'm not envious which is odd for me since I usually get at least a little jealous of people who are more knowledgable than I am. I'm just grateful. And you've done it again here. Note I'm not going to be using this info anytime soon. But it's good to know the info's here for when I do need it

I'm wonderring though if there's anyway to tone down the shininess of the drips. For example...sometimes when painting rocks, sand, or stucco(brick too) in real life you can use a stiff bristled brush or tooth brush with thin/runny paint and make splatters to create an illusion of texture and depth. I know the best way to learn is to get in there and experiment, but if you allready found the key why not share it?

This is a bit off topic but I wish there was an alarm I could put on my computer that would work so that every day no matter what I'm doing a splash screen would appear an sort of yell at me in big letters TIME TO GO PLAY WITH PAINTER!!!!! That would be so awesome...especially with a timer set to 30 or 60 minutes...I could close any current projects and turn off my internet connection and just play. Kind of like recess for grown-ups How cool would that be? Wonderring if I should put things on hold after finishing the piece I'm working on now and create an applet or mini-program to do just that.

I'm going to send you a private message about this in case you don't see this post any time soon about the following: Dagda's question was moved but is Painter specific. I helped as best as I could but being a newbie myself(just started using Painter this year) I couldn't help as well as you could. He needs help with brushes though his/her(not sure which) thread says in the subject part that he/she needs help painting trees. Dagda orderred some nozzles from a site speciallizing in nozzles and image hoses. I understand now he/she will do some paintiing over and is just using the hoses(I thought they are called nozzles in Painter). I tried to explain the variable brushes and how to change your variants to make sparser bristled brushes and so on but I think I may have accidentally caused more confusion than help. Maybe you could check in and help out. I know you're busy but I just thought you may not have checked out the thread since it was moved and Painter is more your forte than other 2D programs out there.
  03 March 2004
Hi Nolita,

You would have to ask how I am in the kitchen! When my kids were growing up, I was fine, not great. Now I'm just about as lazy as a person can be.. and you don't even want to ask about the rest of my house! Yes, some thing(s) do have to give, and they have.

Using Liquid Ink, we can adjust the thickness using the Amount slider and that, I would think, would tone down the shininess. Also, the Liquid Ink Layer could be converted to a Default Layer (Layers palette menu > Convert to Default Layer), the Preserve Transparency box checked (at the top of the Layers palette), and one could paint over the Liquid Ink brushstrokes to add "texture". That's only one method that comes to mind at the moment.

I got your PM and responded a few minutes ago.

In Painter, the Image Hose brush category has to be selected in order to paint using a Nozzle.
  03 March 2004
sorry bare with me. I just may be doing this wrong. The ink definately works great but I was really looking for a setting that would allow the 'paint' to drip or bleed. I tend to have a problem repeating myself if I draw a drip by hand. I'm not used to using painter 8, or painter on pc for that matter, and having problems finding settings that allow the paint to run down the canvas.

I have a feeling that what I want to do really isn't possible but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  03 March 2004
this may be impossible...or else it's one of those things you'll have to experiment with and find out for yourself
  03 March 2004
Yeah. I just could have sworn there was a brush I played with at school that would just drip down the canvas long after i stopped painting. Painter 8 is just set up so much differently than the version we have at school. I'm not sure if it's a mac to pc difference or just a version difference but I'm not finding a lot of the palletes I'm used to.

Thanks for your help though,
  03 March 2004
Hi MauiMallard,

The only Painter 7 and Painter 8 brush category that has animated brush variants is the Water Color category. Some of the Water Color variants contain the word "Runny" in their names. Using those variants, the paint will run a little depending on how the Brush Creator, Stroke Designer's Water Section Direction dial and Force slider are set.

The resulting brushstrokes won't have the smooth look that Liquid Ink has, though, since they interact with the currently chosen Paper texture.

You could draw a drip shaped selection, then paint inside the selection using the Liquid Ink variant I suggested earlier, or any brush variant you like.

If you save the selection, you can load it again and repeat the procedure. To move the selection to another location, click the S key, click and hold, then drag the selection where you want it. It will apply to whichever Layer (or the Canvas) is highlighted in the Layers list.

Another method:

If you want several drips that look exactly the same you could just copy the first one and paste it as many times as you want.

Hope this helps a little. You're just going to have to experiment 'til you find the best solution.

Good luck!

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  03 March 2004
actually the problem i have is i do repeat myself. when i draw by hand, i don't know what is, but just subconsiously a lot of my drips look simular. like they have simular bends or are space too evenly. I was hoping I could find a brush that simulated drips better so I wouldn't run into the repetitive problem I have.

thanks for all you're help though. The liquid ink does give a much better look that I had before.

thanks again.
  03 March 2004
you could try this

I don't know how you feel about filters. I do know eye-candy 4000 comes with an adjustable/somewhat customizable drip filter. Maybe you could use it to make your drips appear to be random and then just go over the filter by hand to get the exact effect you want. Not quite the same thing though is it?
  03 March 2004

You are brilliant! Thanks for waking me up by mentioning drip filters.

Painter has two Dynamic Plugin Layers that can be used to make drips, among other things:

Liquid Lens

Liquid Metal

Instructions for using these two are in the Painter 8 User Guide, Chapter 16 Using Dynamic Plugins, the sections named Liquid Lens (and all of its sub sections) and Liquid Metal (and al of its sub sections).

Don't know why I completely forgot about them.

drip, drip, drip....
  04 April 2004
Sorry I haven't checked out this forum or any other in a really long time. Installed windows xp...ran a virus(don't know how...wasn't even using kazaa or any other p2p program). When I tried to reinstall it kept installing all wrong. The help section at Microsoft gave updating bios as a solution to the error messages I kept getting. I went to my mobo manufacturer's site and don't ask me how cause I can't wrap my brain around it myself...I seem to have flashed my bios to older instead of newest...then my cd from sbc was wonky.

Long story short I've really been missing Painter and I'm using ME for now till I figure out what the problem is.

I remember seeing liquid metal. I didn't realize it was so adjustable though...I just tried it for writing my signature(very cool for simple but so, well, nifty.

  01 January 2006
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