Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Joshua Nitschke

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  03 March 2004
Machineflesh 3D Challenge Entry: Joshua Nitschke

Joshua Nitschke has entered the Machineflesh 3D Challenge.

  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: Head

This is the head of my character. I'll post the whole story behind him when I upload the body image.

  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: Right Arm

This is the right arm of my character. I'll post the whole story behind him when I upload the body image.

  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: Left Arm

This is the left arm of my character. I'll post the whole story behind him when I upload the body image.

  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: The full body. Minus the head.

<put in wrong image, sorry>

Last edited by Virum : 03 March 2004 at 06:21 AM.
  03 March 2004
Concept Sketch: The full body. Minus the head.

Here is the full body.


As the world ages, the technology of man improves, and is put to good use. Too bad good is a relative term.

War will always plague the world of men. It has always been, and always will be. Technology always give rise to new weapons, capable of destroying countless lives.

More technology must be developed to counter this offensive technology.

The LDD (Landmine Detector Dude) unit is an example of both kinds of technology; a defensive unit, but at the same time helping the offensive movement.

This is a unit who's one purpose is to protect the advancing troops of a nation. A common military technique to hinder impending invasion is to make the very ground they walk on a weapon.


This soldier has been created to find landmines and destroy them: it is his task, his purpose.

However, the nation who created this unit is short of personnel, mainly because those who haven't died in the war are still fighting in it. Landmine removal is very dangerous, and causes the deaths of countless people.

Since using their own people is not an option for this nation, they must think up an alternative:

They must use the enemy's.


LDD Unit Specification:

An "Influencing Computer Chip" is embedded on the top of the cerebrum. This is here for a three-fold purpose:

1) To enhance the smell of the unit so that it can detect the odor of various explosive compounds.

2) To influence the creature, it can make the unit feel pain in order for it to comply.

3) To gather intel from it (see what it sees, know what it thinks, etc).

The left arm has a ground penetrating radar (GPR) unit attached to it, which shoots a probe into the ground to search for mines. It also carries short range missles to eliminate said mines. The missle and the pod are powered via air compression to get it out of the arm, thereby reducing the "kick" the unit would feel. The missle would ignite its own fuel based propulsion system after leaving the launch tube. "Air jets" are positioned on the "gun" mechanical arm extension to ease the lifting of said extension. These jets are tied to muscle movement. To reduce the force felt by the unit (and to protect it from harm) the mech extension has shock abosorbers.

The right arm has a photon and neutron gun. Science can use these sub-atomic objects to identify chemical substances. The results of a test are displayed on the LCD Panel located on the mech extension. This limb also has two octupus like legs attached to it, one has an old school probe on it for digging out close-to-surface mines, or even for looking for them. The other has a powerful metal detector.

One eye is an X-RAY eye, and can only produce X-Ray images.

The other is also bionic, but operates as a regular eye that has been enhanced with infra-red vision capabilities.

Along with all of these enhancements, the nation who developed this unit also removed its larynix, teeth, and tounge. It will be fed intravenously (not shown in concept).

You might ask why, why, why Mr. Ander....Nitschke? Why do this? Well, the reasoning is simple. The nation wishes not only to make the enemy serve them, but also to humiliate them, and bring them suffering. If the unit must talk, it can talk through an artificial larynx which produces a sound that will always remind it of its non-humanity. The removal of the tounge and teeth are to make eating practically impossible, and to torture him.

As you can see, this nation is THE BAD GUY!

Last edited by Virum : 03 March 2004 at 06:31 AM.
  03 March 2004
Modeling: Mechanical Vertebrae

This the mechanical vertebrae for the tools that are attached on the sides of the right arm (the ones that hold the probe and the metal detector).

It was challenging creating this. I wanted to be able to rotate each vertebrae, and still have them connected. I also had to have the pneumatic pumps push up the vertebrae, and the opposing ones sink. I know its a small part of the finished product, but I wanted an actual model that worked without copying the existing models of the Sentinels from Matrix, or Dr. Octopus from Spiderman 2.

Anyhow, after solving a few other problems, here is the result. Comments and crits wanted.

  03 March 2004
Texturing: Mechanical Vertebrae Texture.

Here is my texturing attempt. The theory is that the metal is a copper like material. Copper turns green because it reacts with water and oxygen or something like that, I can't remember. That's why there are the little green flecks appearing.

It's also a test of a rig to make a string of vertebrae easy to position.

I await comments.

  03 March 2004
i like it

Hey Virum.... nice concepts man....

i like the idea of the character being both defensive and offensive

in one of your concepts you have this big cable coming out of the
gun and attaching straight to his head... it would be cool if all the
cables wrapped around and conformed to his body... but if thats
the look your trying to get go with it man ... rock on ...

i watch ya space ... good luck
In polygon we trust

  03 March 2004
Ahh dude, that a cool idea; I think I'll experiment with that. I didn't really care for the idea of it just hanging there.

  03 March 2004
Texturing: Mechancical Vertebrae Texture with bump map.

Just improved the texture by making the "copper rust" build-up look raised. Does anyone know what that is called?

  03 March 2004
Modeling: LDD Unit head start.

The head for the LDD unit. I just started modeling it, so its not good, but I would like comments on the topology so far. I am using the hobbit guy method.

As you can see, I'm basing the head on Bruce Willis.

Comments wanted, as always.

  03 March 2004
Re: Modeling: LDD Unit head start.

Quote: I am using the hobbit guy method.

What's the hobbit guy method?? I didn't know elijah wood was into CG
  03 March 2004
Whoops, sorry that I didn't provided a link:

The tutorial

His Homepage

Any comments on the progress so far? Should I split up anymore faces?

  03 March 2004
Thanks for the link!

Newbie here, so what you've done looks pretty good to me. Look forward to following your progress.
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