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  02 February 2004
Gameart Competition #5 Submissions

Submissions only.

Deadline is February 15th so make sure you'll enter in time!

Only Judges will post their comments along with their scores.
Please make all images no larger than 800x600

You're NOT allowed to post more than 5 pictures per post and one post per user. I recommend you to compile everything to a big collage (any collage can be at a higher resolution than 800x600).

Post the following info along with your entry:

1.) Describe the model. Which game it comes from and what's your vision of that character is.
Give the proper specifications aswell:
Polycount (triangels, not quads)
Texture resolution
Number of maps used

2.) Reference Images used. If you used more than one and would to share those, too, then give us a URL link so the thread doesn't get clogged.

3.) 3 Orthogonal views of the flat-shaded (non-smooth) model with wireframe. A screenshot from any 3 of the following views will work front/back/side/perspective. They should be compiled in to one image(like a collage), this image can be at a higher resolution than 800x600 but not larger than 1024x768.

NOTE: Make sure you hide anything in the scene that might obscure the view of your model. And make sure that only the default viewport light is lighting the scene. No fancy pants colored lights!

4.) 1 Perspective shot of your smooth shaded model with textures applied or a collage of different views.

5.) Show us the texture(s) for the character.

6.) Beauty Render. Show us what you've got and make it as pretty as you can. Posing, fancy lights, etc, etc.

Judging will be based on the following:

Polygon density/topology - How well are the polies used? Are certain areas higher/lower poly than others?

UVW Mapping - Good use of texture space? And is the texture resolution justified? Any strange stretchin/warping visible on the model?

Texturing - How much of the work does the texture do? Is it painted well?

Appeal - How does the end result look? Was it executed well? Both technically and aesthetically.

If any of the judges want to add more comments, feel freeeeee.

Judges are:
§ CGmonkey
§ bentllama
§ Lekku
§ agentJ
§ $imon
§ Neil
§ dudeguy

Judging will take place between February 16th and February 21st with the winner announced that weekend. I know everyone is very busy, so we all have 1 week to judge the entries.

If I missed anything, give me a pm.

Good luck!

** Borrowed some text from previous submission thread, this specificly done by SouL **

Last edited by CgMonkey : 02 February 2004 at 08:13 PM.
  02 February 2004
  02 February 2004

TEXTURE SHEETS (all 512x512)
Neil - If this is too much or if I need to change something, let me know.

Last edited by ehulser : 02 February 2004 at 11:55 PM.
  02 February 2004
A boy and his blob an old NES game the blob would transform into different items when the boy fed him different kinds of jellybeans. so here you can see the blob is a hammer.

Dominance War III - BobbyKarate - King Bo Tan

Last edited by BobbyKarate : 02 February 2004 at 05:02 AM.
  02 February 2004
1) Info:

- The model is Janne from World Heroes on the Neo Geo. My goal was to make the character look more like Joan of Arc, with the original was supposed to be based on.

- 4423 Triangles, including sword.

- 1 texture map used. 512 pixels x 512 pixels.

2) Reference:

The site that I used for reference is down right now. Just my luck. When the site comes back up, I'll replace the link with the proper one. But here's a small sprite:

3/4) Flat//Textured views:

5) Texture:

6) Render:

I'm not much of a rigger, and that isn't much of a pose. My apologies.
Michael Luscombe
(Freelance: the only way to quit your job and still be overworked.)
  02 February 2004
This is Frog.
He was my favorite character in Chrono Trigger for SNES. My vision was to make him look Realistic and not overly colorful or Saturated, So that he would be able to fit into a game with realistic Landscapes. Such as any of the recent Lord of the Rings Games by EA.

Polycount (Including the sword and shield): 4496 Triangles
Textures: One 512 x 512 Diffuse map with a Alpha Channel
Programs: 3D Studio Max 5, Photoshop

Ortho Collage: Front, side, Persp.

512 x 512 texture sheet. Note: Alpha map was only used for the bottom of the cape & was cropped to save space for the submission.

Model collage with texture applied.

Beauty render.
  02 February 2004
YerEvilTwin: Yoshi

Good luck everyone!

Make it fun
  02 February 2004
So here he his:
Kain from Final Fantasy II.
Kain is a dragoon knight, in other words, a knight that hunts dragons. For this concept I chose to really embellish that and recreate his armor around that job. With an extraordinary helmet and intimidating armor, Kain oozes dragon hunter in this new design.
I recreated him in an ornate gothic-style armor, and used numerous sources of reference for armor as well as his weapon. Spec maps were used for a scale effect that appears translucent in lesser lit areas and then pops out in full light, and bump maps to add depth to the small ornate designs. Articulated eyes, mouth, and removable helmet.

Total polycount (tris): 4497 (including weapon)
4 maps:
diffuse, bump, spec, alpha


Alternate Shot with helmet off
Beauty #2 (no helmet)


Default lit:


Concept #1
Concept #2



k well back to real life.
peace and happy valentine's day

Last edited by modeling-man : 02 February 2004 at 05:10 PM.
  02 February 2004
I recreated Cecil Harvey, the black knight turned paladin from Final Fantasy II (US). I decided to give him a day/night color scheme; day for his paladin side, but black underneath to represent his origin.

- 4244 Tri's

- 4 256 Texture Maps

- Reference images are on the wireframe sheet



Texture Sheets

Beauty Render

Last edited by Runefall : 02 February 2004 at 01:20 AM.
  02 February 2004
Sonic the Hedgehog revisited.

I believe Sonic the Smackhog is a more realistic portrayal of our hero who doesnt always stop on time, at 'break neck' speeds.

Tricount: 2462

One colour map: 512x512

no bump
no spec


My Jilted Reality
  02 February 2004

Final Fantasy One on NES, Char. The Imp. 3D makeover.
I wanted to give Imps a bit more edge in battle, I figured after so many years of players whipping up on them in FF games,
the IMPs want revenge!!! enjoy


backup links
  02 February 2004
Talking Final Submission

Ok, done.

This is the character Shinobi from the game Shadow Dancer (sequel to Shinobis Revenge). I wanted to do a more armored version of the character, with a bit more attitude.

I only wish I'd had more time to finish off the texture and add some spec/normal-maps as well.. :/

The specs:
4345 polys (tris)
1 512x512 tga texture (diffuse only)




Peace out/Vidar
  02 February 2004
OH Thank the sweet heavens for GMT. I finished exactly 2 past 12 here in SA, I almost cried when I realised the comp works with gmt time. phew.

Kevin's from the game Seiken Densetsu 2, SNES. I Wanted to make him a bit older, and a bit bloodier (He's a werewolf, and werewolves bite).
only 1 diffuse map 512X512
1838 tris or faces or whatever you wanna call them

  02 February 2004
The texure:

PS. Sorry for the wee bit late submission, my FTP's been killing me (as have my ISP).. :(
  02 February 2004
Castlevania is my favorite game of all time. I made medusa from the Dracula X game, the one for the PSX and Sega Saturn.

Here was my ref pic of her.

I wanted to make her more realistic and almost alluring Medusa. People who enter Draculaís castle would be enticed by her beauty i thought. I did not want to make a disgusting hideous medusa. I did not make armor because my friend said that donít really make sense for her in a Castlevania game, I agreed with him. I also found a painting of medusa with all these boils all over her body. I did that on my bump map but toned it down when it rendered, i liked that idea.

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