looking for a god camera

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  02 February 2004
looking for a good camera

I'm looking for a good camera for taking hires (like 4k x 4k) picures of various textures and such. I don't know of any digital camera that can do that kind of resolution, or even 2k x 2k. Or do you think that 2k by 2k would be enough? I really don't know. So, if I don't get a digital camera then I would need a good scanner as well and I really know very little about scanners.

Any suggestions?

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  02 February 2004
How much are you looking to spend?
Matthew O'Neill
  02 February 2004
up to about $800 but I'd really rather not go quite that high.
  02 February 2004
Check the general talk forum, I just posted one for sale.
Matthew O'Neill
  02 February 2004
wow, that's really nice but I don't know a thing about HDRI. I'm more looking for something to use for textures- I'm always seeing something that I'd like to have a picture of but never a camera.
  02 February 2004
I already have a rather nice traditional camera if I wanted to use it to produce slides / negatives. How about one of these film scanners? It looks quite a bit cheaper considering I already have a high quality camera, but what dpi would I need? And what about those other specs? I know nothing about this stuff.
  02 February 2004
You may consider the Digital Rebel - it's almost within yor budget if you shop around. Since it's an SLR you have an upgrade path. Otherwise a lot of 5 megapixel cameras like Nikon Coolpix, Sony cybershot etc are totally within your budget. It's like 2560 x 1920 which is plenty for most purposes. Digital camera really streamlines your workflow compared to a scanner and saves you a bunch of money, too. Make sure you get one that can do TIFF or RAW, some cameras just do jpgs.
  02 February 2004
mmmm I'm not sure sure that resolution is going to be enough for me. I'm wanting to make some texture CD's to sell (yes, people do buy them...)
  02 February 2004
well you are what we technically refer to as either

a) shit out of luck


b) in over your head.


c) have unrealistic expectations.

Even professional digital cameras barely go up to 4k by 4k resolution.

Things that get close

canon EOS digital rebel - 3kx2k roughly, $900 with lense.

kodak DCS proback 645 - 4k by 4k... it's a back for a large format camera, which I don't even want to speculate about the end cost of such with lense(s). But the digital back will set you back something like $12,000 and is specific to which type of large format camera you are going to use.

kodak dcs pro 14n - 4.5k by 3k about $4,000 for the body.

Most everything else out there in a digital SLR is about the same res or lower than the canon digital rebel. Having seen the output from it, it is very nice for the price point and a great bargain.

Short of large format printing projects, and perhaps using it as film replacement in fine art prints, the most common high res images produced are for movie screens. Thats 4096 pixels by 3072 if you render out to the full resolution of a cineon scanner (well technically per color channel, so it is a lot of data). However, I don't think your average texture off of a CD is going to ever bee 100% of a full frame seriously, To match something like a cineon scan you are talking like 9MB per color channel. SO like 27MB per frame. And frankly if you have a project that needs that kind of detail, then oddss are the project will cover the cost of specifically going out and photographing what you need at the resolution you need and stitching it together to get your perfect source image.

THe only way to come even close to your $800 mark is to use GOOD film under good conditions developed well and scanned with a GOOD scanner. If not have the things drum scanned.

I doubt someone who is going to hit a stock texture CD for their textures would be anywhere near disappointed with a 3k by 2k raw image equivalent.
  02 February 2004
Yeah, seriously, who uses non-handpainted textures larger than 2.5k x 2k?
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  02 February 2004
well, it's obvious to me that a digital camera is not going to provide what I'm looking for at a price I can afford. What about those slide scanners I linked to? That looks like a good deal. I already have a very high-dollar traditional camera and good film and developing costs would not be an issue.

Or maybe I just tend to go overboard on resolution...
  02 February 2004
Okay, what about good 2.5k x 2k cameras? I hate all of this megapixel crap because sometimes the math doesnt seem to work right between the various numbers.
  02 February 2004
To capture God on camera, i think you need a pretty expensive piece of hardware.

Sorry, couldn't resist
  02 February 2004
LOL yeah I've been hitting myself in the head every time I think of this thread because of that...
  02 February 2004
Foveon X3 Tech
digital-photography.org review
Foveon to challenge with 16 megapixels

Quote: Only two weeks ago, Eastman Kodak announced a chip able to capture digital images with a resolution of 4,096 by 4,096 picture elements or pixels per square inch. That, by some measures, is about twice the resolution of 35-millimeter film.

Today, a company founded by one of Silicon Valley's pioneer chip designers, will announce an image-sensing chip capable of the same resolution as the Kodak chip, but made using a technique that could be much less expensive.

ect ect

all this tech came on the market right after I bought my camera of course ]
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