Game Art Comp 5 : modeling man : FFII (IV) Dragoon KAIN

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Old 01 January 2004   #1
comp5: FFII (IV) Dragoon KAIN

count me in for the dragoon character KAIN
no pic yet but I got the game so shouldn't be too hard to find screens.


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Old 01 January 2004   #2
Kain, rock on! I'm doing Cecil myself, check out my thread some time and let me know what you think. I almost chose to do Kain initially, but I figured some one else would so I took on Cecil instead.
Old 01 January 2004   #3
ya I'm pumped.
Dragoon's are just too cool.
once I get my contest entry finished I'll start working on Kain.
I can't wait!
Old 01 January 2004   #4
Damn you guys beat me to it...I was gonna do!....

maybe I could do the main character from FF5..( which didnt really have a name, you gave him one)

I look forward to seeing both cecil and cain!
Old 01 January 2004   #5
oooh Cain, that should be cool! Cant wait to see it....Dragoons rock!
*D* in the house!
Old 01 January 2004   #6

Sorry for the delay...I just finished up over at the competition 15. I got a bit of catching up to do!

Here's the brief descript of what I got so far:
I used a ton of reference from the game, and other final fantasy games that had Dragoons in them. In the end, I went with a semi-gothic look for his armor, that coupled with the original watercolor paintings of Kain from Final Fantasy II(IV) helped me creating a truly ornate concept of what I think a dragoon would look like.

profile shot should be done hopefully tomorrow
Old 01 January 2004   #7
Cool concept! I'd like to see how the texturing turns out.
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Old 01 January 2004   #8
Gloves are sweet.
Old 01 January 2004   #9
very nice concept... the helmet resembles the FFT lancer's a lot... considering all lancers at least FFT and beyond (including fft's Cid) had some kind of 'dragon' ability, is it correct to assume they just changed dragoons over to lancers?
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Old 01 January 2004   #10
Got a couple comments on your concept art:

The overall design is really cool. I'm glad you used the dragon head motif that Kain has, it works well. I like the dragon wing type thing behind him, I would play that up alittle more; make it into a cape or something.

Since you mirrored one side of the drawing, some of the area's look a tad off (IMHO). First, his chest looks a bit wide, I'd bring it in a tad where it goes up near the armpits.
His torso/hips look too wide as well (the hips moreso). To get a good hero/champion feel with a character, there should be a strong V shape going from shoulders to hips. Currently you have more of an hourglass shape, which is used more with female characters.
The wideness of the helm bugs me too. Kain's special ability is to jump really high, but the largeness of the helm just looks too cumbersome to me. The shape of the helm is cool, I'd just reduce the amount of open space between his head and the helm.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, hope they can be of some help.
Old 01 January 2004   #11
thanks Runefall
your comments make good sense. Yes this is a mirror use in drawing the same thing twice
Not 100% sure I'll pull in the hips...i think the armor is what's throwing you off there. Typically with suits of armor the hip pieces are flared out for easier movement.
I'll shrink down the helm to fit more snug...I saw that problem right off the bat when I mirrored it..but at way was I gonna start to tinker. Armpit regions as well I'll pull in.
As for the cape idea I thought about that too when concepting this up...however in the older picks of Kain it clearly shows the wing shapes coming from the back/hip since I'm trying to stay true to the FFII style just updated a bit I think for now I'll leave it as is...ofcourse I'm sure I'll try it out in 3D:P

I never played FFT, I have FFT Adv for GBA and in the studyguide (got it for free!) the pic clearly shows a dragoon as a playable job I really have no idea if Lancers are now dragoons.
The helmet is based off how i perceived the tiny little pixels that made up Kain, along with the original FFII art.
To me the dragoon cap looked less like something someone fighting a dragon would wear and more like something a magician would I went for a more knight-like approach. I perceive Dragoons from FFII as truly rare warriors, that wore ornate nearly weightless armor. Something incredibly strong but so light it allowed them to jump incredible heights.

ok enough chitty chat...thanks for the comments
back to work!
Old 01 January 2004   #12

aight got the profile shot done...

I thought this Kain looked pretty torn, I wanted to portray his two sided 'personality' he had in the game by doing a split of light/dark and then putting him remotely in the middle of it.

I had some fun with this rendering. 2nd shot was made to show how the helmet will look from a profile.
I'll most likely do a full color of the image where he is holding the helmet. I really like that one.

Old 01 January 2004   #13
Great concepts.. I really like the armor.. start modelling already! Only one small suggestion.. make the weapon a bit longer, Might be the perspective of the drawing though. Good luck!
Apply me.

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Old 01 January 2004   #14
Nice work on the sketches, now on with modelling!
"Although all of this remains quite questionable"
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Old 01 January 2004   #15

thats the FFT lancer. the job class' skill is.. get this.. jump! cant wait to see the model.
That which seems random and insignificant rarely remains that way.

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