Maya 2014 prediction

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  03 March 2013
Maya 2014 prediction

- reshuffle the menus, make an online game to guess where they are hiding
- you can't use maya without login to facebook first
- when you press render button, maya asks: are you sure you want to render an image?
- to create a new project, you have to go into explorer, create 20 folders, and rename every single one. But hey, we saved some clutter in the menus!!!
INTUITIVE is our motto!
They hired microsoft expert to give few advices how to write software:
- hide the most useful button and/or make it as obscure as possible.
- do not allow users to get the most requested tools, it spoils them!
What would they complain about if not about the obvious stuff

- mental ray will be again but completely different new workflow
- new display layers, but only one object per layer
- new way to make references, new asset tool which works completely different and it's called modeuals tool
- new mel script sintax to make your mel scripts useless and no other version of maya can read your files
- you will not be able to save maya file and read them in previous versions of maya, if you try your computer will meltdown

- new mia material x passes car deluxe dizel material,
finaly makes possible to add bump to your material! It takes only 20 button presses!
It will not work with raytracing, except on friday, and only if you don't use any lights in the scene
- they will make a new viewport which can't show particles, only polygons, no surfaces, no curves, no any other things, but hey, brand new excellent shader you can't render, nor export, but only see it in viewport with only polygons

- extrude option which now randomly moves every face you choose (sorry that's an old feature) liked it or not

- new options for bump in mia material:
- standard bump, optional bump, optimal bump, optimum bump, different bump, some bump, little bump, big bump and medium bump. You need to measure your object in order to know which one to use, but it's great tool.
- new file format : SPLIF which can render but not in viewport, only on a server machine, which needs to be 10 m away from your workstation, because of this new functionality no other image file format will work, but hey, that's a small price to pay for progress !

Greace pencil is great tool for animators. So at least some good brand new news.

I just LOVE Maya!

"No Bucks, NO Buck Rogers!"

VFX rule no. 387
# Just redo it!

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  03 March 2013

  03 March 2013

When installing maya decide what type of work you do most: film, pal, etc.
This would set your default setup for resolution, frame rate etc. but still you would be able to change this from maya if needed.
2) Save + button:
Excellent time saver. If should be in every version of maya
3) archive scene
- which checks ALL the files scene maya ACTUALLY needs.
It packs it in standard form BASED on your project setting, and can be unpacked so it preserves the project setting, and works out of the box.

4) One Mia Material. All nonsense is happening under the hood. It supports all options and version of it, with no sweat.

5) renderer which renders ALL the things in maya. Including Paint effects.

6) just to mention particle renderer, which render all types of particles with no limitations

7) when maya crashes it saves the scene

8) when craches your setting are all saved and intact.

9) project history, and files history are in separate user preferences files, easy to edit, with automatic backup

10) maya preferences files which are easy to edit

11) PRESETs which actually work ( even with fluids, and dynamic fields)

12) PRESET EDITOR - which allows you to choose which options are saved inside the preset, or to delete options you want to keep opened.

13) Preset GUI, which would make it possible to have icons for different presets and use them in Visor

14 ) mental ray texture files which show in textures

15) When using instances you can actually have ONE material assigned per instance, not history of all connected materials

16) select material which actually works?

17) mia material which is not green in viewport but AT LEAST shows the color, or something...

"No Bucks, NO Buck Rogers!"

VFX rule no. 387
# Just redo it!

  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by Horganovski: ..........

Before posting, please review the following:

Be courteous and polite. Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others
"No Bucks, NO Buck Rogers!"

VFX rule no. 387
# Just redo it!

  03 March 2013
Originally Posted by Als: Show respect to the opinions and feelings of others

Did you do that before posting a long list of rants? Have you submitted any of these concerns to Autodesk? You do know they are actual people you are insulting that frequent the forums here?

Sorry if the image I posted (intended as a joke) offended you, but seriously.. I have a pain in my face from reading the constant whining on this forum recently. All the comments like 'well if this version doesn't have xyz then I'm off to use Blender instead..' just get boring and irritating. Why is it that none of the people who say this actually seem to follow through on it? Blender is free so what is stopping them? If you are so fed up with Maya then vote with your wallet and don't renew your subscription/license.

If not then go to the 'small annoying things' forum and post the gripes you have, don't just spam this forum with them. Most of the things you mention just sound to me like you don't really understand how to use Maya to be honest though and your message reads like a sarcastic tantrum, not any sort of reasoned critique.

  03 March 2013
I use maya from version 1, previous to that I used other wavefront and Explore products.
So ?
I'm not insulting anyone, I'm criticising someone's work.
I asked for software render of particles with motion blur since maya came out.
I asked for example for material library since I had it in TDI Explore.
I spent more then 20 years doing this job, 22 working on maya related software, so why I just don't stop now and go beg on the street or start selling potatoes?
I didn't mention B word. C word I was able to use without reading a one line of manual.
If you don't like my comments, well, just don't read them or enlighten me. Teach me how to solve things I complained about. I didn't insult you.
I had enough patience of not being listened too. I have right to be sarcastic to say what I'm sure many freelance people think.
Look my older posts for any new maya, I asked same things many times over.
Many freelance artist don't choose the version of maya they have to use. So very often I have to jump from version to version. Every version is sooooooooooooooo different in worflow and many of them so unintuitive.
Cutting polygon with curve workflow is good example of this
I'm not saying they are not great programmers and their job is easy.
We need to give them input so they know how to make software for us.
I don't want half baked solutions. We need simple cleaner better and reliable workflow.
Maybe I should start new tread about great things about maya? Well I've done that as well.
I've started thread about "small" annoyances as well.
I was not sarcastic about the fact that I love maya, that's why I am upset and frustrated that some of the aspects of maya are needlessly overly complicated and unintuitive.
I did not spam the forum. I gave a rant, which I think is justified.
Only my living depends on it. Your maybe doesn't.
If you are paying attention, VFX world is in turmoil. Guess why? Because we are asked to deliver impossible now ALL the time, and no client cares if your software is working or not.
Posting drawing which supposed to insult me has nothing to do with software specific forum.
My rant about maya? Where I'm supposed to give me opinion if not on Forum?
This supposed to be forum with discussions about maya, so I am doing just that.
I've used maya for a long time, so I guess I'm entitled to give an opinion.
I know what's wrong with maya because I know it very well.
I didn't even scratch the surface with my rant.
I need to learn to use maya better? I agree.
That's what I've being doing all this time.
Learning how to use it better.
And yes, I do love maya.

"No Bucks, NO Buck Rogers!"

VFX rule no. 387
# Just redo it!

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  03 March 2013
This thread is pointless and is not going anywhere. Closed.
Thread Closed share thread

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