HMC #36:Hollywood Dream Machines:Winner!

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  01 January 2013
HMC #36:Hollywood Dream Machines:Winner!

Welcome to the latest round of the HCR Modeling mini challenge.

I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the quality of the outstanding models that have been produced and the incredible amount of entries.

So please take a moment and VOTE for your favorite piece.
You may read the rules of the mini challenge here:

HCR MINI-Challenge #36: Hollywood Dream Machines! -rules

Anyway, lets get on with the voting!

(The best model will be selected by an open vote for these categories)

Please vote for

Best WIP thread
  • Best Model Collection (2 or more)
  • Best Diorama
and the big one of course:
  • Best Model

To vote, just post a REPLY to this thread with selections for each category.


The principal judging criteria to all voters should be

how well the model was sculpted.

The beauty render & the shading should NOT be the most important judging factors for the Best Overall Entry.

When judging keep in mind that Bump and Normal maps are acceptable modeling methods.
To view the entries Click the numbers besides their names

Please judge ALL the models to determine the best model

If you think an entry is better server in other category that it is not listed , please list it

Here are the entries
(To view them, please click on the the na
Carl Pinson
Miha Vozelj
Cindy Groves
Matt Lager
Sergey Podgorodniy
Sybren Tancock
James Manlangit
Robert Breen

Good Luck!

Legacy Post
Please post:

:Daily Sketch Forum:HCR Modeling
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  01 January 2013
HARDCORE MODELING!: Hollywood Dream Machines: <<The Wraith (1986)>> Dodge M4S Turbo

Carl Pinson


Link to 1080p original (make sure to click on image to magnify)






Link to WIP Thread:


This model was completed using Maya and Mental Ray and is a model of the Dodge M4S Turbo from the 1986 movie "The Wraith" starring Charlie Sheen ( Available to watch on IMDB via hulu at I chose to model this vehicle because I thought it was cool growing up as a kid and liked how it wrecked through other cars only to be magically mint later on (as with Christine, my backup choice, funny how movie concepts are made in pairs seeing how Christine came out 2 years prior to this one; other option was Condorman LOL no relation).

Things I would improve upon given more time would be some of the body work and the paint scheme/texturing. I ran out of time adjusting the UVs to be easily paint-able in PS or Mud so had to instead make separate meshes for separate colors. I would also improve upon the background.

Overall I was happy with the results of this model. I feel that given the time allotted and hurdles overcome (such as corrupted files and RAM issues) I came up with a reasonable representation of the car itself. Thanks for looking- enjoy

CK Pinson

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  01 January 2013
The Bluesmobile

Miha Vozelj







Extra shots:




WIP Thread

I have been loving the movie and the music of it for a long time and this car really plays a significant role in the movie. I also jumped at the chance for this challenge since American cars have very different aestetic than cars that we are used to in Europe, so it was fun to explore the shapes.
The scene that I put the car in is from the start of the movie in front of Joliet prison and I like it because it represents the start of an adventure for the Blues Brothers. It was also a chance to make a portfolio piece, that I very much needed and to try rendering again.
  01 January 2013


I always love futuristic car with all theres curves and anti-gravity engine. So I choose the police car of the Total Recall remake movie.

Mainly because I didn't want to try a regular 4 wheels car.




WIP Threat
Casting Refs: - CG Movies list:

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  01 January 2013
Cindy Groves (catnip)
HMC #36: Hollywood Dream Machines: The Munster Koach (single vehicle)

Beauty Render:

Link to Hi-Res beauty render

Turntable (on Vimeo)

Link to WIP Thread

Orthographic views:

Wireframes (click links to view):

Top view

Bottom view

Left view

Right view

Front view

Back view

Other views: (click links to view)

Engine Detail


Hood Ornament



This is a model of George Barris' Munster Koach from the 1960s TV show, "The Munsters". I used modo 601 for modeling and rendering, Photoshop and Serif DrawPlus for textures, and Blender as a video editor to assemble the turntable animation. It took 65 hours spread over two months to complete. There were three or four Koaches built, but I based this model on the first version as much as possible, while taking some details from later versions and other Model T cars where there wasn't adequate reference for the first Koach.

I did have some difficulty finding good reference for the engine as many ref images showed Cobra engines inside of cars, which obscured many parts, and most pictures of the Munster Koach's engine were too low-res to get much detail. However, I did include the most visible parts. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.
  01 January 2013
Final Entry - MLager8

Matt Lager (MLager8)

Schmidt Hydra Coupe (red skull's car) - Captain America

Final image: (click through twice for high rez)

Clay renders: (please click through for full size)


Wip Thread:

Everything was modeled and rendered in maya with vray for the beauty and mray for a few extra passes.

It hard to say how much time I spent because of varying blocks of working hours, but I would guess between 80 - 100 including render time.

The setting is the supposed headquarters of the red skull's hydra army. I was going for a wwII underground bunker / research facility. The door built into the rockface is maybe some kind of nuclear reaction chamber buried deep below the earths surface. I tried not to over shadow the car too much and another color probably would of made it pop, but what bad guy dosent drive a black car?

Had a great time with this one and really enjoyed watching a lot of the entries. Good luck everyone!
Till next time

  01 January 2013
Sergey Podgorodniy

1964 Aston Martin DB5 "Goldfinger" - first debut, with appearances in a few other of the James Bond franchises, including the new movie "Skyfall".

Beauty Render

Beauty Render - Hi-Resolution 1600x1200

Turntable - -



WIP Thread - HMC #36: 1964 Aston Martin DB5

Story: After a brutal mission for MI6, James Bond relaxes and visits the Birmingham Town Hall in Birmingham, UK to listen to Shirley Bassey performing. Nothing beats the atmosphere of professionals under the same roof.

Details: Kind of hard to say how many hours went into this project. But a ballpark figure would be somewhere around 100 hours for modeling. This is not counting render times because my laptop is not built for this... Had a blast recreating the Aston Martin DB5 and I know the interior is not fully finished or optimized.

In retrospect I achieved what i set out to do and that was deadline experience and to get more acquainted with modeling cars.

Best of luck to all entries!

Surgeuk - Sergey Podgorodniy

Last edited by Surgeuk : 01 January 2013 at 01:49 AM.
  01 January 2013
Death Race(2008)
I went with the Death Race 2008 movie and the car Jason Statham drives called The Monster which is based on a Ford Mustang 2006:

Final(for now I will add textures and continue to tweak)

Views and Wire:

Cheers, cyas in the next one.
  01 January 2013
Hi All,

Here's my final post (finally):




smoothed wireframe (total of 856187 polygons):

Artist: Bjiz
Car: Ford Falcon XB 351GT
Film: Mad Max1&2 (model made here is from the 2nd scene of Mad Max2)
poly's: 856187
programmes used: 3dsmax 2012 with Mental Ray
textures: 1 bump (tire sidewall) and 1 displacement (grid above the taillights)
Scene: After a long search our hero finds a little settlement where they have oil and fuel
short car story: No trickery, it actually exists, the blower is not connected tho. They built one car for mad max 1 and sold it after the film. They bought it back for Mad Max 2 and made a stand in. In Mad max2 the stand in was crashed. The first car got sold again after the film and sat in a scrapyard for a few years. Through a collector it eventually ended up in a film-car-museum in Kendall in the UK. They sold it to a car collector/museum in the USA where it is supposed to be now but there is nothing to be found on the website of that museum/collection. try to find a clip of it on youtube, the sounds is just to good to miss...

WIP thread
  01 January 2013
James Manlangit (razeverius)

High Rez


Comments & Description:

This is the Gurkha LAPV from the movie Fast Five, the moment I saw that truck I told myself that one day I'll be modelling it out and well that day finally arrived. It's been awhile since I joined and finished something here in the hmc challenge. I really had fun modelling this out and to be honest this is my first complete car/truck that I've modeled since usually whenever I model out something like this my file gets corrupted :| well at least this time that didn't happen.
Art Station
  01 January 2013
Lean Machine final

Robert Breen (RBreen)

HCR #36: Hollywood Dream Machinesemolition Man "Lean Machine"

Sorry I' am late. Took the model out ofZbrush and Rendered in Maya.

Full rez:

Attached Images
File Type: jpg LeanMachine.jpg (97.4 KB, 605 views)

Last edited by RBreen : 01 January 2013 at 02:57 AM.
  01 January 2013
Robert you need to post everything like the first post told. Wireframe from every angles
Casting Refs: - CG Movies list:

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  01 January 2013
This isn't much of big deal but some of the names starting with Matt Lager have their names linked to other entries.
  01 January 2013
So many great entries! There are 3 or 4 that I would place as best model, great job everyone!

  • Best WIP thread: razeverius
  • Best Model Collection (2 or more): catnip
  • Best Diorama: scote
  • Best Model: mlager8
Work:Straightface Studios

  01 January 2013
  • Best WIP thread : Bjiz
    Best Model Collection: n/a
    Best Diorama: Scote
    Best Model: mlager8

Being a part of a challenge here on CGTalk has been an awesome first experience.
Glad to have gone against such talent!
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