[Topology] Help. First full body model.

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  12 December 2011
[Topology] Help. First full body model.

Ok, so I'm working on my first character possibly for my demo reel and I need some topology advice. I want to rig and animate this later for an upcoming school project next term.

I've made several revisions to this model while learning and I am currently reworking the head.

I originally used reference of a anime PVC figurine character. This explains the unusually long neck and over exaggerated clavicle. Although I still want to bring this character to look more realistic than cartoony.

If anyone could give me any suggestions recommendations on my characters topology that would be very helpful.

Full Front

Full Rear

  12 December 2011
I made some serious modifications to the face and now it looks MUCH better.
I made serveral attempts at topology changes and finally came up with this one that has a lot less poles and lower poly. I also made some changes to the nose and lips.

Here is the old face,

And here is the new face,

Here is what smooth looks like on the new face,
NOTE: that the other half of the model is currently instanced.

Now I need to figure out how to better shape the eyebrow area.
  12 December 2011
Oh yeah, here is a better view of the jawline area.


  12 December 2011
Body Topology Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=7&t=108412

Topology Research Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=25&t=38469

I don't have time at the moment, but I'll try and post some paintovers of your work with better topology tomorrow or something.
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  01 January 2012
Originally Posted by flatulentFuzz: Body Topology Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=7&t=108412

Topology Research Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=25&t=38469

I don't have time at the moment, but I'll try and post some paintovers of your work with better topology tomorrow or something.

My head just exploded at the body topology thread.
  01 January 2012
I made more revisions to the face topology in relation to some topology examples I've seen recently.

I'm still thinking about the topology of the nose bridge for angry wrinkles.
I've yet to better shape the eye socket/brow as well.

  01 January 2012
The topology thread is a great way to correct a lot of issues you may have. For a first attempt I must say you did a good job.
Right out of the gate I can say that the forehead is too tall, the chin is too round and needs minor reshaping, the neck is extremely long, the earlobes are too large and the whole ear may need a bit of reshaping, the nose is too thin and too pointy. Perhaps look at the facial details a bit more if you are trying to make it loos somewhat realistic not cartoony.
The cheeks are quite large in relation to the rest of the face.
The thumb seems too long as well and the overall shape of the hand looks a bit large as well, maybe the width can be adjusted a bit. I would recommend modeling the hands with all fingers straight since its easier to assess scale and proportions in relation to the rest of the hand. I would make the wrists a bit more narrower, they seem rather thick.
The butt is a little large, but perhaps you like thatlol...looking from the back from shoulders down to the hips the proportions are off. Find a photo of a woman from behind and reshape your model. I would even make the hands just a hair bit longer.
These are my first impressions. Good work.
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  01 January 2012
Originally Posted by hanskloss: For a first attempt I must say you did a good job.

Thank you for your reply. I will re-examine my model with the points you gave.
I actually modeled the ear with references. Perhaps the ear reference was from a man lol.
I haven't studied there differences of male and female ears but now I'm going to look into that and reshape where necessary.

Can you believe that when I first finished the model I needed to downsize the butt and boobs like 4 times? Maybe I'll post images of the first version of my model.

I'm afraid the topology of the back is all wrong. I an also aware of the shoulders. I spent so much time trying to redraw the edges with only a beginners theory on the topology for the scapula. Thanks to this forum and all these links, I think I'll have a much easier time getting this character ready for my next project. Learning rigging... Lol.
  01 January 2012
Your most recent revision of the face is pretty good, but there are still areas with issues. This is also not taking into consideration all the changes you need to make to proportions.

For generic topology, I use one of the two below and modify to suit specific models.

Some glaring flaws; her waist, abdomen and ribcage are lacking volume; her trapezius is practically non-existent, which is what's making her neck look thin and overly long. Her pelvis is far too short vertically, which is making her hips and the inguinal ligament look unnatural. As for the face, what largely seems to be missing is good proportions in addition to proper bone structure.
You've got mostly the right idea with respect to topology, edge-spacing and polygon density for the abdomen, ribcage and breasts, but your vertices are not describing forms properly because your edgeloops around the abdomen are not smooth enough. You need to clean up the hips a little, make the knee look less like 4 polygons you've just extruded/inset and you need to make sure the mesh density on the arms and legs match the torso.

Again, at the back, her trapezius and ribcage aren't visible at all, her gluteus medius lacks volume, the scapula is very badly defined, dimples of venus tend to be slightly higher(where the sacrum and iliac crest meet) and the back of the knee is significantly more complex than even the paintover I did below. Additionally, the angle you seem to have given the scapula is actually the angle you'd see if she had her arms raised up above her shoulders or around there. When her arms are in the position they currently are, the top ridge of the scapula should be nearly horizontal.
As for topology, I think you'd be better off giving the dimples of venus separate topology rather than pushing in two vertices. You need to clean up the shoulder blade area, and use at least two loops if you want a good amount of deformation there. Study some anatomical pictures to get a better idea about the back of the knee and use topology that will best suit the amount of muscle you want there. As for the butt, you generally want at least two loops describing the entire curve, and the topology below is one of a few ways to do that.
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  01 January 2012
Thanks flatulentFuzz for your reply. Here is what I've done so far,

Serious modifications everywhere. I'm following lots of reference and this character is turning out even better.

I haven't gotten to the kneecaps, eyebrows, or hands yet. Ive made some modifications to the shape of the head but I think I still need to follow more references and explore more to the shaping and work the line flow of the forehead.

  01 January 2012
As far as topology goes, you're nearly there. You still need to clean up the hips, and I'd recommend having the loops defining the ribcage at the back be lower.

Proportions still need a lot of work in places. The scapulae have good meshflow, but are too large. The face is still sort of pinched-looking, and the ribcage needs to be better defined at the back and sides. Lastly, the height of the pelvis in front is mostly accurate, but the back is still incorrect, and her butt looks like it ends too early at the top. Of course, posting some side/perspective views would help me judge that better.
Strange things often happen to me......
  02 February 2012
Update for Feburary

Ok so I've been a little busy at school, haven't had a whole lot of time on my hands to work on this character.

Here is what I have done since last post, (also thank you flatulentFuzz for your feedback)

I've been improving the topology of the waist and legs. I've been messing around with the arms trying to get some muscle topology in there.

Ive made a few adjustments to the face and I'm working on the mouth interior which you will see later in this post. I know about the lines on the ankle have to be adjusted properly.

This is the interior of the mouth im working on,

  02 February 2012
Okay so I really wanted to get some joints on my character and try and skin it to see how how well I could get this topology to work. Also this is my first time painting skin weights in maya. I had the shoulder and scapula joints working well but then i found some rogue verts and deleted them, that messed up most of my skinning and I lost the painted weights for the shoulder lift.

Here is the most dynamic pose I could put her in at the moment,

I think I have a joint from the wrist or arm affecting that vert thats poking out.

Here she is smoothed,

eww I think there is another vert skin paint error lol

Can't wait to make some hair, some sort of attire for this character, and rigged! You guys must be getting sick of looking at that bald skull...I'm thinking about doing final fantasy style hair and try and ncloth it for simulation. I only scratched the surface on the maya hair/fur system.

EDIT: I have already repositioned the hip joints properly. I dont yet know how or if I can save my painted weights after making edits to joints and such.

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  02 February 2012
I started brainstorming some hair styles for my character. I like this one so far.

  02 February 2012
Pretty self-explanatory. If the polygons towards the top of the thigh are stretching in this pose, you should definitely consider adding a few more edgeloops.

For the area behind the knee, try using topology similar to what I've painted.

Lastly, the arms are far too skinny, and the ribcage looks a little too much like it would fit a male character.
As for that one red loop on the thigh, it's really doesn't seem like it would serve much purpose. If you were to shift it one to the right and continue it down under the knee, it would at least describe the sartorius muscle.

Overall, you've done a good job fixing topology, but I don't know if you should move on to rigging, skinning and hair yet. Right now, your topology is looking pretty good, and it's nice that the pelvis form is very readable(even when smoothed), but I still think a lot of anatomical areas(ribcage-especially at the top, arms, lower legs) are lacking in form and volume. The top-of-ribcage-to-breast transition looks very unnatural(this is most apparent in the smoothed image you posted) because the ribcage lacks volume that would normally come from flesh and muscle on it.

Of course if you absolutely need to proceed on account of submission deadlines or something, it's pretty good as it stands.
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