Hunt Gallery (or The Scarecrow) - My entry for 3D Awards 2004

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  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by theglenster

does the word racism still exist because some wont let it die?

Dude, unless you've been on the receiving end of racism, you really can't make such a comment.
Quote: Originally posted by CourtJester

As for those of you who think that covering your censorious, race-obsessed impulses with the fig leaf of "as a person of X race", well you clearly do not understand that the prerequisite to racism is precisely that sort of *race consciousness*. And rather than help eliminate it (as a step towards the colorblindedness once held as an ideal by liberalism), you have helped exacerbate it.

Well, nice going. I, for one, am disgusted.

You are entitled to your opinion and feelings, but it doesn't change how people have and will continue to react to work like this.
Sean Christian Bellinger
Game Developer, Educator

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  03 March 2004
Misundestanding killed art!!!
  03 March 2004
would there happen to be a link to the original?
  03 March 2004

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  03 March 2004
Maybe it wouldve suited everyone better had it been of anorexia nervosa inflicted or bulimic supermodels with huge breasts and low IQs.....

  03 March 2004
She's stunning!!!

  03 March 2004
This is getting rediculous. I understand each sides view on this topic. Racism is a horrible thing and I wish there were some way to just open everyone's eyes. But until that day comes, we need to use common sense. If the original image posted actually offended someone, to them I say "give me a break." The artwork was solid, the woman was stuffed, the image was comical, and the artist even explained his position when this racism topic began. People are too sensitive if this is going to cause an artist to change his image. Now he's removed the plumbers and left a message for everyone. But should he have had to? Racism is tossed around way too much without solid reason and is one of the reasons we're losing our freedom of speech. Antropus had every right to post that image with his own personal interpretation and shouldn't have to explain himself to these overly sensitive people who look for reasons to cry "racist."

Antropus, you did an awesome job here! I'd seen the plumber and the old lady separately and loved them even more when combined. (And not because I'm racist.) Sorry you've hit such a nerve, I know it wasn't your intention. Keep up the good work and don't let people influence your artistic decisions.

  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Antropus
Oh well...

I'm Brazilian but I thought to have writing in english before. Maybe with bold you can understand better:

"I did what I thought was the best thing to do in the actual circumstances. Please, now respect my decision to put down "all together", as you said. My work, my reputation. So, certainly is the maximum that I can do for you guys. Now look forward, not to back. Make your art and be happy ".

I can't write more clear and I can't help you anymore. For me this post is in the exact way that some people wants: dead.

I will not send this work to 3D Awards because I have absolutely NO CHANCES right now. I think a respectable jury don't deserve what I heard and I felt here.


What is going on here? Antropus, you did an amazing work!!!

But it seems people can't make a picture of an old lady with a gun and some heads on the wall.

If the lady was black and the heads were white, SOME people would say:
"- What? The black lady killed the white guy? Black people are killers? You racist!!!"

If the lady was white and the heads were black, SOME people would say:
"- What? Black people deserve to die? WTF! You racist!!!"

If the lady was black and the heads were black, SOME people would say:
"- What? Black people killing and black people dying? You racist!!!"

If the lady was white and the heads were white, SOME people would say:
"- What? No black people in the picture? What's the problem with black people? You racist!!!"

So, Antropus, I'm very sorry, that's what we call in portuguese a "sinuca de bico" (i'm Brazillian too). That's why I said people can't make a picture like this. Here in Brazil there are not BLACK people, or WHITE people, or even BLUE people, but there are only PEOPLE. Like Antropus said, here we have a big mix of races, it's a very heterogeneous country. You could have posted this image in any Brazillian contest and noone would feel bad about it (neither black people nor white, red, orange...). That's why I love my country! But when you submit an artwork in a foreign forum, there are those people who think different. Damn, racism is only in people's minds. I've read this post and I'm a bit confused.

Well, anyway, KEEP WORKING man, you are a really good person, I know you're not racist, you are the man! You have great skills! You know that and we all know that too. Just be more careful when creating an artwork, because not everyone thinks the same way we think.

"People have to free their minds..."

(Excuse my bad english...)
  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by rafaelgm

Damn, racism is only in people's minds. I've read this post and I'm a bit confused.

Unfortunately, Brazil and the US have cultures that are different. In the US racism doesn't just exist in people's minds, it is still a stark reality. Sweeping it under the rug and pretending it doesn't exist won't solve the problem.
Brazil doesn't have the history of hate the US has and therefore you have no idea what it's like.
I don't dispute Antropus' ability, nor do I think he is racist. However, if someone from another country is going to post work like this in a US forum, that person needs to understand that it's going to hit some nerves. Making light of how people HONESTLY feel is insulting and adds to the general insensitivity to the reality of racism in this country. The fact that you have not experienced it makes you unqualified to comment about whether or not racism exists and it shows in your post.
In this country, an image like that LOOKS as if it supports racism, even though it was never, ever intended to do so.
Sean Christian Bellinger
Game Developer, Educator
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