Keyboard & Mouse?

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  07 July 2014
Keyboard & Mouse?

What input devices do you use?
I think this is the most important stuff, along with diplays & sitting place.
We have one body and one single life.

Mechanical keyboards?
Logi trackball?
Suggest some and post expirience please

  07 July 2014
These are decent and come in several sizes (left and right hand) to match the user.

Mechanical keyboards like the Cherry MX Blue and Brown can reduce strain on fingers as they "click" before the bottom out and users can learn the minimum pressure required to activate the switch and no more.

In my opinion the desk and configuration make an even bigger difference than ergonomic input devices. Most people have shit posture and their ergonomics are all wrong. No point in getting an ergonomic mouse if you're hunched over and wrists all bent out of shape.

Take breaks often too. Staring at stuff right in front of you and sitting still for hours on end is way bad for you.
  07 July 2014
I'm extremely health conscious when it comes to my working areas, and because of that well read, not to mention "experienced", as in I've spent a fair chunk of cash trying various things over the years at work and at home.
The conclusion I came to? Nobody is the same.

I use an hydraulic standing desk and spend between a third and half of the time standing, alternating regularly (neither sitting or standing for prolonged amounts of times is ideal).
I need my mice to be very large and very heavy with a side pocket to not drag my pinky.

I've tried, and failed at liking, vertical mice several times, I'm giving it another try with an evoluent 4 at work, but I remain unconvinced, it seems to move the stress around more so than eliminating it, so I might alternate it with a normal mouse.

I also alternate keyboards, I have a massive, ton heavy mechanical Storm (gaming mechanicals by CM are cheaper and better built than 200$ ergonomic BS keyboards), and I occasionally swap it out for a super compact feather touch one.

It boils down to me finding out that moving the repetitive stress around instead of hammering the same muscle and finger for 10 hours straight is my best scenario.

I know people who swear by using a Wacom for everything including wiping their arse, I can't do it, it destroys my wrist, so I only use it for sculpting, but those people aren't wrong, it really works for them.
I know a few who use a vertical mouse every minute of the day and swear by it and think it cures cancer, personally I can only use it for certain things, other tasks that require slow but deliberate and precise movements (graph authoring in Maya's NE in example) can get pretty strainful.
Some people say non mechanical keyboards give them pain (people who, like me, touch type at respectable WPM rates), personally I like feather touch keyboards a lot for writing documents or Python, but more symbol heavy work (C++ or LUA) I will do with a mechanical keyboard with key stops.

At the end of the day, you will hear different things from different people. Some informed, some hype, and some completely uninformed (trying a new device for a few hours, not enough time to develop dexterity again). IMO you really have to do your best and try out several options.

Personally? Standing desk is the single absolute biggest upgrade to your quality of life at a computer you can ask for.
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  07 July 2014
Extra vote for the contour mice, theyre a good compromise between a vertical mouse and a regular one.Not the best quality tracking, but worth it for the shape.

Wacoms.... I have a theory that a huge percentage of people that use a wacom are just mac users that think they don't like using a mouse because their only experience of using one was the horrendous hockey puck imac one or the almost as bad pill shaped one that they still make. All of this compounded with the most maddening acceleration curves I've ever come across (slow down the mouse? OK lets grind it to a halt; speed up the mouse? ok lets make it rocket across the entire screen).

As for desk ergonomics, I've walked away from a couple of freelance jobs because when I got there, or after working there for a while, it was easy to see they didn't give much of a crap about the wellbeing of the people working there. One place I left had everyone sitting on 9 ikea plastic chairs; partly because they were bright pink and matched their corporate colours and more than likely because they cost nothing. The desks were a plank of wood over some boxes, so enjoy the splinters on your wrists.

The other place was just as bad, my assigned desk was technically a shelf against a wall. The 'desk' itself was perhaps 1 foot deep so no were to put my 6'3" legs. The chair didnt change height, the back didnt move, it had no arms. 40 machines, 20 render 2u machines, no air conditioning, it was horrid. I walked out 2 hours after I got there.
Matthew O'Neill
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